Saturday, June 16, 2018

Minister Of Finance To Remove The Tax Imposed On Private Hospitals

Minister of Finance and Media Mangala
Samaraweera has stated today(16) that the Government will remove the Value Added Tax(VAT) imposed on Private Hospital Channel Services  during next week.

This step will be taken as a part of the programme that provides concessions to the public by the good governance government he has  stressed while addressing an occassion held to provide flood relief to the displaced people in Matara today(16).

Addressing the occassion Minister has said that the common people have to pay indirect taxes under the current system ,However higher professionals are hiding their earned money to avoid paying taxes.Only 400,000 direct tax files are  there at the moment he has stressed.

Meanwhile when the Medical Specialist had met the Minister early this week to discuss on the  reducing of tax imposed on Private Channel Services ,Minister has refused to reduce the tax.

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