Saturday, September 29, 2012

Heart Diseases Are On Increase In Developing Countries

Whilst  heart diseases are declining in developed countries it's on increase in  developing countries  including Sri Lanka ,India and Thailand according to one of the top Cardiologist in the country Dr.Ruwan Ekanayake.Mental Stress,Smoking,Consuming Liquor,Uncontrolled Diabetes,Hypertension.Cholesterol,Lack of Exercises are among major factors which caused this situation dr.ekanayake has said.

It has been reported that most of the Sri Lankans have consuming a higher amount of sugar,salt and oil more than the recommended levels of them by world health organization(WHO)whilst WHO has recommended 9 teaspoons of sugar daily for males and 6 teaspoons for females most of the locals are getting used to consume double of that amount he stressed."only one teaspoon full of oil required per person daily but our people have consuming more than double of this amount "dr,ekanayake has  revealed.

According to the latest statistics around 30% of the 7 annual deaths reported from the country from non communicable diseases are due to heart diseases.around 50% of people having hypertension are not received any treatment as they are not aware on the disease.

To overcome this situation it is important to lead a healthy life with required level of exercises,controlled diabetes,cholesterol and hypertension and a healthy diet pattern including lots of fruits and vegetables medical specialists said.

The "World Heart Day" falls on tomorrow(30) and to mark the day there is a special walk with the participation of various professionals and politicians begin from Temple Treas in Colombo tomorrow morning.

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