Saturday, September 21, 2013

TNA Has Secured Two Third Victory In Northern Provincial Council Elections

The ITAK alias Tamil National Alliance(TNA) party has won the Northern Provincial Council Elections held  yesterday by two third majority

Out of the 38 seats in the Provincial Council TNA has won 30 seats including 2 bonus seats while the ruling United Peoples Freedom Alliance(UPFA) has manged to secure seven seats and it's ally Sri Lanka Muslim Congress(SLMC) two seats.

As surprised to many TNA has able to secured a land slide victory over  Government ally EPDP  dominated islands in Jaffna including Kytes Island.In Kytes Island  TNA has secured the victory by beating the ruling UPFA by 4753 votes.TNA has become victorious in Kilinochchi and Mulativu Districts as well by  pushing aside UPFA and it's ally SLMC backwards to win with majority of votes.

Speaking on the land slide victory his party has achieved in the northern provincial council elections where people in the north exercised their franchise after 25 years,the spokesman of TNA MP Suresh Premachandran has said that despite the heavy political influence people in the north have given  them a clear mandate through the election results.

ITAK Party Has Secured Victory In Both Kilinochchi And Mulativu Districts Of The Northern Provinical Council

According to the final results issued by Elections Department short while ago on  Kilinochchchi and Mulativu Districts, ITAK allias Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has secured victory in both districts of the Northern Provincial Council.

The Elections Results-
Kilinochchi District- ITAK Party has received a total number of 37,079 votes(81.57%) and secured 3 seats in the new  provincial council.the ruling UPFA(United Peoples Freedom Alliance) received 7897 votes  (17.3%) with 1 seat. EDF has received 300 votes(0.66%) with no seats.

Mulativu District Results-
ITAK Party-28,266 votes(78.56%) secured 4 seats.
UPFA Party-7209 votes(20.04%) secured 1 seat
SLMC Party-199 votes(0.55%) with no seats.

For further details visit Elections Department web site through

People In The Northern Province Castes Their Votes Today(21) For The First Time In 25 Years

The voting of  the First Elections held in   de-merged Northern Province  after 25 years to elect 36 members to Northern Provincial Council was concluded this evening with a large number of voter turn out.residents in Northern Province have voted in large numbers since this morning at the 850 polling stations situated in the province to elect members for the northern provincial for a five year term.

The voting for electing members from Jaffna,Kilinochchi,Mannar,Mulativu and Vavuniya Districts for the provincial council was began at 7 a.m today and concluded at 4 p.m  .the voting was held peacefully amid tight security .around 715,000 residents are eligible for vote in this elections and 2000 local and international observers including observers of SAARC and Commonwealth countries are engaged in election monitoring activities according to Elections Department.

The Elections Department has says that 65%, of registered voters in Vavuniya District,68% in Kilinochchi District,70% in Mannar District  71% in Mulativu and 60% in Jaffna District have castes  their votes since this morning.

This is the first time that people in the  North have been voted to elect a post war administration in their province which was earlier  under the control of LTTE .the province was freed from LTTE after it was militarily defeated by the Sri Lankan Army in 2009.

Although Provincial Council elections for the central and north western provinces  too been held today both local and international communities are eying on  the northern provincial council elections as people their voted for the first time in 25 years.

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