Friday, July 8, 2011

New Sri Lankan Cricket Administration Postponed The Sri Lankan Premier League Cricket Tournament Till 2012

The New Sri Lankan Interim Cricket Committee has today decided to postpone the first edition of Sri Lankan Premier League 20-20 Cricket Tournament which is earlier scheduled   to begin on 19th of July till August Next Year(20120 .This decision was taken by the New Cricket Interim Committee and the League Organizers  Singapore Based Somerset Entertainment Ventures during a meeting held today.

The previous Cricket Interim Committee headed by D.S De Silva had created this Tournament which is similar to the Indian Premier League Tournament organized by the Indian Cricket Board .Foreign Cricketers of number of Countries including Pakistan,West Indies and South Africa agreed to participate the said Tournament however the Indian Cricket Board has refused to participate 12 of the Indian Cricketers who are due to offer contracts in the Tournament by stating that they  will not allow their players to participate a Tournament sponsored by a Private Venture.

The Cricket Authorities also decided to hold a 20 -20 Inter Provincial Tournament with the participation of National Cricketers  at the period which earlier planned to conduct the Sri Lankan Premier League Tournament.

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