Tuesday, January 24, 2017


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All Unauthorized Establishments In Unakuruwa Sea Coast Had Been Removed

Coastal Conservation Department  officers with
assistance of the Police had removed all the unauthorized buildings and small trade stalls built in the sea coast of Unakuruwa in Tangalle (Southern Province)yesterday (24)amidst protests of it's owners .

Despite the protests Coatal conservation  officers had removed the unauthorized buildings and stalls in Unakuruwa sea coast by using backo machines it has been reported.

Although the authorities have earlier requested  the owners of the unauthorized buildings and stalls to remove them ,they have not responded to the request according to reports.A heated arguement occurred during the removal of unauthorized establishments between the trade stall ownersthe sourses have stated.

Two Robbers Killed A Pregnant Mother In Kayts

Two robbers who came to rob a house in Kayts,Jaffna
(Northern Province) yesterday (24)had murdered a 27 year old pregnant mother who was in the house alone at that time it has been reported.

After being informed by a neighbour Police Officers attached to Kayts Police  have arrested the two suspects while travelling in a Three Wheeler with few gold jewelry in their possession stolen from the house of the assassinated female.

Tobacco Company Has Revealed That Local Cigarette Sales Dropped By 45%-Health Minister

Ceylon Tobacco Company has recently revealed that
sale of their Cigarettes has dropped by 45% due to the higher taxes imposed on their products according to Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne.

'It meant the number of smokers in Sri Lanka has dropped by 45% at present.Nowadays  one need to spend Rs.1000 to purchase a pack of Cigarettes here"the Minister has stressed.

As the same way that  the government has imposed 90% taxes on Cigarettes ,taxes imposed on liqour too will be increaaed  due to the increasing of non communicable diseases in the country  he has stressed.At present government has suspended the issuing of new licences to open liqour bars in the country Health Minister has further added.


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Former State Minister Priyankara Jayaratne Sat In The Opposition Of The Parliament

ImageThe former  state minister attached to the  Sri Lanka Freedom Party(SLFP)who had resigned from his ministerial portfolio recently sat in the opposition of the Parliament today(24).

MP Jayaratne who entered the Parliament today with few Joint Opposition MP's has seen walking to the Opposition bench and sat there.

Buttala Police Arrested A Person With 400 Fake Sri Lankan Currency Notes

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Buttala Police have today(24) arrested a person with 400 Rs.500 fake currency notes in his possession .

The suspect was arrested while traveling to Buttala town (Uva Province)from a cab it has been reported.

Joint Opposition MP Wimal Weerawansha Was Further Remanded

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Joint Opposition MP and leader of the National Freedom Front(NFF) Wimal Weerawansha and the  General Manger of State Engineering Corporation Samantha Lokuhannadige who were arrested and remanded over misusing of state owned vehicles during the previous government ,have been further remanded until 07th of February by the Colombo fort magistrate today(24).

Joint Opposition MP Wimal Weerawansha has submitted a bail application to the court through his attorneys requesting   bail  by citing mental status of his daughter as a special reason . However the Colombo fort magistrate Lanka Jayaratne has refused to accept the bail application after considering it  today by stating the reason given in the application is not a special reason for granting bail.

The court case against the MP and General Manager of State Engineering Corporation regarding the misusing of state owned vehicles was taken up for hearing today.


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All Island Curfew Schedule To Be Changed From Tomorrow(06)

Government has amended  the current curfew schedule implemented in the country daily from tomorrow (06)according to the President's ...