Friday, October 24, 2008

Health Ministry Launched An Inspection On Botteled Drinking Water After Receiving Complaints Against Them

The Food Advisory Committee of the Ministry Of Health Launched a Special Inspection Programme on Safety of the Bottled Drinking Water after Receiving Public Complaints on the Hygiene of these Water Products.Food Advisory Committee already Registered 106 Bottled Drinking Water Manufacturing Companies but These companies too come under this Inspection and If the Quality of any Bottled Water Product are Not Up to a Standard Legal Action will Taken against the Manufacturers Deputy Director General Of Health Services(Public Health)Dr.Palitha Mahipala Said.Food Advisory Committee Also Decided to Issue Registration Certificates to those Bottled Drinking Water Manufacturers who are Making Good Quality Products for a Three year Period and after this period the quality of their products will come under review again before Re Issuing Certificates.

Drama In Edna Chocolates-Melamine Issue -High Court Issued A Stay Order Against The Order Of The Add.Magistrate To Close The Edna Company

Few Hours After the Colombo Additional Magistrate Issued an Order to Edna Chocolate Company Management to Stop all their production,close Down the Company and Destroyed all the Chocolates which already In The Market and in their Stores Which are Manufactured from the "Melamine" Contained Chinese Milk Powder with Immediate effect ,Colombo High Court Issued a Stay Order Suspending that Order.Today (24) The Additional Magistrate of Colombo Manjula Thilakarathana Issued an Order against the Edna Company after the Court received the Test Reports confirming that the Chinese Milk Powder used to Manufacture EDNA chocolates is Contaminated with the Chemical "Melamine". Six Tonnes of Edna Chocolates made from the "Melamine" Contained Chinese Milk Powder Should Destroyed and a Half Page Advertisement should publish in all the News Papers in Sinhalese ,Tamil and English Languages to Inform the Public that Edna Chocolates are Dangerous to Consume according to that Order.
The Singapore Based Test Reports Produced to the Courts by the Consumer Protection Authority today Confirmed that "Melamine "Chemical ranging 1.5 PPM(1.5 parts of Melamine In Million Parts Of Milk Powder) is in that Sample Tested.
However Against this Judgment Management of the Edna Chocolate Company one of the largest Chocolate Manufactured Companies in Sri Lanka Got a Stay Order From the High Court.Staying Order of the High Court valid till 28th of this Month and it will not effect the Additional Magistrate's order to Stop the Production Till 25th of November.High Court also ordered to Re- tested the Samples of Chinese Milk Powder Used By the Edna Company.Court Hearing Regarding this case will Summoned 28th of this Month.

Twenty Containers Of Milk Powder Waiting In The Colombo Harbour For Receiving Green Signal For Melamine

Around Twenty Containers of Chinese Milk Powder Imported by the Local Companies are retain in Colombo Harbour till Received their Test Reports on "Melamine" Health Ministry Sources Said Today(24).These Stocks of Chinese Milk Powder will be Issued to those Companies Only after Receiving Negative Signal On "Melamine" Sources further added.
The Samples of these Stocks of Milk Powder sent to the Laboratories in Singapore and India for Melamine Test..
According to the Deputy Director General Of Health Services (Public Health)Dr.Palitha Mahipala A Five Member Committe to Inquire on the "Melamine" in Food Products Imported to Sri Lanka is formed under the Food Advisory Commitee of the Ministry of Health. This Commitee will Regularly Observed the Latest Developments regarding the Banned 'Melamine" Contained Food Items in Countries such as Singapore and Thailand.These Countries are already Published a List Containing the Banned "Melamine" Food Products Imported From China.

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