Monday, August 1, 2011

Sri Lankan Muslim Community To Begin Fasting For Ramazan Tomorrow

The Colombo Grand Mosque has announced today that the Fasting period for  Sri Lankan Muslim Community  in the view of Ramazan Festival will begin tomorrow as the new moon has been sighted .

State Pharmaceutical Corporation Need Rs.50,000 Million Additional Money Annually To Purchase Drugs Due To Corruption

Due to the Corruption and Fraud activities occurred during the  Tender Procedure and Technical Evaluations, The State Pharmaceuticals Corporation (SPC) need to spend an additional Rs. 50,000 Million annually besides the allocated funds when  purchasing of  Pharmaceuticals,Surgical s  and Laboratory Chemicals for the Government Hospitals according to the State Pharmaceuticals Corporation sources.

The sources further say that the Ministry Of Health has given the amount they allocated last year to purchasing the required Drugs,Surgical s and Lab Chemicals for the Hospitals as Rs.15 Billion ,But due to the Corrupt Activities the real amount spending over this has multiplied.As the SPC need lots of money to spend on purchasing Drugs for the State Hospitals they have taken the Bank loans and as a result the SPC have to pay Rs.450,000  daily to Two of the State Banks as a interest which they are having over draft it has been revealed.

Meanwhile as a step to stop corruption and Fraud activities occurred in Tender Procedures and Technical Evaluations when purchasing of Drugs  the Ministry Of Health is planning to purchase the required Drugs directly from the Governments of India and Bangladesh the Ministry Source said.However the Pharmaceutical Experts have stated that the Ministry should have acted more responsibly than this when com batting against the Corruption in Pharmaceutical Industry as most of the Drugs imported from India and Bangladesh are facing quality failure problems.

These experts are also in the view that the Health Ministry Officials should try to stop these Corrupt practices occurred in Tender Procedures and clean the Tender System in whole without giving interim solutions to the problem.

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