Thursday, January 11, 2018


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Former Presidential Secretary P.B Abeykoon Was Issued Summons To Appear Before Court

Colombo Magistrate Court has today (11) issued
summons to the former Secretary to the President P.B Abeykoon to appear before the court on 06th of April to give evidance on a case filed against former Minister Johnston Fernando.

The Bribery Commission had filed three cases against the former Minister fernando over not declaring his assets .


Three Persons Were Arrested With A Large Stock Of Cut Down Timber In Girithale

Dambulle Police have arrested three persons with a

large stock of Timber during a raid carried out in Girithale national reserve in Minneriya area.

During the raid Police have taken into custody cut down valuable timber of trees around 100 and 200 year old including mee,kaluwara,milla,halmilla and palu trees it has been revealed.

Police have also taken into custody the equipment used by the suspects to cut down trees and tractor used to transport the timber and brought them to Dambulle Police.

The suspects are residents of Kamuna area.

Black Snow Troubles Pollution In Temirtau City , Kazakasthan

California mudslides death toll rises with 17 still missing


Nine Hundred Kilo Grammes Of Cocaine To Be Destroyed At Katunayake

Police Anti Narcotic Bureau is due to destroy 900 Kilo Grammes of Cocaine taken into custody during the raids carried out recently at Katunayake on next Monday(15) in public according to the Police Spokesman SP Ruwan Gunasekare.

Image result for destroyThe haul of Cocaine will be destroyed as per the orders  made by Minister Of Law and Order Sagala Ratnayake to destroy all the Narcotics taken into custody in public.

A 17 year Old Teenager Had Committed Suicide In A Prison Cell

Image result for suicideA 17 year old teenager who was arrested with a stock of Cannabis in his possession last night(10) had committed suicide in the prison cell of Pettah Police early this morning(11) it has been revealed.

The deceased who was a resident of Haputhale was arrested in Bastian Road in Pettah with the stock of Cannabis.

Meanwhile Inspector General Of Police  Pujith jayasundare has ordered the authorities take stern disciplinary action against all Police Officers who were there at the Police when the incident occurred.The inquiry of the suicide was handed over to the Police Headquarters.

MP Wimal Weerawansha Was Handed Over With Indictments For A Case Filed Against Him

Image result for court caseNational Freedom Front Leader and Joint Opposition MP Wimal Weerawansha was handed over indictments today(11) at the Colombo High Court by the Colombo High Court Judge Wikum Kaluarachchi over earning assets and money worth nearly Rs.75 million through illegally .

MP Weerawansha was appeared before the Colombo High Court today and after handing over the indictments he had been released on two personal bails of Rs.500,000 each .

 The Bribery Commission had filed a case against MP Weerawansha over earning assets and money worth nearly Rs.75 million illegally which cannot be earned from the Salary of a MP.

He was ordered to appear before the Colombo High Court on 19th of February for the hearing of his case.

Foreign-Snow falls in Sahara desert for third time in 40 years


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