Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sri Lankans Taking 564 Million Paracetamol Tablets Annually

Sri Lankans are taking 1.5 Million Paracetamol Tablets daily  and 564 Million Tablets Annually as a Pain Killer according to the Ministry Of Health.Paracetamol Tablets came to the Local Market with different brands and known as widely used Pain Killer in Sri Lanka.

Although the State owned The State Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Corporation(SPMC) has producing the Paracetamol under the generic name the production still not able to meet the demand of the above drug.Therefor The Health Ministry has still importing the major portion of the required Paracetamol Stock from India despite the stock supplied by the SPMC. 

Health Ministry Plans To Produce Most Of The Imported Drugs Locally To Tackle Drug Shortage

The Health Ministry has decided to produce most of the Drugs imported for Government Hospitals locally through the State Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Corporation and other local Private Institutes to tackle the Drug Shortages occurring time to time in Hospitals.

Under this programme the State Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Corporation (SPMC) already expand  their production of 'Paracetamol" by produced and supplying 16.5 million Paracetamol Tablets to the Government Hospitals and to the Market during last two weeks a  Ministry Official has stated.

Altogether the SPMC has expand their annual Drug Production of 1600 Million Tablets to 1800 Million Tablets with the increased 200 Million Production of Paracetamol.according to him.The official has also said that due to quality failure of a stock of Paracetamol imported through a Supplier and due to the delay of supplying the Drug to the Hospital has been caused the Paracetamol shortage occurred in Government Hospitals these days.

Colombo High Court Ordered To Produce Transcripts Of Second Court Martial Against Gen.Fonseka

The Colombo High Court has today ordered the Army Commander to handover the complete  transcripts of the proceedings of the Second Court Martial on Hi Corp Case filed against the Imprisoned Former Army Commander General Sarath Fonseka.

The order was given after the Defense of the Case had challenged that the High Court cannot charge Former Army Commander legally with the same crime charges he has been convicted in the Second Court Martial hearing.The High Court is due to taken the requested transcriptions to consideration when the court hearing begin on 29th of March.

Prime Minister Has Revealed On Three LTTE Camps Function In Tamil Nadu

Prime Minister D.M Jayaratne has said in Parliament today(09th)  that the LTTE Terrorist Organization  is currently functioning three Training Camps in the Indian State of Tamil Nadu and trying to reinstate their activities.Prime Minister has also said that out of these three LTTE Training Camps in Tamil Nadu, one training camp is training troops to destroy VIP Politicians and warned that they plan  to kill a Indian  Leader and  create another Civilian War in Sri Lanka.

According to him LTTE Leader Rudra Kumar who is based in USA and two other LTTE leaders who fled to India are believed to be handling this operation.

While proposing to extend the State of Emergency the Prime Minister has said that the LTTE Member Pugalendra Master has been responsible for recent attack  on  Mahabodhi Society in Chennai,India.

21,000 Tender Applications Called For Supplying Of Drugs This Year

Around 21,000 Tender Applications were called to buy essential drugs for state hospitals during January to March this year according to the Ministry Of Health .Although such a large number of tenders were called this year, there is still a shortage of some essential drugs in State Hospitals.

Ministry Officials further said that there is a monopoly in the drug supplying trade in Sri Lanka and the breaking of that monopoly is beyond their reach .The supplying of low quality drugs to hospitals by suppliers as well as  delaying of drug supplying process are the main reasons for this drug shortage they  added.

Severe Vaccine Shortage In Maharagama Cancer Hospital

Around 20-25 Essential Cancer Vaccines are out of stock in National Cancer Hospital at Maharagama(Colombo Suburbs) according to the hospital  sources .   

Carboplatin,Pachlitaxel,Vincristin(VCR),Doxorubacin,Oxaloplatin and Cisplatin are among the out of stock vaccines according to the sources.

Due to the shortage of these vaccines thousands of Cancer Patients faces severe difficulties as a large sum of money need to buy these vaccines from the Private Sector.As a result there is a threat to developing the illness of the Cancer Patients One Oncologist at the Cancer Hospital stressed.

In Private Sector One vial of these out of stock vaccines is costs around  Rs.10,000 and above according to him.

Meanwhile according to the Ministry Of Health the main reason behind  the Cancer Vaccine shortage is the delay of supplying these vaccines by the supplier.The supplier who was awarded the tender to supply these vaccines last year has not supplied them since March 2010 Ministry has confirmed.

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