Wednesday, October 16, 2019



A Tense Situation Occurred In Modara Mattakuliya Due To A Suspicious Vehicle Parked Near A Church

A tense situation occured among public
in Modara -Mattakkuliya area this morning (16) due to a laxurious car without a owner parked near a Christian Church and a school  as a result of a technical default of the vehicle .

The Motor Car was broken due to a technical problem last night (15)and the owner of the car had left the vehicle near the church and school it has been revealed .

When the children arrived in school this morning they have seen the Motor car looks suspicious near the school and a tense situation occurred due to it .
However the owner of the vehicle later removed the car from the place.

Some parents have seen taken their children home as a rumour spreads there's a car carrying a bomb parked near the church and school which was denied by Police and Army .

Another rumour spreads that  a suspicious parcel had been recovered near a school at Miriswatte ,Gampaha also found as false .

Army and Police have appealed the public not to panic over the rumours .

Special Police Task Force Arrested Three Persons With 15,000 KG Of Waste Tea

Police officers attached to the organized
Crimes Raid unit of the Special Police Task Force have arrested three persons including a  Lorry driver and taken in to custody around 15,000 Kilo grammes of Waste Tea at Kandegoda in Ambalangoda today (16).

Police officers have earlier arrested the Lorry driver whilst transporting around 4000 Kilo Grammes of waste tea in a Lorry at Kandegoda area .

Later the officers had raided the Waste Tea factory in Ambalangoda where the Waste tea is prepared accordance to the information provided by the Lorry driver during questioning and arrested two workers along with 11,000 Kilo Grammes of Waste Tea .

A Tea Estate Worker Died And Another Injured Due To A Wasp Attack

A Tea Estate Worker attached to the
Abosley Tea Estate in Hatton police division has died and another worker had been injured and hospitalized due to a wasp attack occurred  whilst plucking tea leaves in the Estate this noon (16).

Two injured Tea Estate workers one of them critically had been admitted to the Dikoya Base Hospital where the critically injured worker had succumbed to his injuries whilst admitting to the Intensive Care Unit of the Hospital .

The incident occurred due to a wasps in a nest attached to a Tea plant provoked and began attacking the workers of the estate .

The deceased worker was attacked by many wasps it has been revealed .


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