Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Colombo National Hospital Docs To Launch A T oken Strike On Monday

All doctors attached to Colombo National Hospital have decided to launch a one day token strike on next Monday(27th) by demanding an increase of the availability,disturbance and transport allowance pay to government doctors  from rs.14,000 according to the Colombo National Hospital Branch of GMOA.

This strike action is due to begin at  8 a.m on Monday and will conclude on 8 a.m next day(Tuesday) a spokesman of GMOA Colombo National Hospital Branch has said.

At present Government Doctors have received a sum of Rs.15,000 as Availability,Disturbance And Transport Allowance and GMOA is demanding on  increasing  that allowance to Rs.29,000 the spokesman stressed.

Meanwhile The Secretary of GMOA Dr,Chandika Epitakaduwa has said today (22) a special meeting of GMOA is scheduled  to be summoned on coming Sunday (26) to take a decision on  future course of action
regarding the said allowance.Addressing a press briefing held this noon he stressed that Government Doctors cannot sacrificed their personal money and vehicles anymore to attend on call treatment services in Government Hospitals .Therefore GMOA has urged the authorities to  increase the allowance which also promised by present President Mahinda Rajapaksha in 2008 he stressed

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