Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Health Officials Instructed Hospital Directors And MOH'S To Finish Vaccinating The Remained H1N1 Vaccines Before 07th Of January

Health Officials instructed  all Hospital Directors and MOH'S to finish vaccinating the remained stock of H1N1 Vaccines which are due to   expire  this month before this  Friday(07th) according the Health Ministry Sources.

Meanwhile the senior doctors are questioning on what  basis the health officials said that the remained stock of vH1N1 Vaccines expire in 07th of January as it didn't mention in the vaccine packs.In these packs it only mentioned that these vaccines will expire in 11/01 they stressed.

Doctors also taking note that While Health Officials clearly said that the batch of H1N1 Vaccines used for vaccination last December  expired in 31st of December although it didn't mentioned in the pack and it is a puzzle how can they mention the vaccine stock due to expire this month will exactly expire on 07th

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