Monday, January 31, 2011

Sharp Drop Of The Postal Voting Applications For Forthcoming Local Government Electtions

The deadline of the Postal Voting for  forthcoming local government elections ended today as the percentage of the Postal Vote Applications dropped sharply according to the sources.

Meanwhile the Elections Commissioners Office has announced today that the issuing of Preferential Numbers to the Candidates of the Local Government Elections will begin tomorrow.

CAFFE And CHR Organizations Condemned The Lanka E News Attack

The Campaign for Free And Fair Elections(CAFFE) and The Center For Human Rights(CHR) are condemning the attack on Lanka E News Office in Malabe by saying that the latest attack in Media happened right after the Galle Literary Festival when the attention of the world focused in Sri Lanka is not only a blow to media freedom and right to information also damn the International reputation of the Country.

In a release issued by the two organization also said that destroying fifteen million rupees worth properties of the Lanka E News Office is a well planned attack to done maximum damage.

Foreign Employment Bureau Temporarily Suspended Sending Workers To Egypt

The Foreign Employment Bureau has decided to temporarily suspend  sending Employees to troubled Egypt under the direction of Foreign Employment and Welfare Minister Dilan Perera after reviewing the tense situation in Egypt.According to the Bureau the safety and welfare of the Sri Lankan workers who are currently in Egypt has been monitored by the Sri Lankan Embassy Officials in Egypt.

A Fire At Lanka E News Office - President Ordered IGP To Probe On The Incident

One of the Sri Lankan News Web Sites published News in Sinhalese and English the Lanka E News Editorial Office situated in Colombo suburbs set up fire by a group of people early this morning.The fire broke out around 2 a.m this morning was brought under control with the help of residents in the area however all the Computers fixed in the Office were destroyed and extensive damage done according to the reports.

The doors  of the Damaged Lanka E news Office situated in Malabe Area  was broken before setting up fire according to the Police.Soon after the incident President Mahinda Rajapaksha has ordered the Inspector General Of Police to probe on the Incident and produced a a report to him immediately.

A Special Team headed by deputy inspector general of police was appointed to probe the incident.

Sri Lankan Mid Wife Lalitha Padmini Selected As One Of The Ten Most Out Standing Health Workers In The World

Sri Lankan young Mid Wife Lalitha Padmini was selected as one of the ten most Out standing  Health Workers in the world selected during the Global Health Workforce Alliance meeting held in Thailand .She was also selected as the Best Health Worker in Asia and South East Asia according to the Ministry Of Health.

Mrs.Padmini is working as a Mid Wife since last 13 years and she is from the remote village of Madagama Area according the Ministry sources.She has been selected by an Independent Panal appointed by Global Health Workforce Alliance after reviewing 58 applications received  from countries world wide.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ministry Of Health Ordered To investigate On Death Of A Child Bitten By Leech

The Ministry Of Health has appointed two teams to investigate on   death of a child who was bitten by a leech  and admitted to Nawalapitiya Base Hospital of the Central Province.The 5 year old child was admitted to the Hospital after a wound appeared in his skin after bitten by leech and died after administered an injection according to the Health Ministry.

Ministry of Health has given instructions to the Central Provincial Health Department to investigate on the child's death and also appointed a team compromising Ministry Officials to investigate on this matter.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Kilinochchi Police Began Investigations On Claymore Explosion In The Area

Killinochchi Police is now investigating in a Claymore Bomb Explosion occurred in last Friday in Kilinochchi Area of  Northern Sri Lanka killing 19 year old youth and injuring another person.It has been reported that the two victims were clearing the land area at the time of the explosion and believed that the exploded Claymore was planted there by the LTTE during the war time,

The Claymore was weighing around 250 gram mes according to the Police.

Friday, January 28, 2011

527 Dengue Patients Reported In January

In January up to now 527 Dengue Cases are reported throughout the island according to the Epidemiology Unit.Out of this number 202 Dengue Patients were reported from Colombo District while 72 reported from  from Gampaha and 41 from Jaffna District.

The epidemiologists advised Sri Lankans to destroy Dengue Mosquito Breeding Places and clean their apartments and houses as precautionary measures to prevent spreading of Dengue as rainy season is on.

450 Nominations Handed over For Forthcoming Local Elections Got Rejected

A total number of 450 nominations out of 2047 nominations handed over by the Political Parties yesterday(27th) for the forthcoming Local Government Elections were rejected according to the Elections Commissioner Mr.Dayananda Dishanayake.Out of the nominations received 1597 have been accepted by the Divisional Secretaries for 301 local government institutions Mr.Dishanayake has said.

The majority of the nominations rejected are from the Ampara District in Eastern Province as out of 164 nominations presented 48 were rejected which 43 were from Independent Groups.

Korean Female Tourist Died And Her Husband Serously Injured Due To An Accident Near Katunayake Air Port Runaway

A Korean female tourist arrived Sri Lanka was killed and her husband received serious injuries yesterday as their Vehicle met with  an accident  in a road near the safety fence of the Katunayake International Air Port runaway.The Driver of the Vehicle got admitted to Katunayake Army Hospital while the Korean Couple admitted to Negambo Base Hospital.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Large Number Of Nomination Lists Of Main Parties For The Local Government Elections Got Rejected

A large number of nomination lists presented for the forthcoming local government elections were rejected today which includes the nomination lists of the governing United Peoples Freedom Front(UPFA) and the main opposition United National Party(UNP).

The Nomination List of the Governing UPFA was also rejected in Jaffna UC in the Northern Sri Lanka while both UPFA and main opposition UNP nomination lists for the Embilipitiya Urban Council in the Rathnapura District were rejected.

While Large number of nomination lists of the Main Parties  got rejected the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) lost the chance of contesting the council in Mannar in the north due not submit their nomination list before the deadline which was 12 noon today.The accepting of nomination lists for the forthcoming local government elections ended today.The elections due to held in 17tho f March this year.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Local Government Elections Scheduled In 17th Of March

The Elections Commissioner Dayananda Dishanayake has announced today that the Local Government  Elections will be held in 17th of March this year.

Swiss Federal Migartion Office To Send Back Rejected Sri Lankan Assylum Seekers

The Federal Migration Office In Switzerland has decided to extend sending back of Sri Lankans who are in Swiss seeking asylum there.According to their latest up date the Migration Office has stated that the Situation in Sri Lanka is now rapidly improved so that the rejected Sri Lankan asylum seekers of North and West of the country can send back to Sri Lanka with exception of those  from the troubled Vanni Region.

From June 2011 Swiss Federal Migration Office will begin to review on  case by case basis of the status of Sri Lankan Asylum Seekers numbering 2200 at present granted provisional leave to remain in Switzerland.(

Health Ministry To Charge A Fixed Treatment Fee Of Rs.2000 From Accident Victims Admitted To State Hospitals With Liquor Influence

The Health Ministry has decided to charge a fixed treatment fee of Rs.2000 from Accident Victims  with Liquor Influence who got admitted to Government Hospitals with effect from February.This is an initial step taken under the charging treatment fees from patients admitted to government hospitals suffering from non infectious diseases caused by Alcohol according to the Ministry.

The Director General Of Health Services already submitted this decision of charging Rs.2000 per Accident Victims with Liquor Influence to the Attorney General for his opinion under the direction of Health Minister Maithrepala Sirisena.Meanwhile the Health Minister has said that there is no truth on the allegations made by some trade unions that he is trying to destroy the free health system of the Country by implementing this programme.The main aim of the programme is non other then deter the Alcoholic abuse the minister has stressed.

Government Decided To Reduced Import Duty Of Milk Powder

The Government has decided to reduced the import duty imposed on Milk Powder to Rs.28 from Rs.50 per Killo Gramme with Immediate effect.This decision has taken to stablise the market prices and  the retail prices will remained as unchanged according to the Internal Trade Ministry.

Cabinet Decided To Raise The Age Limit Of Domestic Migrant Workers To 21

Cabinet today decided to raise the minimum age limit for migration as Domestic Workers to 21 years from the present age limit of 18 with immediate effect.Cabinet made the decision based on proposal made in this regard by the Minister of Foreign Employment Promotion and Welfare Dilan Perera.

According to the statistics 50 percent of the Sri Lankans migrating abroad for foreign employment are women and majority of them employed as domestic workers.

Ministry Of Defense And Headquarters Of Armed Forces To Be Shifted To Akuregoda

The Government Information Department has announced today that the Ministry of Defense and Headquarters of all three Armed Forces due to be shifted to Akuregoda in Battaramulla of the Colombo Suburbs soon from their present location.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

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Supreme Court Ruled As Court Martial A Valid Court Under The Constitution

Supreme Court today ruled that the Court Martial is also a part of the legal system according to the 89(d) section of the Sri Lankan Constitution.The decision of  five member Supreme Court Judge panal regarding the validity of Court Martial was revealed in Appeals Court in Colombo this noon.

The validity of the Court Martial was questioned when  imprisoned former Army Commander Retired General Sarath Fonseka filed a court case in Appeals Court challanging the Court Martial Ruling over removing him from Parliamentary Seat.Afterwards the question on validity of the Court Martial was referred to the Supreme Court.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Postal Work At The Central Mail Exchange Getting Slow Due To The OT Strike Of Postal Workers

The Movement of Postal work in Central Mail Exchange is getting slower due to the OT(Over time) Strike of the Postal Workers the Post Master General M.K.B Dissanayake has said today.

Postal Workers belongs to 17 Postal Unions launched a OT Strike last Friday(21) demanding solutions for 07 of their service demands.However the Postal Work throughout the island functioning as usual according the Post Master General.

Meanwhile a meeting is scheduled to be held today between the Postal Trade Unions and Post Master General regarding the service demands of the Unions.

Education Ministry Probing Grade 1 Admission Irregularities

As Eduction Minister Bandula Gunawardena  requisite a report on Grade 1 admission irregularities the Education Ministry has began  probing the admission irregularities occured in popular schools.

Students were admitted to the Grade 1 in Popular Schools  two weaks a go.

Custom Duty Of Petrol Reduced By Rs.15

The Finance Ministry has announced a Rs.15 reduction of the custom duty on Petrol for Rs.5 per litre in order to maintain the current market prices,

Finance Ministry Projected 4 Billion Doller Revanue From Garment Industry In 2015

The Finance Ministry has announced today that the Sri Lankan Garment Industry revanue in 2015 has projected as 4 billion US Dollers as the Industry recorded a rapid growth in 2010.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sinhala Cinema Celebrates 64th Anniversary Today

The Sinhala Cinema known as Sri Lankan Cinema celebrated it's 64th anniversary today(21).Exactly 64 years ago in 21st of January of the year 1947 the first sinhalese film "Kadawuna Poronduwa"(Broken Promise) was screened.

To mark the 64th annniversary of Sinhala Cinema The National Film Corporation screening the first three Sinhalese Films of the Cinema naming the Kadawuna Poronduwa"(1947),"Ashokamala"(1947) and the "Kapati Arakshakaya"(1948) today in Colombo.

Followed is a brief description on early stages of the Sinhala Cinema

1901 marked the introduction of film to Sri Lanka (then called Ceylon) when a film was shown for the first time in the country at a private screening for the British governor West Ridgeway and prisoners of the Second Boer War. It was a short film that documented the British victory in the Boer War, the burial of Queen Victoria and the coronation of Edward VII. More English screenings followed and attracted British settlers and Anglicized Sinhalese.
Cinema in Sri Lanka became a public affair due to the efforts of Warwick Major, an Englishman who developed "bioscope" showings. These were films screened out in open areas and makeshift tents. The first permanent theaters were built by Madan Theaters in 1903. The company showed Indian films and achieved success, prompting the development of theaters by the rival Olympia.
In 1925 Rajakeeya Wickremaya (English:Royal Adventure) became the first film to be made in Sri Lanka. Dr. N.M. Perera played the lead in the film which was shown in India and Singapore. However this film reels got burnt before they were shown in Sri Lanka. In 1933 the film Paliganeema was screened in Colombo.
During the 1920s and 1930s films with American stars like Charlie Chaplin, Greta Garbo, John Barrymore, Rudolph Valentino, and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. were popular in Sri Lanka. The Shiek and The Thief of Bagdad were especially popular. in 1932, the first sound film to be screened was shown at the Regal Cinema, titled "The Dream." By the 1930s Indian films started to surpass English films in popularity. Bilwa Mangal set an early record for Sri Lankan box office earning.
The beginnings of cinemas spread was seen when the Indan Madan circuit establsished Elphinstone cinema in Colombo as a part of his extensive cinema chain in Asia. Empire cinema, which became the longest functioning cinema in Sri Lanka was established in 1915 and continued to function till 2003 when it was demolished to make way for a commercial building in Colombo

 Inauguration (1947)

South Indian producer S. M. Nayagam played an important role in the development of the first Sri Lankan film. In 1945, Nayagam founded a company named Chitrakala Movietone and constructed a studio in Madurai, India for the purpose of making a Sinhala film. After considering several options, he decided to build the film around the historical love story of Saliya and Asokamala and held a contest to find a suitable screenplay; the winner was budding artist Shanthi Kumar. Due to disagreements however this project fell through and Nayagam broke a deal with dramatist B. A. W. Jayamanne to film his popular play Kadawunu Poronduwa.[1]

Rukmani Devi and B. A. W. Jayamanne in Kadawunu Poronduwa.
Kumar[2] determined to film his script left Nayagam's company and convinced the Ceylon Theaters group to fund his film. Faced with a more daunting task of putting together the film from scratch, the Ashokamala project began filming in Coimbatore about two months after the production of Kadawunu Poronduwa had initiated. Naygam's film would win out screening at the Mylan Theater on January 21, 1947.[3] Ashokamala was screened three months later in April 1947 at the Elphinstone Theater.[1]
Both films were popular with audiences but derided by critics who found them to be derivative of South Indian cinema.[2]

Canada To Take Tougher Measures To Curb Human Smuggling

Canadian Public Safety Minister Vic Toews said yesterday that his government will take tougher measures to curb human smuggling as the defeated LTTE Rebels in Sri Lanka are trying to regrouping in Canada.He also stressed the need to take a speedy action against Human Smuggling now before more boats with smuggled people entered the Canadian shores.

"A resident of Otawa has reported through a security intelligence sources that the defeated LTTE rebels are trying to re establishing their violent separatist group in Canada" the Minister further added.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Government Requested Farmers To Refrained From Tobacco Cultivation

In a bid to discourage Tobacco Cultivation Agriculture Minister Mahinda Yapa Abeywardena has said today that Government will request all farmers in the Country to refrain from cultivating Tobacco and instead grow more fruits and vegetables to increase these food crops.

 Earlier government has announced that the prices of vegetables and fruits may goes up due to the recent flooding in many parts of the country.Even One Minister Ordered the people in his electorate not to buy or sell certain vegetable crops like tomatoes,lady's fingers,snake guard instead grow these crops in back yards of the houses to face the future hike in vegetable prices.

Newly Opened Indian Consulate In Jaffna Began Issuing Visas

The newly opened Indian Consulate  in Jaffna in the Northern Sri Lanka began issuing of visas yesterday (17) and planning to issue 50 to 100 visas per day for the applicants.To improve their services to the public the Consulate is planning to bring software and man power from India soon.

The applications received by the Consulate based in Jaffna will  be send  to the Indian High Commission in Colombo while the passports stamped with visas can collected from the Consulate in Jaffna.

Consumer Authority Ordered To Put Retail Prices Of Consumer Items When Advertised Through Media

The Consumer Affairs Authority(CAA) has announced today that all the consumer items advertised through Print and Electronic Media must mention their retails prices specifically in the Advertisement.This will come to effect from 01st of February this year according to the Authority.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Colombo Public Heath Dept.Informed Agriculture Dept.On Illegally Spraying Chemicals To Fruits

The Colombo Public Health Department has informed the Agriculture Department to take necessary action  against  the fruit traders in Manning Market Fruit Stalls in Colombo who are spraying Chemicals to Fruits in the view of ripe them soon which is an illegal  act here.Although the fruit traders are allowed to use vaporizing of  chemicals methods  in to fruits most of the traders are still getting used to spray chemicals to fruits the Colombo Chief Medical Officer Dr.Pradeep Kariyawasam has said.

A Warrant Was Issued To Arrest MP Arjuna Ranathunga

Galle Chief Magistrate today   issued a warrant to arrest Opposition Parliamentarian and former Sri Lankan Cricket Captain Arjuna Ranathunga for failing to appear before the court on trial  against him.

MP Ranathunge who is a member of the General Sarath Fonseka's Democratic National Alliance(DNA)  Party and few others of  his party members were charged on destruction of public property during a protest campaign held in Southern City of Galle  demanding the release of their party leader General Fonseka.Meanwhile when the arrest warrant was issued by Galle Chief Magistrate Thamara Tennakoon,  the Counsel of the MP Ranathunge was informed the Magistrate that his client was not appeared  before the court as he is out of the Country.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Indian Air Force Commander Visited Sri Lanka

The Indian Air Force Commander Air Chief Marshal Pradeep Vasanth Naik arrived Sri Lanka today for a short tour and visited the flooded areas of Batticloe and few areas in  Eastern and North Western provinces by a helicopter.He also distributed  some food and essential items amongst the affected people in these areas.

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Ministry Of Health Says Steps Have Been Taken To Minimize Spreading Of Infectious Diseases In Adverse Weather Affected Areas

The Ministry Of Health today said there is no threat on spreading Infectious Diseases amongst the People lives in the Areas affected by the Adverse weather conditions at present as the Ministry has taken necessary steps to prevent spreading of such diseases among them.

To prevent Infectious Diseases Ministry has already deployed five mobile teams to North Central and Eastern Provinces which are affected from the adverse weather.The Saudi Arabian Government is to send a team of Doctors to treat patients in affected areas and the United Nations fund For Population Activities(UFPA) has provided a specialized protective clothing kit for the use of pregnant mothers Ministry has stated.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Adverse Weather Killed 37 People And Left One And Half Million Homeless

According to the Disaster Management Center 37 people died and more than one and half million people are affected due to the adverse weather pattern prevails in most parts of the country.Also 5 Elephants died due to drowning in flood waters according to the sources.

The most affected area is Batticloe District in the Eastern Province.According to the Meteorological Department heavy showers will continue tomorrow too in the Northern.Eastern and North Central and Uva  Provinces.

"Wishing U A Happy Thai Pongal"


Brief Summary On Thai Pongal Festival-
Thai Pongal (Tamil: தைப்பொங்கல்) is a harvest festival celebrated by Tamils in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, Indian Union Territory of Puducherry and in Sri Lanka. Pongal coincides with the festival Makara Sankranthi celebrated throughout India. Pongal in Tamil means "boiling over or spill over." The boiling over of milk in the clay pot symbolizes material abundance for the household. Thai Pongal, celebrated at harvest time, is traditionally intended to thank the Sun God and farmstead livestock that helped create the material abundance.

Death Toll Due To The Adverse Weather Pattern Risen To 32

As the rainy and cold climatic weather pattern continues further in most parts of the Country the death toll due to the prevailed weather conditions risen to 32 today.Out of the total number of deaths reported so far 14 were reported from the worst ever flood hit area of Batticloe District in the Eastern Province according to the Disaster Management Center.

According to the Center 12 people were missing due to the floods condition and further 49 are got injured.

Friday, January 14, 2011

India,Canada And European Union To Supply Relief Items To Sri Lankan Flood Victims

Neighboring India,Canada and the European Union are came forward to supply relief to the flood effected people in the Country.

India  has already sent a consignment of relief material including ready to eat meals,Milk Powder,Baby Milk Formula,Salt,sugar and pulses according to the government sources.India already promised to send 25 metric tonnes of essential items including food ,water and medicine.sleeping mats ,water purifying tablets ,blankets and bed sheets to Sri Lanka.The second shipment is due to arrive in Monday

Meanwhile Indian High Commissioner Mr.Aloka De Kantha handed over the first consignment of essential items arrived from India today to the .Minister  Of Economic Development Basil Rajapaksha.

Over One Million People Affected And 27 Died Due To The Worst Ever Floods Hit Sri Lanka

 27 people died and over one million people were affected due to the worst ever floods from decades hit in most parts of the Island due to the heavy showers according to the Disaster Management Center.Disaster Management Center also said that there are 47 injuries and 12 people also missing due to the flood situation.

 More then half out of over one million people affected due to floods are from Batticloe District of the Eastern Province,As a request made by the government to the public on donating essential items to the flood victims donations of food,medicine and clothing are pour in to the centers which are collecting these items  to distribute amongst the affected people.

34,105 Dengue Patients And 246 Dengue Deaths Reported From Sri Lanka Last Year

During last year 34,105 dengue patients were reported through out the island and  there were 246 deaths according to the Epidemiology  Unit.Out of the total number of dengue patients reported the highest number  of 858 patients were reported from Jaffna District followed by 608 patients from Gampaha in the Western Province and 584 patients from Colombo .

The Highest Death toll which is 58 deaths were reported from Colombo District followed by 34 deaths reported from Gampaha District according to the Epidemiology Unit.

Meanwhile The Colombo Chief MOH Dr.Pradeep Karyawasam has said today that 48 dengue cases were reported during the 14 days of this month so far from the city of Colombo.He appealed the public to be on alert on dengue epidemic as it is in rise due to the   rainy weather pattern prevails in the country these days.Public are advised to follow precautionary measures including cleaning the dengue mosquito breeding places and destroying the mosquito breeding elements like empty cans,plastic cups,coconut/king coconut combs etc to avoid spreading of  dengue.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

UNICEF And Epidemeology Unit To Launch Series Of Public Awareness Programmes On Immunization

The UNICEF and the Epidemiology Unit in Sri Lanka jointly planning to launch an  island wide public awareness campaign on the National Immunization Programme begins from 24th of January.

The inaugural Programme of this Campaign is due to be held in Nugegoda in the Colombo Suburbs on 24 th of this month with participation of Media Personal and the Health Minister  UNICEF Office in Colombo has announced today.

Met Department Stated That The Cold Climate Will Prevails Till End Of February

The Meteorological Department has stated that the Cold Climate prevails in most parts of the Country will lasted till end of February.

The Temperatures in most  areas  including Colombo,Negambo,Kandy,Nuwra Eliya,Batticloe and Anuradhapura  goes down and remained well below the body temperature.The temperature in the Nuwara Eliya which normally has a cold temperature during  this season of the year dropped sharply to 7.9 degrees Celsius according to the Meteorological Department

The Temperature in Colombo District too stands around 61 years low to 18.8   Degrees Celsius while the temperature in Kandy too dropped below 20 Degrees Celsius and the temperature in Batticloe in Eastern Province dropped to 16.9 Degrees Celsius.

It has been believe that the Cold Wave prevails in most parts in India make an impact towards the cold climate here.Besides the Cold Weather Heavy Showers continues in Eastern Province while most of the other parts in the country passed without a sun shine these days.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Colombo Health Department To BanTube Well Water In Eating Houses

The Colombo Public Health Department has completely banned the using of   tube well water by the Hotels and Eating Houses situated  in Colombo City with immediate effect .According the Chief Medical Officer In Health(MOH) in the Colombo City Dr.Pradeep Kariyawasam the Colombo Public Health Department will take a legal action against those Hotels and Eating Houses who are using the Tube well water as it proved that the water is polluted.

According the Dr.Kariyawasam around 25 percent out of  around 1000 Hotels and Eating Houses situated in the City are getting the water for their activities through Tube Wells.Around 46.7 percent of the water used by these eating houses are polluted according to the surveys.

Swiss Authorities Arrested 10 LTTE Members Who Involved In Sending Money To The Organization

Swiss Prosecutors today said that they have arrested 10 LTTE members who are suspected as transferring money to the Terrorist Organization LTTE and having membership of the Organization.

Authorities said that the suspects were involved in collecting several million Swiss Franks for the LTTE during past years  forcibly taken from the Sri Lankans living abroad.They were arrested during a search operation in 23 premises around the country it has been reported.

The Death Toll Due To Floods Risen To 18- 47 Injuries Reported

The death toll due to the floods occurred as a result of the heavy showers prevails in the island now reached to 18 and there are 47 injured persons so far according to the National Disaster Management Center.According the Center the number of displaced persons reported up to now is nearly 970,000 .

The Director General of the Disaster Management Center Major General Gamini Hetiarachchi has said that 11,388 homes have been partly damaged while 1609 houses have been damaged fully,Around 200 tanks too damaged due to the floods according to him.

The Meteorological Department meanwhile said that the heavy showers prevails in most parts of the Country will continue another few days and declared that  this is the worst ever showers experienced by the country from thirty years.

Adverse Weather- Authorities Issued Land Slides Warning To Ten Districts

As heavy showers continues in most parts of the island today as well The National Building Research Organization(NBRO) today issued warnings of Land Slide to Ten Districts .The ten districts received the land slide warnings including the districts of Matale,Badulla and Kandy in the Hill Country.

According to the NBRO the poorly built constructions in the sloped areas of these districts contributes heavily towards the reported land slides so far.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Government Has Allocated Rs.100 Million For Flood Victims

The Government has allocated a sum of Rs.100 million for flood victims according to the Government sources. All relief programes will be carried out through the District Secretariats along with Divisional Secretaries and Tri Service Personals .

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Floods Displaced 750,000 People Island Wide

According to the Meteorology Department heavy showers prevails in the most parts of the country since yesterday will continue further .Around 750,000 people displaced island wide mostly in the Batticloe and Ampara areas of Eastern Province due to the floods caused by heavy showers

Education Ministry To Close Schools In Eastern Province And Kandy Due To Bad Weather

The Education Ministry has decided to closed all Schools in Eastern Province for Five days starting tomorrow and Schools in Kandy tomorrow due to the adverse weather conditions prevails in these areas.

Earth Slip In Hill Capital Buried 14 People - 4 Died And 3 Are Still Missing

14 people were buried under the rubble and 7 of them rescued due to a Huge Earth Slip taken place in Gatambe of the hill capital Kandy District this morning.Another 4 bodies buried under the rubble were recovered by this eve and 3 are still missing according to the Police..The rescued persons were admitted to the Kandy General Hospital for treatment.

A huge rock was toppled on few houses situated in Deveni Rajasinha Road near Gatambe area and abandoned the area.

Cabinet Has Decided To vest Powers Of Appointing All.Foreign Mission Members To President

Cabinet has today (24)approved a Cabinet paper submitted by President Gotabaya Rajapakshe to  vest the powers of appointing  all  the Fo...