Sunday, October 17, 2010

Health Minister To Punish Government Officials Involved In Illegal Drug Trade

Health Minister  Maithrepala Sirisena has said today that Some of the Government Officers who were appointed to the Four Committees to Investigating Illegal Drug Imports to Sri Lanka were involved in Importing Unregistered Drugs to the Country while they are serving as Committee Members.

Addressing a Seminar On Illegal Drug Importation held in Colombo today the Minister said that he will take legal action against those Government Officials who are violating Government laws by involved in Illegal Drug Importation to the Country.United States State Department and United States Embassy in Colombo sponsored the event.

Government Medical Officers Association Says No Need For Male And Female Nurses To Serve In Labor Rooms

Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) today said that it has proven that the service of the Male Nursing Officers as well as Female Nurses not needed for Government Hospital Labor Rooms.Health Ministry should have pay attention in this matter as a method for reducing Health Cost GMOA Further added.

The Docs Union also said that Female Patients should decide whether to allow Male Nursing Officers to enter Female Wards and the Labor Rooms and not the authorities pointing that GMOA is talking behalf of the rights of these female patients.GMOA revealed this as a response to the incident occured in Kurunagala Teaching Hospital in North Western Province last week when a group of Male Nursing Students were allowed to enter Labor Rooms for Maternity Training.Association said this is the first time in the world that Male nurses are allowed to enter a Labor Room and the Pregnant Mothers there were scared due to this development.

Meanwhile responding to the Allegations made by GMOA the Nurses Union says that if the Male Nurses are not suitable For entering Labor Rooms then Male Docs too not suitable for that.