Monday, March 18, 2013

Impeached Chief Justice Dr.Mrs.Bandaranaike Appeared Before Bribery Commission

Sri Lanka's impeached Chief Justice Dr.Mrs.Shirani Bandaranaike has today(18) appeared before the commission to investigate allegations of bribery or corruption. Dr.Mrs.Bandaranaike has appeared before the commission today as she has received an order to do so and filed a preliminary objection as well as delivered a statement on charges against her.

She has also informed the commission that she will make a written submission pertaining to the allegations against  her prior to 01st of April.a large number of protestors gathered in front of bribery commission this morning to support first female chief justice of Sri Lanka who was impeached by a group of government parliamentarians on last January.

TB Deaths Are On Increase

Local  people should be in alert on Tuberculosis (TB) as  TB deaths are on the  increase in Sri Lanka   according to Dr.Susil Samaraweera the deputy director of National programme on tuberculosis and chest diseases.around 200-300 Sri Lankans  have died from the disease annually and the deaths have been increased by 3% since  the year 2000 he has revealed.

In last year (2012)around 46 TB patients have been reported per local population of 100,000 and the amount of patients lives with TB may be more than this as most of the patients have not been  identified  as suffering from the disease he said.

Around 23.4% out of the total TB patients reported from Sri Lanka during  last year (2012) numbering 1290 patients have been reported from Colombo District according to latest reports.due to the increased level of air pollution in cities,urbanization and overcrowded prison environment are identified as risk factors may caused the increase number of TB patients in the society according to Dr.Samaraweera.

People are advised to seek proper medical treatment soon after they developed symptoms of TB like dried cough lasted more than two weeks,chest pain,appetite problems ,low weight,fatigue etc.

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