Sunday, March 18, 2012

PSM's Extended Their Hospital Strike

The Government Hospital Professions Supplementary To Medicine(PSM) who are in strike at the moment in Government Hospitals have decided to extend their trade union action to Sirimavo Bandaranaike Children's  Hospital at Peradeniya and Central Blood Bank in Colombo with effect from tomorrow(19th)According to Joint Council Of Professions Supplementary To Medicine secretary Mr.Saman Jayasekera the PSM's in these institutes were not join their strike earlier on humanitarian grounds.

However as The Health Ministry is not interested to giving solutions for their service demands the PSM's have decided to extend their action he stressed.Striking PSM's throughout the island wide will arrived Colombo on this Tuesday (20th) to hold a mass protest campaign near the Ministry Of Health he further added.

Meanwhile the Joint Council Of Professions Supplementary To Medicine has stated that due to sending Blood Test Samples and X Ray and C.T Scan Tests to Private Sector as a result of the on going PSM Strike  the National Hospital in Colombo alone need to spend Rs.700,000 daily for the Private Sector to get done above tests .

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