Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ministry Of Health Has Issued Two Circulars To Restrict The Sending Of Govt.Hospital Medical Lab Tests To Pvt Sector

The Ministry Of Health has issued two circulars to All the Government Hospital Directors  recommending to restrict sending of Medical Lab Tests to  the Private Medical Sector according to the Ministry Sources.

From these Circulars the Ministry has requested from  Hospital Authorities to circulate a list of Medical Lab Tests available in Government Hospitals amongst the Medical Officers, so they will avoid of sending the said Lab Tests to the Private Sector.

However it has been reported that although two circulars were issued Medical Lab Tests available in Government Hospitals are still donne through the Private Medical Labs.

First Ever Asian Spinal Cord Injuries Summit To Be Held In Sri Lanka Commenced Tomorrow

The First ever Asian Summit on Spinal Cord Injuries  to be held in Sri Lanka will workout form 21 st(Tomorrow) of October to 23 rd of October in Colombo.Large number of Medical Specialists representing  Asian Countries including Sri Lankan Specialists are due to attend this Summit and share their knowledge on treating Spinal Cord Injury victims.

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