Friday, November 16, 2018



Will Step Down From Premiership If A No Confidence Motion Submitted According To Law-Appointed PM Mahinda Rajapakshe

Newly appointed Premier Mahinda
Rajapakshe has said yesterday (16)he is ready to step down from premiership If a  no confidence motion submitted to Parliament according to law .

Parliament has now become a house of jokers former present Rajapakshe has revealed.

Justifying the acts of violence his MP's  have involved in during yesterday's Parliamentary session he says any MP Can show his  opposition in Parliament but an action should be taken against carrying a knife in to the Parliament.

Still no action has been taken against it new Premier has said .

If the problems cannot be solved in Parliament they  should be submitted to People to decide he has stressed during a function held at Kasagala Raja Maha Viharaya (Temple)yesterday (16).



Five Persons Filed A Motion At Supreme Court Demanding To Consider Petitions Against Dissolving Parliament Before A Complete Judge Panel

Five Persons including the President of
Sri Lanka People's Progressive Front  (Sri Lanka Podu Jana Peramuna)and Professor Channa Jayasumana have yesterday  (16)filed a motion at Supreme Court demanding to consider Fundemantal Rights petitions filed at the Court against President's decision to dissolve Parliament, Infront of a five member ,seven member or a Complete Judge Panel.

The petitioners who had filed the motion through a lawyer had demanded this as per the article 132 of the Sri Lankan Constitution.

At present the Fundemantal Rights petitions filed by Political parties, Civil activists and organization's are due to be considered by a Three Member  Supreme Court Judge Panel imcluding the Chief Justice .

The five persons who had filed the motion demanding to consider petitions against dissolvement of Parliament are Professor G. L Pieris, Professor Channa Jayasumana, Lawyer P.Dolawatte ,Udaya Gammanpila and Sisira Don Silva .

Two Persons Had Been Arrested Whilst Transporting More Than Two Kilo Grammes Of Heroin

Police Anti Narcotic Bureau officials
have arrested two persons whilst transporting more than 2 Kilo Grammes of Heroin by a Three Wheeler at Galwana Jumction in Kaduwela yesterday (16).

The estimated value of the haul of Heroin taken into custody in possession of the suspects is around Rs.20.3 million it has been revealed.

The suspects are due to be produced before Hulftsdorf Magistrate Court. 

A Singaporean National Was Arrested With A Gold Jewelry Worth Rs.43 Million

A 45 year old Singaporean National had
been arrested with a stock of Gold Jewelry weighing 7.2 Kilo Grammes at Katunayake, Bandaranaike International Airport by the Police Anti Narcotic Bureau officials in wee hours of this  morning  (17).

The suspect who has arrived at Katunayake Airport From Singapore has hidden a stock of Gold Jewelry including 229 Bracelets ,175  Chains ,16 Bangles and 88 Party neckleces in his luggage and trouser pockets according to officials .

The value of the Stock of Gold Jewelry taken in to custody in possession of the suspect  is around Rs.43 million it has been revealed.

The suspect has visited Sri Lanka four times previously according to reports.

This has been reported as the largest ever stock of Gold Jewelry taken in to custody in Sri Lankan history .

A Floor Of A Building In Pettah Has Been Damaged Due To A Fire

The Fifth floor of a Building Infront of
Colombo -Dutch museum in Pettah  has Been damaged due to a sudden fire erupted there last evening (16)  according to the Colombo Fire Services Department .

The fire trucks arrived at the scene have doused the fire .

The cause of the fire and the value of the damage have not yet been revealed. 


More Than Ten Police Officers And TWO MP's Have Been Injured Due To Chilie Powder Attack Of Minority Government MP's

More than Ten Police Officers and Two
MP's  ,A Janatha Wimukthi Peramuna (JVP) MP and United National Party (UNP)have been injured due to the chili powder mixed water attack launched against them by MP 'and Ministers of minority government during today's (16)parliamentary session. .

The attackers led by United People's Freedom Alliance (UPFA)MP Prasanna Ranaweera had even thrown a chair towards Police officers guarded the speaker Karu Jayasuriya after the officers formed a shield to protect Speaker Jayasuriya .

The injured Police officers have later received treatment it has been reported.

Meanwhile UNP MP Gamini Jayawikrama perera and Janatha Wimukthi Peramuna MP Vijitha Herath were also attacked with water mixed with chillies .MP Perera has received treatment at Medical center in Parliament as the Chillie powder water had thrown towards his eyes.


Speaker Has Sent A Letter To President And Informed No Confidence Motion Against Minority Government Got Passed -Parliament Was Prorogued Until Monday

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya has informed
the President Maithripala Sirisena by a letter  that a no confidence motion has been passed against the appointed government of Premier Mahinda Rajapakshe by a majority of 122 votes as 122 MP's voted for the motion and no one voted against.

Speaker has sent the No confidence motion submitted against the minority government with the signatures of 122 MP's voted for the motion .

Meanwhile Speaker Karu Jayasuriya has prorogued the parliament until 1.30 p.m on Monday the 19th of November after the no confidence motion got passed. He had left the house escorted by Policemen. 

UNP Deputy Leader Sajith Prrmadasa Says For Him Ranil Wikramasinghe Is Still The Prime Minister

Deputy Leader of United National
Party  (UNP)Sajith Prrmadasa has today (16)said after the Parliamentary session that for him President of Sri Lanka is Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister is Ranil Wikramasinghe and they will form the government again soon .

Addressing a media briefing held at Parliamentary Complex Deputy Leader of UNP Has said UPFA MP's today displayed  bad behaviour in Parliament because they knows they do not have the majority in the house .

Parliament Became A War Zone As UPFA MP's Protested Surrounding The Speaker's Chair

The Parliamentary session scheduled
for today (16) at 1.30 p.m has been delayed around half and hour due to the Protest held by  surrounding the speaker's  chair by a group of Mahinda faction MP's and Ministers.

 United Peoples Feeedom Allisnce MP ArundiKa Fernando has seated in Speaker's chair and other Mahinda faction MP's and appointed Ministers surrounded speakers chair and shouTed slogans against United National Party (UNP) MP and Deputy Minister Palitha Thewarapperuma And Speaker Karu Jayasuriya.

Protesters demandEd  an action against UNP MP Palitha Thewarapperuma over carrying a knife to the Parliament yesterday (15).

However MP Thewarapperuma has denied the charges and said he had carried a BroKen microphone not a knife as stated by UPFA MP's.

Due to the Protest the house had seen as a war zone and protesters had erupted after Speaker Jayasuriya has arrived in the Parliament escorted by Policemen. 

Amidst Opposition Of Mahinda Faction MP's And Ministers Speaker Karu Jayasuriya Arrived At Parliament Escorted By Policemen And Got Passed No Confidence Motion Against Minority Government

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya has arrived at Parliament this evening (16 ) escorted by a group of Policemen and requested a vote for the No confidence motion resubmitted against appointed Minority government of New Premier Mahinda Rajapakshe ,by standing as the speakers chair was removed by Mahinda faction MP's .

When the speaker has requested the vote for no confidence motion escorted with Policemen Mahinda faction MP's and some appointed Ministers imcluding Johnston Fernando, MahindaNanda Aluth Gamage, Prasanna Ranaweera, S.B Dissanayake  and ArundiKa Fernando had thrown cushions of chairs ,files,Books  and douements on Speaker's  table and chilie powder mixed water towards Policemen provided security for the speaker and towards speaker  it has been reported.

However amidst Opppsition of Mahinda faction group Speaker has Called vote by voice not by name as requested by President Maithripala Sirisena yesterday  (15)due to the tense situation.

Then around 122 MP' including MP's of  Premier Ranil Wikramasinghe 's faction ,TNA,JVP and Muslim Congress have voiced they have agreed to the motion .

Afterwards speaker has announced the no confidence motion has been passed in Parliament for the second time and promised the result will be sent to President Maithripala Sirisena to appoint the leader of Majority group as Premier and reappoint the Cabinet of Ministers.

President Sirisena is due to take a decision regarding Speaker's request according to reports .


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