Friday, January 31, 2020

Living Under Lockdown ;How Wuhan Residents Are Coping


Immigration And Emigration Department Instructed To Restrict Movement's Of Chinese Employees In Worksites

The immigration and Emigration
Department has advised the supervisors of  the construction sites to restrict the movements of their Chinese employees to the work sites and logging areas .

This restriction  will also apply fur Chinese workers who had recently visited China The Department has stated.

This step has been taken to prevent the spreading of Corona Virus in the country. 

Coroma Virus :US Bars Foreigners Who Recently Visited China

Sri Lankan Air Lines Special Airbus Carrying 33 Sri Lankan Students In Corona Virus Hit Wuhan City Arrived In Mattala Airport

  • The Special Sri Lankan Airlines Airbus
    Ul -1422 which left for Corona virus hit Wuhan City in china to bring back stranded Sri Lankan students and their relatives ,had landed in Mattala International Airport at Hambanthota (Southern Province) around 7.40 a.m  this morning (01) according to sources .

All  Sri lankan students and their relatives in the plane are scheduled to be transported  to The special quarantine center with separate rooms specially built at Diyathalawa Army Base by a special bus for quarantine period of 14 days .

They will be closely monitored by the doctors for 14 days  to see wherher they are infected with Corona Virus.  The  incubation period of the Corona virus is 2-14 days according to doctors.

Meanwhile many sections had criticized the way authorities have sent the other Sri Lankan students returned from China due to the Corona virus epidemic, to their homes. They too should be quarantined for 14 days to check whether they are infected with the virus and send home afterwards  if they do not infected with the virus those sections have said .

Sri Lankan government had held talks with Chinese authorities soon after the closure of Wuhan city due to the corona virus epidemic ,to bring back the students there  to the country .As a result China had allowed Sri Lanka to evacuate the stranded Sri Lankan students  from the city . 

Canberra Is At Risk Of Bushfires As Extreme Heet Sweeps New South Wales And Australia


Consumer Afairs Authority Had Taken In To Custody 36,400 Low Quality Face Masks In Colombo Fort

Consumer Affairs Authority had taken
in to custody 36,400 low quality Face Masks during a raid carried out in two places at Colombo Fort yesterday (30) and today  (31)

This stock of face  masks had been imported to Sri Lanka from India and China according to Consumer Affairs Authority. The authority is scheduled to be taken a legal action against two Businessman who had imported the stock and preparing  to be sold .

Australia-State Of Emergancy Declared In Canberra Region Due To Bushfires


No Special Risk Situation On Corona Virus For Those Living Around Hospitals -Health Ministry

There is no special risk situation for
those living around hospitals regarding the Corona Virus Neumonia  ,so no need to panic over that Health Ministry Has announced today (31).

Health Ministry has also stated  that there's no decision taken by the Ministry   to encourage public to wear face masks in view of  protecting   against corona virus as no such epidemic threat is in the country at  present    .

People who are in close relationship with Corona virus infected persons and corona virus suspected persons can wear face masks to prevent transmitting the virus Ministry has stressed.

Meanwhile a system has been implemented to collect the data  of Chinese visitors to Sri Lanka and send them daily to the Health Ministry under the supervision of MOH Health Promotions Bureau has stated.

A special training and a rehearsal on handling Corona Virus patients had given to the Airport staff today under the supervision of the Bureau.

A Special Sri Lankan Airlines Flight Left To Wuhan ,China To Evacuate Sri Lankan Students Stranded Thero

A Special Sri Lankan Air Lines flight Ul-
 1422 had left for  Wuhan City in China where the New China Corona virus began spreading ,this evening (31)at 3.45 p.m from Katunayake International Airport to evacuate 33 Sri Lankan students and their family members   stranded there due to the lockdown of the city .

The Airbus 340-243 had left for  Wuhan city  with specially trained Airlines staff who are capable of handling the situation in Wuhan it has been reported .

The flight is scheduled to be landed at Wuhan Airport around 11.33 p.m tonight.

Earlier Sri Lankan government has stated that Chinese government is expediting the request made by Sri Lanka to send Sri Lankan Airlines flight to Wuhan to evacuate Sri Lankan students there.

Conttries like USA ,Japan and United Kingdom had evacuated their citizens from Wuhan already .

The group of Sri Lankan students are due to be sent to Special rooms built at Diyathalawa Army Base for quarantine process around two weeks after bringing them here  .

Three Persons Arrested With 192 KG Heroin At Bandaragama

Police officers attached to Western
Provincial Crimes Division  (North Side )had yesterday (30)arrested three persons two females and a male with 192 Kilo Grammes of Heroin and 10 Modern pistols in their possession at Bandaragama area .

The suspects is currently being questioned by the Crimes Division under a 07 day detention order obtained from Panadura Magistrate Court.

The haul of Heroin taken in to custody by the Police worth  more then Rs.2000 million it has been revealed. 

Cotona Virus Declared As Global Health Emergancy By WHO

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Surprising Health Benefits Of Our Traditional Corriander (Kottamalli )Which Cures Cold /Cough Although Criticized By Some Western Doctors Here

These days corriander is very helpful to
improve immunity according to researchers .

Sajith Premadasa Has Been Appointed As The Prime Ministerial Candidate Of UNP For The Next General Election

The Working Committee of the United
National Party (UNP )Has today (30)decided to appoint UNP Deputy leader Sajith Premadasa as the prime Ministerial Candidate of the party in forthcoming General election,  chairman of the Election Nomination Board and the leader of the Joint Alliance scheduled to be formed with other parties during a meeting held at UNP Headquarters "Sirikotha ".

The UNP Working Committee has also decided to keep former Prime Minister Ranil  Wikramasinghe as the UNP Leader .

The working Committee meeting held without informing the committee members MP Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka and MP Ajith .P. Perera who had criticized the leadership of former Premier Ranil Wikramasinghe recently. 

Corona Virus -Death Toll Rises As Corona Virus Spreads All.Chinese Regions

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Australian Firefighters Run As Bushfires Spreading


UNP MP Ranjan Ramanayake Was Further Remanded Untill 12 th Of February

United National Party
(UNP)Parliamentarian Ranjan Ramanayake who was arrested and remanded until yesterday  (29) had been further remanded until 12 th of February by Additional Magistrate of Gangodawila Nugegoda Hospital. H.U.K Palpola .

MP Ramanayake who was arrested by Colombo Crimes Division (CCD)over the charges of interfering the functions of Judges ,at his official Residence in Madiwela  recently had been produced before the court yesterday .

Making an open statememt at the court MP Ramanayake has stated that he will not pressurise witnesses and judges spoke to him willingly as he didn't speak to them .He has also told that he had 120,000 recorded telephone conversations with him and one electronic media channel distorted the leaked conversations and telecast them. .  

Corona Virus Deaths In China Risen To 170- Check The Full.Details Of The Epidemic


Chinese Embassy Had Already Advised Chinese Nationals In Corona Virus Affected Areas Not To Travel Sri Lanka

Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka had
recently requested all Chinese Nationals in Corona virus affected areas including Hubei province where Wuhan is the capital city to cancel or postpone their visit to Sri Lanka in view of stop spreading Chinese corona virus epidemic in Sri Lanka.

The Embassy in.Colombo had also requested the Chinese Nationals in corona virus affected areas in China who are already arrived in Sri Lanka to cancel and postpone their plans and fully corporated the Sri Lankan authorities to contain the spreading of Virus in Sri Lanka.

Chinese Embassy had fully corporsted   all Sri Lankan departments to contain the spreading of the epidemic in Sri Lanka Embassy officials have stated. 

Symptoms Of Chinese Corona Virus

Sixteen Corona Virus Suspected Cases Are Currently In IDH Hospital -Only One Positive Corona Case So Far

Sixteen suspected new Corona virus
cases are currently receiving treatment at Infectious Diseases Hospital  (IDH) in Angoda according to the latest report issued by the Epidemeology Unit today (29).

The majority of these suspected Corona virus cases are Chinese Nationals and the  blood samples of these suspected cases had been sent to Medical Research Institute in Borella for corona virus test it has been revealed .

Only one positive Corona Virus case a Chinese female had been identified from Sri Lanka upto now and the patient is currently isolated and receiving treatment at IDH Hospital.She is recovering well Hospital sources have said . 

Meanwhile although health Minister has stated that all the sri lankan students arrived in from  China  will be sent to Diyathalawa Army Base for isolated treatment, all students had left their homes after being checked at the Health unit of Katunayake International Airport.

Now Epidemeology Unit had advised them to stay indoors and not to leave outside especially  in   public areas during next two weeks.If there are suspected symptoms of Corona Virus appeared informed it to the Public health Inspector or Medical Health officer in their areas and seek immediate  teatment from the nearest Hospital EpidemeologIsts have stated .

Meanwhile Diyathalawa Army camp says no student had arrived in the camp so far as stated by the Health Ministry officials  yesterday  (28).

Health Ministry Has Fixed A Maximum Retail Price For Face Masks

Health Ministry Has today  (29 )fixed a
maximum retail price fof Disposable Face Mask /Surgical Mask and respiratory drain N-95 masks due to high prices  of these masks in the local market in view of reducing the spreading of new Corona virus in the country.

Accordingly Health  Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi had ordered to fix the prices of Non woven Disposable face  masks with the lupe or without  it as Rs.15,The non woven surgical Masks with or without the lupe as Rs.15 and N -95 special Respiratory drain Masks as  Rs.150  .

Minister has fixed the maximum retail price of Face masks under the article 142 of the National Drug Regulatory Authority act of number 05 ,2015 ,the fixing of equipment prices  .

Those traders who are selling Face masks at higher prices then the fixed prices  will be punished severely according to the Health Ministry .

Before the spreading of Corona Virus a face mask has sold in the local market for Rs.08 and now the price has  risen to Rs.50 according to sources. However in some areas a face  mask is selling at Rs.500 -1000 according to reports.

There's a shortage of these masks in the local market at present due to heavy demand it has Been  reported .

However Health Ministry is not promoting the public to wear face masks at this stage according to the Ministry.

Germany Confirms Four Cases Of Corona Virus

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

German Expert Professor Rolf Brings CoronaVirus Inhibitors To Wuhan ,China

Honest, Loving And Caring Friendship Never Ignored ,Cheeted Or Left Each Other As Togetherness Is The Motto Of The Relationship

Twelve State Hospitals Allocated To Admit Corona Virus Suspected Cases

Twelve state Hospitals besides the
Infectious Diseases Hospital at Angoda will be allocated to provide admission facilities for suspected Corona virus cases  according to Director General Of Health Services Dr.Anil Jasinghe.

Accordingly Ragama Teaching, Kalubowila Teaching ,Negambo, Gampaha ,Anuradhapura General, Jaffna Teaching ,Batticaloa teaching Kandy teaching ,Ratnapura ,Karapitiya Hospitals as well as Kurunagala and Badulla hispitals  will be used to admit corona virus suspectEd cases Dr..Jasinghe has stated during a press briefing held at Information Department today  (28). 

Ministry Of Health Has Introduced Two Hotlines To Get Details On Corona Virus

Ministry of Health has today
(28)introduced two new 24 hour hotlines to get the information on new Corona virus Neumonia spreads in China during a press briefing held at Information Department in Narahenpita this noon (28).

Accordingly public will be able to contact these numbers - 071 0170717 (Health Promotions Bureau ) or 011 3071073:(Disaster Unit  of the
Ministry of Health )to get any clarification regarding corona virus The Director General of Health Services Dr.Anil Jasinghe has stressed .

Addressing the Media briefing Dr.Jasinghe has stressed that there are so much misleading information
Circulated in social media these days and public should be aware  on   this situation .   

All Sri Lankans Arriving In From Wuhan City ,China To Be Kept In Isolation In Diyathalawa Army Base -Health Minister

All Sri Lankans including students
arriving in from Wuhan city in China will be sent to a special area of Army Base in Diyatha lawa under the imstructions of President Gotabaya Rajapakshe  to keep them in isolation to check whether they are infected with New corona virus spreads in China according to Health Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi.

Addressing a Media briefing held today (28)at the Government Information Department in Narahenpita Health Minisfer has stressed that those who are arriving in from Wuhan ,China will be kept in isolation at Diyathalawa Army Base for two weeks which is the incubation period of Corona Virus Neumonia spreads in China.

However the Health Unit of the Katunayake Airport has stated that all 50 students arrived in Katunayake Airport  rom China yesterday  (27) by  two Chinese Aircrafts left their homes as they are in good health .

Meanwhile another 176  Sri Lankan students studying in China had arrived in from China few hours ago .

Sri Lankan Government Cannot Bring Back 30,Students Stranded In Wuhan

As the Wuhan city in Hubei Province,

China Corona Virus -Misinformation Spreads Online

Monday, January 27, 2020

Kobe Bryant Probe Underway To Find Cause Of The Crash


Government Has Decided To Ban On Arrival Visas For Chinese Nationals

Government has decided to ban is
suing of on arrival visas for Chinese Nationals until further notice due to the threat of spreading corona virus here according to Health Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi.

Until now on arrival visas had been issued to Chinese Nationals it has been revealed .

From now on All Chinese Nationals planning to visit Sri Lanka should apply for visas  in China until further notice Minister has stressed .

Corona Virus : Death Toll Climbs To 106 As China Tightens Measures


A Group Of 50 Sri Lankan Students Studying In China Arrived In Sri Lanka Last Evening (27)

A group of Sri Lankan students
studying in China had arrived in Sri Lanka last evening(27) from two Chinese Aircrafts under the Special mission launched to bring back the local students studying in.China due to the spreading of Corona Virus.

The group of students had arrived in from  chinese cities of Shanghai and Kun ming it has been revealed .

However after their arrival the Health unit of the Katunayake International Airport had statted that the students are in good health and left their homes without saying whether there  is a plan to quarantine them for corona virus .

A Farmer Was Killed Due To A Wild Elephant Attack

A 69 year old person had been killed
whilst cutting Bran in his chena at Buduruwagala area in Wellawaya Divisional Secretariet  last morning (27) due to a Wild  Elephant attack..

The incident occurred after a  Herd of Elephants imcluding the one who had attacked the farmer entering  the village   in search of food it has been revealed .

The deceased was a resident of Buduruwagala village.

Surgical Masks Sellout In US Amidst Coronavirus fears

A Chinese Female Arrived In Sri Lanka Found As Infected With Corona Virus

A Chinese female arrived in from
Wuhan City in China had been found  positive as infected with New corona virus spreading in China accordance to the Director of Epidemeology Unit Dr.Sudath Samaraweera.

The female who is the first Corona virus infected patient found in Sri Lanka had been identified whilst receiving teatment at Infectious Diseases Hospital (IDH)in Angoda today (27)Dr.Samaraweera has stressed.

The Corona virus positive female has been identified as suspicious by the Katunayake Airport health authorities and transported her to IDH Hospital for treatment on  last Saturday  (25).

The patient is being separated  from other patients and  recieving  treatment  at the hospital according to sources .

However four others suspected as infected with Corona Virus and    admitted to IDH Hospital earlier  had been found as not infected with the virus  it has been announced.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Brazil floods: Dozens dead in severe Minas Gerais rainstorms

"අවංක මිත්‍රත්වයක් යනු හදවතේ තබා ගැනීම පමණක් නොව එකිනෙකාට දැනෙන පරිදි දයාව ,සෙනෙහස ආදරය හා රැකවරණය හුවමාරු කර ගැනීමකි .එය සැබෑ සබඳතාවයක් වීමට නම් එයට ප්‍රාණය ලබා දිය යුතුමය -ඒ සැබෑ මිතුරෙකු ලෙස මිසක ව්‍යාජ අයෙකු ලෙස නොවේ "

Image result for lion human friendship"

Two Persons Critically Injured Due To A Road Accident

Two persons had been critically injured and hospitalized after the Three Wheeler they were travelling in veered off the road and  fallen down to a 75 feet deep precipice at Karolinawatte area in Watawala on Hatton-Colombo main road in wee hours of this morning (26).

Image result for injured"
the injured including the Three wheeler driver and a passenger had been admitted to Watawala Hospital for treatment and the Three wheeler driver had been later transferred to Nawalapitiya Base Hospital for further treatment .

The three wheeler which was travelling from Colombo to Dayagama at the time of the incident had faced this incident as the Three wheeler driver had fallen a sleep whilst a at the wheel .

Japan postman 'could not be bothered' to deliver 24,000 items


A Person Had Been Arrested With 137 Kilo Grammes Of Dried Cannabis

Hambegamuwa Police had arrested a
person with 137 Kilo Grammes of Dried Cannabis in his possession at Unakanda area in Hambegamuwa area yesterday  (25)during a search operation carried out in the area .

The suspect who is a resident of Bala Balaharuwa in Hambegamuwa had attempted to bribe the police officers soon after he got arrested  according to reports .

The suspect is due to be produced before the Wellawaya Magistrate Court. 

Koala Victims Of Australian Bushfires

Sri Lankan Airlines To Arrange a Special.Programme To Bring Back Sri Lankan Students In China

Sri Lankan Airlines  is due to organize 
a special programme for Sri Lankan students studying in China battered with New Corona Virus, to fly back to Sri Lanka by only spending  50 percent of the Airfare according to Sri Lankan Airlines.

Under this programme which is organized under the instructions of President Gotabaya Rajapakshe ,Sri Lankan Air lines will arrange flights for Sri Lankan students in Chinese capital Beijing and Canton to fly back Sri Lanka for the special discount rate .

Meanwhile Sri Lankan Airlines is preparing  special   planes to send  china to bring back those Sri Lankan students living in Corona virus hit area of Wuhan city after the ongoing talks  o between Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry, Health Ministry and Civil Aviation Authority officials and Chinese authorities regarding the matter become successful  it has been announced.    

Blood samples Of Four Corona Virus Suspected Patients Are Negatve -MRI

Director of Medical Research Institute 
l(MRI) in Borella Dr.Jayaruwan Bandara had today (26) announced that the initial blood test reports of four suspected Corona Virus patients admitted to the Infectious Diseases Hospital(IDH) in Angoda are proved as negative .

Four persons including two Chinese and two Sri Lankans arrived in Sri Lanka from China had been identified as Corona Virus suspects at the health unit attached to Katunayake International Airport  and sent to IDH Hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile Health Minister Pavithra  Wanniarachchi  had today (26)appointed a 21 member National action  committee under the instructions of President Got otabaya  Rajapakshe to prevent the spreading of Corona Virus in the country .

Director General Of Health Services Dr. Anil Jasinghe, Health Ministry secretary Badrani Jayawardana,  Dr.Nihal Jayathilake ,Western  Province Governor Dr.Seetha Arambepola and Immigration and Emigration Controller are among the committee members .

Corona Virus Spreads Before Symptoms Show

True Words

Italian Boy Escapes Brown Bear