Friday, May 27, 2011

Victory Day Celebrations-- President Stressed The Importance Of Racial Harmony While Former Army Commander Disheartned For Not Attending The Celebrations

President Mahinda Rajapaksha today had reminded the Political Parties that the Incited Racial hatred will not serve any purpose .Speaking at the 02nd anniversary of the Victory day held in Galle Face Green in Colombo to celebrate  the defeating of LTTE the  President stressed that the Human Rights cannot be guaranteed by including it to the Constitution but people will have to be liberated in order to enjoying it.

Meanwhile the imprisoned former Army Commander is reported as disheartened as he could not celebrate the war victory in Sri Lanka today.He expressed his feelings on this towards  a group of Parliamentarians of  main opposition United National Party including the UNP Deputy Leader Sajith Premadasa who visited him at the Welikada Prison today.

Four Districts Were Isssued Land Slide Warnings

The National Building and Research Organization(NBRO) has issued Land Slide warning to four districts today due to the heavy showers experienced in these Districts at present.Kagalle,Kalutara ,Ratnapura and Galle Districts received these land slides warning.

According to the NBRO several areas in Kagalle District are severely affected due to the heavy showers and landslides already.Several houses were reported as buried live with some people according to the reports and NBRO sent officials  there to inquire in to the incidents.

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