Sunday, May 27, 2018

Electrical Storms Light Up U.K Skies


Thawakalika ayata wada Thama  samepa yalukamata mul stanaya laba dema mehi padanamay.

A Person Was Arrested With 160 Grammes Of Heroin In Possession

A 50 year old person was arrested by
the Anuradhapura Police with 160 grammes of Heroin in possession at Vijayapura in Anuradha pura .

The suspect who is a resident of Vijaya pura area is due to be produced before tbe Anuradhapura Magistrate Court.

A Sri Lankan Airlines Flight Had Strucked Against Two Ground Lights in Kochin Airport

The Sri Lankan Flight UL -167  with 228 passangers on board had strucked agsinst   two ground lights at the runaway of the kochin Airport in India today(27)during the takeoff to fly to Sri Lanka.

No one in the flight was injured due to the incident .

Due to the accident the flight was cancelled as one of it's wheels was damaged it has been revealed.

The Airport runaway too was closed soon after the incident and later opened it, it  has been stated

The Police Constable Who Died While Attempting To Save Three Flood Victims ,Has been Promoted To The Post Of Sergeant

The 29 year old Police Constable Dilan
Sampath who died due to drfting away by the strong flood water waves at Galvala road in Galmuruwa , Madam pe last friday(25)while attempting to save three flood victims ,has been promoted to the post of Sergeant according to the Police Media Spokesman Superin tendent Ruwan Gunasekare.

The body of the deceased Police personal had been recovered by the Navy this morning(27).

The incident which the Police Constable had Swam to save the lives of three members of a family who were drifted away by the strong waves indicated in a CCTV Camera it has been revealed.

Rare Part Of A Sri Lankan Airlines Airbus Was Damaged Due To A Colision With A Water Bowser

File Video
Rare part of a A-320 Airbus belongs to the Sri Lankan Airlines which has been  stationed at Katunayake ,Bandaranaike International Airport had been damaged after a Bowser carrying water  colliding with it last  moing nng(27)l.

Due to the collision with the water bowser a damage estimated as   more than Rs.10 million has  done to the plane it has been revealed.The Airbus had faced this incident after returning from Lahore,Pakistan.

Authorities have interdicted the Bowser driver over the incident.




Adverse Weather To Close All The Schools In Gampaha Education Zone Tomorrow(28)

Due to the Adverse Weather Condition all schools in Gampaha Education Zone will be closed tomorrow(28) according to the Ministry Of Education.

The decision to close all the schools in Gampaha has been taken as the by roads in the area still unde water it has been revealed.


Water Level Of Castlereigh Reservoir Near Spill Level-Water Level Of Maussakale Too Increasing

Due to the heavy showers prevailed during last few days in western slope areas of the Central hills,the water level of the Castlereigh Reservoir nears it's spill level and the water level of Maussakele Reservoir is being increased according to the Ceylon Electricity Board(CEB).

Along with these two reservoirs water levels of few other reservoirs inckuding Lakshapana,Wimalasurendra,New Lakshapana ,Cabyon and Polpitiya which are mainly contributes to the national power grid too being increased due to the heavy showers prevailed diring last few days the CEB has stated.

Pesticides Increase The PARKINSONS Disease Up To 250 Percent

Another 38 Corona Positives Had Been Discharged Today (07) After Full Recovery

Another 38 Corona positives had been recovered and discharged today (07)from government Hospitals, increasing the total number of Corona...