Thursday, October 29, 2009

Six Indian Pharmaceutical Companies To Testify For Supplying Contaminated Injection Vials

Six Indian Pharmaceutical Companies and Six of their Local Agent Companies who are responsible for supplying Glass and Plastic pieces contained Injection Vials and Saline Bottles for the Sri Lankan Government Hospitals are to testify tomorrow at the National Drug Authority premises under the Special Inquiry conducted by the Ministry Of Health regarding the contaminated Vials.

Those Companies who are not able to present today for the Inquiry will be Black listed as well as those who are found guilty of entering some elements to  the Injection Vials during the Manufacturing Process according to The Ministry Of Health. The Indian Pharmaceutical Companies who Supplied  the contaminated"Cerofoxine","Hyydrocortisone Sodium Sucinate" Pethidin.Penagan,Anti Venom Serum and the Saline Bottle contained a Piece of Plastic are due to attend  the Inquiry.

Leftist JVP Rejected The Main Opposition Party Offer To Join A Common Alliance

The leftist Janatha Wimukthi Peramuna(Peoples Liberation Front) today rejected the offer made by the Main Opposition United National Party(UNP) to join the Common Alliance formed  to contest for the Next Presidential Elections.Earlier the JVP had stated that their Party will join any Movement or Party fighting for  abolishing of the Executive Presidency Of the Country.

The UNP together with some 18 Small Parties and Professional Organizations formed a Common Alliance to contest for the Next Presidential Elections with the aim of abolishing the Presidency.The Presidential Elections is scheduled to be held early Next Year.

New CM Of The Sourthern Provincial Council Sworn In

New Chief Minister of the Southern Provincial Council Shan Wijeyalal De Silva was Sworn In on His Post today Before the President Mahinda Rajapaksha .Newly elected Southern Provincial Councilors of the Governing United Peoples Freedom Alliance(UPFA) also Sworn In today.

CID Have Arrested Two Persons Over Addresing A Press Briefing On White Abductions

Criminal Investigations Department (CID) officials have last night(13)arrested two persons at a cafe in Mahara area over  participating ...