Tuesday, July 25, 2017

President Has Extended The Term Of Bond Commission By Three Months

Image result for extended stampPresident Maithripala Sirisena has extended the term of the Presidential Commission Of Inquiry or the Bond Commission which inquiring the Bond scam of the Central Bank by three months it has been announced.

Accordingly the term of the Commission has been extended from 27th of July to 27th of October this year.The report of the Central Bank Bond scam should be handed over within this period it has been stated.
The Gazette notification regarding the extending  term of the Bond Commission has been issued yesterday(25).

Foreign Minister Informed The Bond Commission That He Will Not Be Present For Questioning Today(26)

Image result for presidential commission on inquiryForeign Minister Ravi Karunanayake has informed the Bond Commission or the Presidential Commission of Inquiry  which inquiring the bond scam of the Central Bank through a lawyer that he will not be able to attend before the commission today (26) as requested due to a Security Council Meeting and will appear before the Commission  next Wednesday.
The Bond Commission has issued summons to the Foreign Minister Karunanayake to appear before the commission today(26) to answer the questions regarding the allegations leveled against him over getting a luxury house from the main suspect of Bond scam in Central Bank Arjun Aloysias who is the director of Perpetual Treasuries limited which involved in the scam . Aloysias paid the rent of the luxury house behalf of the Minister who was than the Minister of Finance it has been revealed during the investigations .
In a letter sent to the Bond Commission through his  lawyer  Minister Karunanayake has stated that he will be not available to appear before the Bond Commission until next Wednesday for questioning as he is due to attend the Parliamentary sessions  on tomorrow and the day after and due to tour Maldives on next Monday.

Army Entered The Fuel Storing Complexes In Kolonnawa And Muthurajawela To Ensure Fuel Distribution- Striking Workers Removed From The Complexes

Image result for army entered kolonnawa fuel storing complexArmy personal have entered the Kolonnawa and Muthurajawela Fuel storing complexes early this morning(26)and ensured the fuel distributing process which stopped due to the Island wide continuous strike launched by Petroleum workers , with the help of non striking staff of the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation it has been reported.
Army have removed the striking staff of the Kolonnawa and Muthurajawla fuel storing complexes and ensured the security of non striking workers who now engaged in fuel distribution process.

However the removed strikers are still stay in front of the fuel storing complexes it has been revealed.
A Large vehicle queues have seen in front of the fuel filling stations belonging to Ceylon Petroleum Corporation and Indian Oil Company Island wide since yesterday(25) to get fuel .The Petroleum Trade Unions Collective had launched the continuous strike since midnight on Monday(24) demanding to take over the Oil tank complexes at China harbor  in Trincomalee and Hambanthota and urgently refurbish the Sapugaskande oil refinery .
Petroleum Trade Unions collective has yesterday announced it will continue their strike until the demands are met after failure of talks held between the representatives of the unions and authorities last evening.
Meanwhile Government has issued a Gazette last night(25) making fuel distribution of the country as an essential service ,According to the Gazette issued  by the Presidential Secretary Austin Fernando as per the order of President Maithripala Sirisena supply and distribution of all Petroleum products and liquid gases are essential.
It the striking petroleum workers not return to work after announcing the fuel distribution as an essential service they will be considered as vacate from their posts the Government has announced.


A 52 Year Old Person Had Committed Suicide In Gatambe Area

A 52 year old person had committed suicide by
jumping in front of a train near the Gatambe stadium in Kandy.

The deceased who was a resident of  Dehiwala, Colombo had arrived in Gannoruwa area for an employment and police believed he may have committed suicide due to a family dispute.

Professor Carlo Fonsrka Has Pledged His Support To The Anti SAITM Student Campaign

Former president of the Sri Lanka Medical Council Professor Carlo Fonseka has arrived at Lipton Circus roundabout to support a group of medical/university students protesting since yesterday(13)against the firing of water cannons towards  a student group staged a satyagra campaign at the circus on last Sunday (23).

Addressing the students Professor Carlo Fonseka has said that only solution for the current student unrest is abolishing the Private Medical Collage in Malabe .

Ministry Of Health To Implement WHO Dengue Action Plan

Ministry of Health has decided to implement the
action plan of World Health Organization (WHO) on reducing the number of Dengue patients by 50% within 04 week period, Island wide for three days from this Thursday (27).

The action plan prepared and handed over to the Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne by the visiting WHO experts had mainly suggested to empower the public on removing water collected items and places in their premises in view of reduce the spreading of Dengue .

The WHO team met with the Health Minister Dr.Senaratne and Health Ministry officials yesterday (24)and discuss on the suggestions included in the Dengue action plan.

At the meeting Minister has instructed the Health Ministry officials and WHO experts to implement the WHO Action plan on dengue in Sri Lanka.

Around Rs.105,000 Dengue patients have been reported throughout the Island from January this year up to now and 301 died due to the disease according to the National Dengue Control Unit.

Foreign Minister Ravi Karunanayake To Appear Before Bond Commission

Image result for bonds commission inquiring the bond scamForeign Minister Ravi Karunanayake has  received summons to  appear before the Bond Commission inquiring on the Bond Scam of Central Bank ,tomorrow(26) according to the sources.

Minister Karunanayake is earlier due to appear before the commission today(25) regarding an allegations leveled against him on the link he had with the main suspect of the Central Bnnk Bond scam Arjun Aloysias .However due to the Cabinet meeting held today he has informed the Commission through an attorney that he will not able to appear before the Commission today.

It has been revealed that Minister Karunanayake has received a luxury apartment when he was the finance minister  from Arjun Aloysias who is the director of Perpetual treasuries ,after the Bond scam occurred  for  leasing .

The Bond Commission is due to question Minister's involvement on the Bond scam it has been reported.


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Ceylon Petroleum Workers On Strike - Indian Oil Company To Distribute Enough Fuel To The Public

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Although the Fuel filling stations belonging to Ceylon Petroleum Corporation closed due to the ongoing island wide continuous strike of Petroleum workers organized by Petroleum Trade Unions Collective,202 Indian Oil Company (IOC) Fuel  filling stations in the country are currently distributing fuel to the public without a shortage it has been reported.

According to the Indian Oil Company officials the Company had taken steps to bring Fuel stored in it's Fuel stores in Trincomalee to distribute in Colombo .

A long queues have been seen in front of IOC Filling stations due to this situation.

However it has been revealed that most of the Fuel filling Stations belonging to Ceylon Petroleum Corporation have closed due to the stock of fuel they stored have already finished.This situation occurred as the Petroleum Unions which commenced the strike had stated yesterday that a fuel shortage might be appeared due to the strike today and as a result  some motorists have purchased liters of Fuel more than the required amount to face the fuel shortage.

The Petroleum Trade Unions Collective had launched the strike since midnight last night by demanding solutions for several demands including preventing the handing over of Oil Tanks in Trincomalee to India based on leasing system.

The Former DIG Lalith Jayasinghe Who Helped The Main Suspect Of Rape And Murder Of Jaffna School Girl Further Remanded

Image result for dig lalith jayasingheThe imprisoned former Deputy Inspector General Of Police(DIG) in charge of Central Province Lalith Jayasinghe who was interdicted over supporting the main suspect of the rape and murder of Jaffna school girl Vidya ,Swiss Kumar to escape from police custody further remanded until 08th of August by the Kayts Magistrate today(25).

Kayts Magistrate M.Riyal has further remanded the former DIG Jayasinghe after being produced before the court today.

Foreign-Drugs Cocktail 'Cut HIV Deaths By 27%'

One Day Token Strike Launched By GMOA Had Called Off

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The one day token strike launched by the Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) since this morning(25) had called off this noon after the talks held between  Minister of law ,order and Southern Development Sagala Ratnayake and GMOA it has been reported.

According to the GMOA as the Minister Sagala Ratnayake had instructed the Inspector General Of Police Pujith Jayasundare to prepare a report and handed over to him on the white van arrived to arrest the convener of the Medical Faculty Students Action Committee Ryan Jayathilake and promised  to inform the Parliament on the white van incident and apologize on that ,one day token strike had called off.

Meanwhile due to the strike launched by GMOA in government hospitals since 8 a.m this morning  .only a section of OPD Clinics in government hospitals affected as majority of the doctors in OPD Clinics have reported to work .Due to this situation the GMOA Strike is not effective as in earlier days Hospital sources have stated.

A Heavy Traffic Is Being Reported In Town Hall Due To A Anti SAITM Protest March

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A Heavy traffic is being reported at present in and around Town Hall,Colombo  due to a protest march organized by Anti SAITM Students Population Wall and some civil organizations it has been reported.

The heavy traffic prevailing in  at the road from Colombo National Hospital premises via Lipton Circus to Viharamahadevi Park and 138 bus route from Nelum Pokuna to Viharamahadevi Park due to the protest march according to reports.

Police have advised the motorists and the public to use an alternative routes when traveling.

The march due to arrive in Viharamaha Devi Park where the National Convention of the Anti SAITM Students Population Wall due to be held this evening.

Meanwhile the Medical/University students who were forcibly captured the Lipton Circus yesterday (24) evening to conduct a Anti SAITM Satyagraha  Campaign still occupy the area it has been reported.The group of students arrived at Lipton Circus against the water cannon attack against a group of Anti SAITM Protestors on Sunday (23).

Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) Members have this morning visited the group of students at the Lipton Circus and distributed food and beverages to them.


Image result for ginger and cancerA new study reveals ginger contains a pungent compound that could be up to 10,000 times more effective than conventional chemotherapy in targeting the cancer stem cells at the root of cancer malignancy. ... Clearly, the cancer stem cells within a tumor must be destroyed if cancer treatment is to affect a lasting cure.

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