Tuesday, September 1, 2009

GMOA To Request Health Ministry On Future Of The Surgeries

The Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) decided to make a request from the Health Secretary Dr.Athula Kahanda Liyanage on whether or not the Government Doctors should continue the Special Surgeries and Treatment of the Government Hospitals under the circumstances of short supply of Medicines and Surgical Items.

Addresing a Press Briefing in Colombo today GMOA Officials claimed that the Health Ministry not supplied the Drugs and Surgical Items required for Special Surgeries and Treatment and therfore the Doctors have to prescribe patients to buy most of the items from the Private Sector.

Health Ministry already taken steps to suspend the Gastic Bypass kind of Obesity reducing Surgeries in the South Colombo Teaching Hospital folowing the Death of a Beautician.The Beautician died under a natural Complications occured during the Surgery and GMOA will support any impartial inquiary on the incident according to the Assistant Secretary of the Association Dr.Chandana Atapattu.

An Insect Contained Injection Vial Found From A Govt.Hospital

The Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) today said that an Injection Vial supplied to the Colombo National Hospital contained a medium sized Insect and it gave an indication of the quality of the Medicinal Drugs locally purchased by the Health Ministry.The Injection Vial of"Omprezole"used for Gastritis Ulcers Surgeries contained this insect and it is visible after the Powdered form substance in the Vial dissolved the GMOA charged.

Health Ministry should be careful when handling the Drugs supplied to the Government Hospitals especially on their Quality the Assistant Secretary of the GMOA Dr.Chandana Athapattu said while addressing a Press briefing in Colombo this noon.

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