Monday, January 9, 2017

MP Wimal Weerawansha Has Been Arrested

wimal weerawansa க்கான பட முடிவுJoint Opposition MP and leader of the National Freedom Front Wimal Weerawansha has been arrested short while ago by the Police Financial Crimes Investigations Division(FCID) over the charges of misusing of state vehicles during previous regime.

MP Weerawansha who arrived at FCID this morning to give a statement regarding the allegation leveled against him was arrested after recording a statement it has been reported.He appeared several times before the FCID in recent months regarding the allegation.


Living Close To A Major Roadway Could Increase Dementia Risk-A Study Says

Admission Of Students To The Grade One Of Royal Collage Colombo Has Been Suspended

The Ministry of Education has temporarily suspended
the admission of children to Grade one class of Royal Collage ,Colombo with immediatte effect.

The suspension was imposed as per the complaints received to the Ministry  from Ceylon Teachers Union regarding the irregularities occurred in the selection of students to the Grade one according to the Education Ministry.

The Ministry has launched a special investigation  regarding the complaints .

Admission of students to the Grade one is due to be taken place throughout the island on this wednesday.

Matara High Court Judge Has Sentenced Four Members Of The Same Family To Death

Matata High Court Judge has today (09) sentenced four
members of a same family residing in Velegoda ,Devinuwara (Southern Province)over killing of a 32 year fisherman eleven and a half years ago on 24th of July 2005 .

The victim was killed after beating  with clubs and swords it has been reported.

The Attorney General has filed indictments against the four accused of the murder case.

The judge has ordered to release the fifth suspect of the murder case who is a female from all charges.


Badulla High Court Judge Sentenced Six Policemen To Death Over A Murder

Badulla High Court Judge has today (09) sentenced six
policemen attached to Kandaketiya Police to death ,over the  killing of a youth on May 2014 while in police custody.

The six policemen were accused for killing the youth after assaulting  him it has been reported.

After delivering the judgment the Badulle High Court Judge Rohan Jayaratne has also imposed a fine of Rs.5000 each for the suspects.

Police Have Arrested A Teacher With 4 Kilo Grammes Of Cannabis

Police have arrested a school teacher with 4 kilo
grammes of Cannabis in his possession at Diyaluma,Koslanda in Bandarawela (Upcountry) today (09).

The Koslanda Police officers have arrested the 51 year old suspect while riding his motor cycle to sell the stock of cannabis it has been reported.

Bribery Commission Officials Arrested A Principal For Accepting Rs.20,000 As A Bribe

The Bribery Commission officials have today (09)
arrested the principal of Ahangama ,Sariputhra Collage for taking Rs.20,000 as a bribe to admit a child to grade one class of the school.

The suspected Prinicipal has informed the parents of the above mentioned child through the vice principal of the school to pay Rs.20,000 to a shop and hand over the receipt to him.

At that time the Bribery Commission officials have arrested the suspected principal it has been reported.

Four Students Were Injured And Hospitalized Following A School Van-Fish Lorry Collision

accident க்கான பட முடிவுFour Students were injured and hospitalized this noon after a School Van they were traveling in colliding with a Fish Lorry at Moratuwa area(Colombo).

The injured Students were admitted to the Panadura Hospital for treatment.

The School Van which traveling from Moratuwa to Modara colliding with the fish lorry at a cross road it has been revealed.Eight Students were there in the Van at the time of the accident according to reports.


when u love someone க்கான பட முடிவு
 தொடர்புடைய படம்
 தொடர்புடைய படம்

Around 1850 Kilo Grammes Of Expired Stock Of Rice Recovered From A Mill At Polonnaruwa

EXPIRED RICE க்கான பட முடிவுPublic Health Inspectors have found a stock of 1850 Kilo Grammes of expired Rice that is unsuitable for human consumption at a Rice Mill in Kaduruwela,Polonnaruwa(North Central Province).

The stock of expired Rice that imported to Sri Lanka during 2014-2015 period were packed and prepared to be sold at the time of the raid it has been revealed.

Public Health Inspectors along with members of All Island Farmers Federation  and United Rice Producers Union had carried out the raid.

Former President's Mother In Law Daisy Forest Has Been Released On Bail

தொடர்புடைய படம்Colombo Additional Magistrate has today(09) today ordered to release Daisy Forest the mother in law of former president Mahinda Rajapakshe and who was charged for allegedly purchasing a land in Rathmalana for Rs.36 million on bail .

The mother in law of former president Mahinda Rajapakshe had been released on two surety bails of Rs.1.5 million each and a cash bail of Rs.25,000.

Thirty Two Suspects Of Hambanthota Clash Have Been Further Remanded

court order க்கான பட முடிவுThirty Two suspects who were arrested and remanded over damaging properties and avoiding court order at Hambanthota last Saturday(07) have been further remanded until 16th of January by the Hambanthota Magistrate today(09).

The suspects including a Buddhist Monk have been ordered to remand further after being produced before the Hambanthota Magistrate Court .

Magistrate has ordered to sent an under aged boy who was among the suspects to Children's Home in Kithulampitiya,Galle(Southern Province) under  probation.


Coffee has a long history of being blamed for many ills — from stunting your growth to claims that it causes heart disease and cancer. But recent research indicates that coffee may not be so bad after all. So which is it — good or bad? The best answer may be that for most people the health benefits outweigh the risks.

Recent studies have generally found no connection between coffee and an increased risk of cancer or heart disease. In fact, most studies find an association between coffee consumption and decreased overall mortality and possibly cardiovascular mortality, although this may not be true in younger people who drink large amounts of coffee.

Why the apparent reversal in the thinking about coffee? Earlier studies didn't always take into account that known high-risk behaviors, such as smoking and physical inactivity, tended to be more common among heavy coffee drinkers at that time.

Studies have shown that coffee may have health benefits, including protecting against Parkinson's disease, type 2 diabetes and liver disease, including liver cancer. It also appears to improve cognitive function and decrease the risk of depression.

However, the research appears to bear out some risks. High consumption of unfiltered coffee (boiled or espresso) has been associated with mild elevations in cholesterol levels. And some studies found that two or more cups of coffee a day can increase the risk of heart disease in people with a specific — and fairly common — genetic mutation that slows the breakdown of caffeine in the body. So, how quickly you metabolize coffee may affect your health risk.
Although coffee may have fewer risks compared with benefits, keep in mind that other beverages, such as milk and some fruit juices, contain nutrients that coffee does not. Also, adding cream and sugar to your coffee adds more fat and calories. Some coffee drinks contain more than 500 calories.

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