Thursday, May 14, 2009

All Medical Officers Of Health Stop Dengue Activities Citing System Lapses

All Medical Officers Of Health(MOH) throughout Sri Lanka are stop attending the Essential Dengue Control Activities of House to House Inspection on Mosquito Breeding Places and Special Investigations on Dengue Patients from Last Tuesday due to the lapses in Mosquito Control Programme Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) of Sri Lanka Announced today.

Due to this action the activities of Dengue Mosquito Control Programme is going to collapse Medical Sources said.All Dengue Control Activities are performed under the supervision of MOH'S.However conducting Awareness Programmes for people on Dengue will continue Association said.

Explaining on the situation the Assistant Secretery of the GMOA Dr Upul Gunasekera said that the Ministry Of Health is not taking steps to educate Health Staff including MOH'S on the Regulations of the newly approved Mosquito Control Act and due to this MOH'S are facing difficulties to carried out their duties of controlling Dengue.

MOH of the Colombo Suburbs faced Severe Threats from a Politician in the area recently when he tried to inspect the Garden of the Above Politician to check whether there are Mosquito Breeding Places Dr.Gunasekera stressed.Dengue is on rise in Sri Lanka this year as around 8000 Dengue Patients and 63 Deaths were reported upto now.

Opposition Leader Ranil Wickramasinha Hold Talks With Former Norwegian Peace Enovy Eric Solheim

Sri Lankan Opposition Leader Ranil Wickramasinha who is in European Tour today hold discussions with Former Norwegian Peace Envoy Eric Solheim in Norway.The details of the talks are not yet known.

Meanwhile Norwegian Police removed 50 to 60 Tamil Protestors who were illegaly demonstrated outside the Norwegian Foreign Ministry in Oslo today due to the Sri Lankan Opposition Leader's visit there.

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