Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ministry Of Health To Restrict Referring Govt.Hospital Medical Lab Tests To The Private Sector

Ministry of Health  today has instructed Government Hospital Directors to restrict referring  Hospital Patients to get Medical  Lab Tests done from the Priavte Sector .According to the Ministry Sources although Government has spent Rs.300 million for the Laboratory Equipments this year Government Hospital Doctors still referring Ward and Clinic Patients to get done their Lab Tests from the Private Sector such as Full Blood ount Test (FBC),Fasting Blood Suger (FBS),Serum Creatiine and Blood Urea tests which are available in Govt.Hospitals

Under the Free Health Care system of Sri Lanka every citizen is eligible to get Free Treatment And Drugs from a Government Hospital.If a Go
vernment Hospital refer a paient to the Private Sector for a Lab Test it
 will be a violation of the Patient's right to received free Treatment and Medicine according to Ministry Sources

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