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Thirty Six Primary Students Of A School In Mulathivu Had Been Hospitalized Over Food Poisoning Fear

Around 36 primary, Grade one and Grade Two students attached to Vannivilankulam School in Mulathivu had been hospitalized yesterday  (19)after two students had Developed food poisoning symptoms after consuming  their breakfast meal provided by the school.

The students had been admitted to Mankulam District Hospital for treatment and their condition is not serious according to authorities .

As Two students had developed symptoms like Vomitting and Indigestion school authorities have admitted all students of primary ,grade one and two to the  Hospital by fearing they might get sick also .

Body parts of a small animal found in the meals provided to school children had caused the situation and authorities have decided to take action against the meal provider it has been reported .

Yesterday (19)Was World Toilet Day :Around 25.1 Peracent Of All Schools In The Country Do Not Have Sufficient Toilet Facilities -Health Promotions Bureau

Around 25.1 percent of all schools in the Island  do not have sufficient Toilet facilities and 0.7 percent of Schools do not have any Toilet facility at all according to Health Promotions Bureau .
Yesterday(19) was declared as the World Toilet Day by the United Nations Organization and according to the global statistics 4.5 billion in the world do not have sufficient Toilet facilties whilst  892 million people do not have any Toilet facility and use open spaces in that purpose the Bureau has stressed.

Due to the lack of sanitation facilities the number of Dysentery and Typhoid patients had been increased during last year according to Epidemiology Unit.

To avoid this situation should have given sufficient Toilet Facilities to All schools in the Island the Health Promotions Bureau has stated. 

Taking Example From The Parliament :A Businessman Thrown Chili Powder Towards Policemen When Attempting To Arrest Him And Fled Away

A Businessman in Dambulla who is 
involved in selling strong narcotics in his large shop at Inamaluwa, Dambulla area has thrown chili powder towards a group of Police officers raided his shop and fled away from the area by a Motor Car with his wife after assaulting the Police officers and damaged their Motorcycles yesterday  (19 ).
The incident occurred when five Police officers attached to the Dambulla District flying squad arrived in the shop of the Businessman as  civilians and attempted to arrest him after purchasing two Narcotic pills from him according to Dambulla Police .

When Police officers revealed their identity and attempting to arrest the Businessman he has thrown chili powder towards the Police officers ,damaging two motorcycles of Policemen and assaulting them.with sharp elements with the help of his wife and fled away it has been reported.

Police are investigating to arrest the suspect. 

A Former Parliament Secretary Say Speaker Can Go For A Vote Regarding A No Confidence Motion By Suspending Standing Orders

A former Parliamentary Secretary
Nihal Seneviratne has said Speaker can suspend standing orders of Parliament and go for a vote when a no confidence motion has been submitted to the Parliament  and therefore the steps followed by  Speaker Karu Jayasuriya regarding the no confidence motion submitted against the appointed government of Mahinda Rajapakshe on 14 th of November were correct  according to standing orders .

Mr.Seneviratne who was the General  Secretary in Parliament for the 1981-1994 period has stated if the standing orders are not suspended then there's a long process to follow when submitting a no confidence motion to the Parliament.

However appointed government MP''s have criticised the Speaker Karu Jayasuriya over calling a vote for the No confidence motion by suspending standing orders saying Speaker cannot call a vote by suspending standing orders .

UNP MP Gamini Jayawikrama Perera To Go To Police And Court's Against Chilie Powder Attack In Parliament

United National Party (UNP) MP Gamini
Jayawikrama perera has said yesterday (19)he will complaint to the Police and take legal action against throwing Chilie Powder mixed water towards him by a United People's Freedom Alliance  (UPFA) MP at parliament last friday (16).

He will go for these actions net behalf of him but to.protect Parliament Democracy and discipline he has stressed during a media briefing held in Colombo yesterday. Still thrown chilie powder seen at his eyes he said .


Police To Conduct An Inquiry On Violent Activities In Parliament After Speaker's Approval

An inquiry will be conducted after the
Speaker Karu Jayasuriya gives  approval regarding the damaging of public properties and throwing chilie powder mixed water towards  Policemen and  assaulting them in Parliament ,according to Department of Police  .

Police cannot intervene incidents occurred inside Parliament without the approval of Speaker the Department has said.

However Police Headquarters has already taken statements from some Police officers subjected to harassment in Parliament  last friday (16) regarding the incidents it has been reported.

Many Roads In Galle Submerged Last Evening (19)Due To Heavy Showers

Due to the continuous  heavy showers prevailed in
with thunder and lightning last evening ,many roads and low land areas of Galle City and suburbs had been  submerged for hours since last evening (19 )it has been reported  .

Due to this situation transport activities of  submerged roads including Dangeda ra , Samagiwatta,Beligaha and Nugaduwa had been disrupted.

Later in the night the water in the roads had receeded, however low land areas remains under water according to reports .

What Is Parliament Select Committee?


Appointed Government To Name It's Members Of The Parliament Select Committee Today (20)

Newly appointed government of New
Premier Mahinda Rajapakshe is due to name their members of the Parliament Select committee today (20)according to the appointed Minister of Official language Vasudeva Nanayakkara.

A meeting of the appointed government was held last night (19)under the patronage of President Maithripala Sirisena and participation of Appointed Premier Mahinda Rajapakshe and senior MP's and Ministers at Presidential Secretariet.

Appointing members to the Parliament select committee and the decisions taken at the Parliament yesterday (19)had been widely discussed during yesterday's meeting Minister Nanayakkara has said.

Meanwhile Appointed Government MP's have complained to the President Regarding United National Front governments decision to suspend the expenditure of Prime Minister's office .

A Meeting Of United National Front To Be Convened This Morning (20)At Temple Trees

A meeting of a Party Leaders of United
National Front (UNF) is scheduled to be held at 9.30 a.meeting today (20) at Prime Minister's official residence "Temple Trees" under the patronage of premier Ranil Wikramasinghe  to finalize it's   members of the  Parliament select committee.

All Party leaders belonging to the UNF are due to attend the meeting according to the chairman of UNF MP Kabir Hasheem.

After finalising the members who should represent UNF in Parliament Select committee today ,they are due to appoint from tomorrow (21) he has stressed .




Police Fired Tear Gas To Disparse A Protest Of Buddhist Monks -President Regretted Over The Incident

Police have fired tear gas and water
canons to disperse a group of Buddhist Monks  protested in front of Presidential Secretariet in Galle Road Colombo this evening (19) demanding to release Venerable Galagodaatte Gnanasara Thero and stop Harrasing war heroes.

The group of Buddhist Monks belonging to Bodu Bala Sena and several other organization's had protested in front of Presidential Secretariet by blocking the Galle Road and as a result the road had been closed by the Police for traffic.

When the Protesting Monks attempted to march towards the Secretariet to meet president Sirisena, Police have fired tear gas and water canons to disperse the protesters.

However later MP Thilanga Sumathipala had arrived at the scene and given a chance to the Protesting Buddhist Monks to meet president.

President has regretted the Buddhist Monks over the inconvenience caused due to firing tear gas and water cannons .President Says he was not aware there's a protest of Buddhist Monks Infront of the Presidential Secretariet. 

Security Has Tightened In And Around Parliament Due To Sabotage Plans

As there were Intelligance reports on a
plan to sabotage  today's Parliamentary session security has tightened in and around Parliamentary Complex in Colombo the speakers office has announced.

In addition to Police ,Special Police Task  personal have been deployed for the security of the Parliament according to reports.

Meanwhile no visitors except media personnel have been allowed in gallery of the Parliament During today's session the secretary of the Parliament has announced .

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya Regretted The Incidents Occurred In Parliament During Last Few Days At Party Leaders Conference

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya has regretted
over the unfortunate  incidents occurred in Parliament During last few days and urged it is a responsibility of every faction represented  in Parliament to prevent such incidents in future ,during the Party Leaders conference held today (19)at Parliamentary Complex prior to the Parliament session.

A report has been called over the violent incidents occurred in Parliament During last few days and action will be taken against those who brought illegal weapons to the house ,ones misused speakers chair and made defamatory speeches and  Those who have thrown chili powder and those who damaged public properties .

Speaker Jayasuriya however not participated in today's Parliamentary session .

Today's (19 l Parliament Lasted Around Seven Minutes -Session has adjourned Until Friday

Parliament which was convened today
(19)at 1.30 p.m lasted only seven minutes and it was adjourned until 10.30 a.m on this Friday  (23) by the Deputy Speaker Ananda Kumarasiri.

At Begining of the  Parliamentary session which convened under the patronage of Deputy speaker Ananda Kumarasiri ,Leader of the House Lakshman Kiriella has stated United National Front Government will not submit no confidence motion again to the house as the government has already passed the no confidence motion against Mahinda  Rajapakshe s minority government twice .If the new government want they can submit a proposal against the motion and approved it through a vote by name  he has stressed .

However members of minority government kept silent over it.

Meanwhile newly appointed Minister of New government Dinesh Gunawardana has requested to give more power to the minority government in the committees to maintain govErnment Activities .However Deputy Speaker  Padmasiri has said as there's no Government at present it will not possible

Dr.Rajitha Senaratne has submitted a proposal to cut down the expenditure of the Prime Minister's office occupied by newly Premier Mahinda Rajapakshe  .The proposal is due to be taken up for a debate on next Wednesday  (29)


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