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A Counter At Beruwala To Provide Birth ,Marriage And Death Certificates Belonging To Any Province Through Online

Minister of Health Dr.Rajitha Senaratne
has inaugurated a Counter at Beruwala Provincial Secretariet recently where any one can obtain their Birth,Marriage and Death certificates belonging to 1960 to 2016 period at any province in the Island through online according to the Health Ministry.

To mark the occassion the Birth Certificate of Health Minister who was born in Colombo had been presented to him after obtained it through online.

A Large Acres Of Land Destroyed At Dematanara Reserve Due To A Fire

A Large acres of Land belonging to the
Dematanara Reserve at Wellawaya had been destroyed due to a fire erupted in the Reserve last noon  (06).

The  fire which spread rapidly due to strong winds and dry weather had been contained by the Army Soldiers before spreading it further.Cultivations in surrounding areas of the reserve too had been destroyed due to the fire it has been revealed.

The cause of the fire has not yet been revealed.

Elephant Racketeer "Ali Roshan " Has Been Arrested By The CID

Niraj Roshan allies "Ali Roshan" who is
responsible for involving in Elephant Racketeering  has been arrested at his residence in Maharagama last night (06) by the Criminal Investi gations Department  (CID)officers over keeping an Elephant under a Fraudulent licence .

The Elephant kept under him.was taken in to custody by the authorities  and released to the Pinnawala Elephant orphanage.

The suspect "AlI Roshan"who is charged over capturing Baby Elephants from forests and selling them to Business man   is due to be questioned by the CID over the charges and produce before the Kesbawa Court.

The suspect was arrested and remanded in 2015  by the Police Over keeping two Baby Elephants in his custody illegally .Later the Baby Elephants were taken in to custody by the Wild Life Department and handed them over to the Dehiwala ZOO. 

Magisterial Inquiry Of The Death Of A Pregnant Doctor Scheduled To Be Conducted Today

The Magisterial Inquiry regarding the
Death of a 38 year old pregnant Doctor who has died yesterday (06)as a result of a sudden fire erupted at her two storied house in Sri Somarathana Road ,Bellanwila-Boralesgamuwa is scheduled to be conducted by the Gangodawila Magistrate today (07).

Government Analyst is also due to visit the house where the fire had erupted.

The deceased doctors husband who is a ophthalmologist attached to Sri Jayawardanapura Teaching Hospital has also received serious burn injuries due to the fire and currently receiving treatment at Intensive Care unit of the Kalubowila Teaching Hospital and their five year old son was also admitted to a ward of a same Hospital due to burn injuries.

All three members of the family were recovered lying on the floor in an unconscious state  in upper storey of their house by the Boralesgamuwa Police after erupting the fire it has been revealed.

Police have suspected a Gas leek may be the cause behind the fire at the deceased doctors house. Boralesgamuwa Police are conducting an investigations over the incident. 



A Female Was Arrested While Attempting To Smuggle Foreign Currency Notes

Airport Customs officers have arrested
a 60 year old Sri Lankan female whilest  attempting to smuggle Rs.37,27,344 worth foreign currency notes illegally to India this morning (06).

The suspect has been identified as a Business Woman at Negambo area.

Among the Foreign Currency notes recovered while hidden in her luggage are Swiss Francs and US Dollars according to Customs.

Medical Specialists Have Proposed The Health Minister To Present A Parliament Act On Continuously Airlift Human Organs For Transplant Surgeries

Medical Specialists have proposed the Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne to present an Act to the Parliament in view of full filling the legal requirements to continuously Air lifted  human organs to hospitals with the assistance of Sri Lanka Airforce to perform Transplant Surgeries 

At the moment Human Organs removed from the Brain Death persons are airlifting to hospitals for Transplant surgeries with the help of Sri Lanka Airforce through a cabinet paper.

Health Minister is due to convene a meeting with Transplant Surgeons soon  to discuss on this and how to provide all the necessity facilities to Transplant surgeries and identify the problems they have  faced with according to the Health Ministry  .

At present many Government Hospitals in the island are performing Transplant Surgeries including Liver,Kidney ,Heart and Arms Transplants .

A Tea Estate Worker Has Died Due To A Wasp Attack

A 58 year old Tea Estate Worker has
died due to a Wasp attack at a Tea Estate in Niliethugoda,Atampitiya this evening (06).

The critically injured worker who is a resident of Atampitiya , had succumbed to his injuries after admission to Atampitiya Hospital .He had faced this incident while working at the Tea Estate.

The body of the deceased is lying at the Atampitiya Hospital.

More Than Ten Million "Tramadol" Tablets Had Been Recovered From.Colombo Harbor

Police Anti Narcotic Bureau officers
have recovered little more than 10.5 million high solution  "Tramadol" tablets stored in 585 boxes at a Container located in Colombo Harbor this morning  (06) it has been reported.

The stock of 225 mili Gramme "Tramadol "tablets which can only  issued to the patients as per prescribed by doctors has an intoxicated effect  it has been revealed .

The stock of "Tramadol" has been planned to transport to Libya from India through Colombo Harbor according to authorities. The boxes contains "Tramadol"tablets had been taken in to custody by the customs officers.

No one was arrested regarding the incident it has been announced.



Around 65 Children Of An Estate Had Been Hospitalized Due To A Food Poisoning

Around 65 children  attached to an
Estate in Watawala area had been hospitalized last night (05) due to a food poisoning  according to reports.

The sick children had been  admitted to Watawala Hospital for treatment last night and three of the critically ill children had been Transferred to Nawalapitiya Base Hospital it has been revealed.

The group of children hospitalized following  falling sick after consuming rice and chicken curry provided to them by a religious center of the estate run by a non governmental organization it has been revealed.

The sick children were admitted to Hospital with symptoms like diarrhea, Stomach pain and vomiting according to reports.

Watawala Police and Public Health Inspectors are being conducted two separate investigations over the incident. 

One Person Died And Eighty One Heavily Drunken Persons Were Hospitalized During Joint Opposition's Protest

A 39 year old person has died due to a heart attack and 81 heavily drunken persons had been admitted to Colombo National Hospital for treatment during the "Jana Balaya Kolambata "(People's power to Colombo) protest Campaign launched by Joint Opposition Group yesterday  (05)  in Colombo.

The deceased was a resident of Hatton area it has been revealed.

"Suwasariya " Ambulance Service had transported 81 heavily drunken protesters of the Protest campaign who were lying on the road due the influence of liquor the State Minister Ajith .P.Perera has stated during a press briefing held at Government Information Department

Although the organisers of the Protest had earlier stated that the protesters will stay in Colombo till this morning the protest and "Sahyagraha"campaign conducted near the Lake House Roundabout had concluded midnight last night after a majority of protesters leaving for their homes early due to lack of facilities provided to them.

Organisers however had distributed liquor bottles among the participants of the Protest campaign in the noon session ,But avoiding  giving liquor during the night it has been revealed.

Due to the lack of participants organisers finally ended the protest it has been revealed.

Imprisoned Galagodaatte Gnanasara Thero Has Been Transferred To Jayawardanapura Hospital

The Imprisoned  General Secretary of

the Bodu Bala Sena Organization Galagodaatte Gnanasara thero had been Transferred to Kotte Sri Jayawardanapura Teaching Hospital this morning  (06) from Welikada Prisons Hospital to treat a Urine Infection he is suffering from it has been reported.

The Galagodaatte Thero who had been sentenced to rigorous imprisonment over contempt of Court charges has undergone a Kidney Stone Removal surgery on 20 th of August at Jayawardanapura Hospital and transferred to Prisons Hospital on last Thursday (30).

However as a result of the surgery Galagodaatte Thero is currently suffering from a urine infection and he is receiving treatment for it at the Jayawardanapura Hospital according to sources.

A Pregnant Doctor Has Died And Her Husband And Son Were Injured Due To A Fire

A 38 year old pregnant doctor has died and her husband who is a male doctor and their five years old son received burn injuries and hospitalized following a sudden fire erupted at their two storied house in Sri Somarathana road ,Bellanwila-Boralesgamuwa area this evening (06).

The critically injured female Doctor along with her husband and son had been admitted to the Kalubowila Teaching Hospital where the female doctor had succumbed to her injuries after admission .

The Doctor couple and their son were in upper storey of the house at the time of the incident Biralesgamuwa Police have stated.

The deceased doctor was formally attached to Horana Government Hospital and her injured husband is a ophthalmologist attached to Sri Jayawardanapura Teaching Hospital it has been revealed.The lady doctor was five months pregnant at  the time of the incident .

The cause of the fire has not yet been revealed .

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