Sunday, July 9, 2017

Closed Section Of The Southern Expressway Has reopened

The section between Kaduwela  and Kadawatha of the
Southern Expressway which temporarily  closed down last night (09), has reopned this morning (10)according to the Road Development Authority.

The section was closed down after a high tension power line collapsed on the road.


Two New Wards For Dengue Patients To Be Opened Today In Colombo National Hospital

Two  new Wards to treat Dengue patients will be
opened today (10)in Colombo National Hospital.

These wards have been prepared due to the number of Dengue patients overflowing in  medical wards of the hospital .

Meanwhile due to the rising number of Dengue patients admitted to the Hospital ,A new Dengue Treatment ward scheduled to be opened in Padukke District Hospital as well according to the sources.

A Chinese National Was Arrested Over Staying In Colombo Without A Visa

Police have yesterday(09)arrested a Chinese National
in Colpetty area (Colombo) over staying in Sri Lanka without a valid visa.

The 46 year old suspect was arrested in wee hours of yesterday morning.

Police Arrested Three Persons With 33 Packets Of Heroin In Akurana And Alawathugoda

Police have arrested three persons with 33 packets of
heroin in their possession in Akurana and Alawathugoda at Kandy during the raids carried out last two days according to the Police Media Division.

One suspect who is responsible for distributing Heroin in Akurana was arrested on Saturday (08)with 08 packets of Heroin and through the information provided by him ,another two persons have been arrested along with 25 packets of Heroin in their possession in Alawathugoda area yesterday (09).

Three other persons who attempted to purchase heroin from the suspects too arrested by the police during the raid carried out yesterday (09).


New Houses To Be Provided To Sixty Families Displaced Due To Meethotamulle Garbage Mound Collapse

Houses will be provided in Salamulle area to sixty
familes displaced due to the collapsing of a part of Meethotamulle garbage mound by september according to the Urban Development Authority.

These houses are under construction at present at a cost of Rs.4 million per house the Authority has stated.

Urban Development Authority had already provided new houses for sixty families affected due to the collapse of Meethotamulle garbage mound.

A part of a garbage mound in Meethotamulle had collapsed on 14th of April.

Main Road Between Hatton-Welioya To Watawala Has Been Blocked Due To Collapsing Of Sand Mounds

The main road between Hatton-Welioya to Watawala
has been blocked in several places due to the collapsing of sand mounds in to the road as a result of the heavy showers prevailing in central hills at present it has been reported.

Due to this situation transport activities of the road had been blocked Police have stated.

Police have requested the motorists to drive slowly on the road due to this situation.

A Person Was Killed After Police Fired At A Lorry Transporting Sand Illegally

A person was killed after the Police officers fired at a
Lorry transporting sand illegally in Point Pedro area (Northern Province)this evening (09).

A tense situation has occurred due to the  angry residents of the area have protested in front of the Point Pedro police station against the gun shooting.

According to the Police headquarters,the  Inspector General Of Police has sent  a special police team from Colombo including  an Assistant Superintendent of Police to  Point Pedro to investigate  the incident.

People Living In Low Lands Near Kukule Ganga Advised To Be Vigilant Due To The Opening Of A Sluice Gate

People living in the low land areas near Kukule Ganga
(River) are advised to be vigilant as the Sluice gate of the river due to be opened shortly as a result of the rising water levels Disaster Management Center has announced .

Accordingly people living in Agalawatte, Ingiriya and  Bulathsinghale areas are advised to be vigilant.Due to the heavy showers prevailing in water levels of the Kukule Ganga increases the center has stated.

Meanwhile the section between Kaduwela and Kadawatha  of the Southern Expressway temporarily closed down due to the falling of  a high tension powerline to the road it has been announced.


A Female Was Critically Injured Due To A Road Accident

A female was critically injured and hospitalized after
the Three Wheeler she was travelling in toppled over on to a roof of a house in a sub way between Hatton and Gaminipura area today (09).

The injured has been admitted to the Dikoya Base Hospital for treatment.

Due to the accident a bed room of the house had been severely damaged according to the reports.

GMOA To Strike If The Health Minister Appointed A New President To The SLMC

Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) has
today (09)stated that the Union will launch an Island wide continuous strike of government doctors if the Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne attempt to appoint another person as the president of Sri Lanka Medical Council  instead of outgoing president Professor Carlo Fonseka.

Professor Fonseka's term as the president of Sri Lanka Medical Council ended recently and GMOA as well as some members of the Sri Lanka Medical Council demanded the Minister to re appoint Professor Fonseka who adapted a anti SAITM Policy during his tenture ,to the post.

GMOA has today stated that the Minister is due  to appoint Professor Colvin Gunaratne as the president of Sri Lanka Medical Council.

Health Minister Has Advised A Visiting WHO Expert Team To Prepare An Urgent Dengue Control Method

Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne has advised the
visiting two member World Health Organization (WHO)Expert Team to prepare an urgent method  to control the  Dengue epidemic spreading in several districts of the country and hand over it by tomorrow (10).

Two member WHO Team comprising with a Dengue specialist Doctor and An Epidemeologist from Thaland is currently in Sri Lanka to inspect the Dengue situation in Sri Lanka.The team is currently visiting the Dengue hit districts to witness the situation there according to the Ministry Of Health.

The WHO team had met with Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne at the Health Ministry and informed him on the methods used by other countries to control Dengue epidemic .After getting  informed on the Sri Lankan situation the WHO Expert team praised the authorities the way they manage the Dengue situation Ministry has stated.

The WHO Expert team had handed over a stock of Dextran-40 drug prescribe for Dengue patients to the Minister during the meeting.

According to the Epidemeology Unit more than 80,000 Dengue patients have been reported from the country during first six months of this year and 245 have died due to the disease.

Ministry Of Health Instructed The Private Sector To Perform Two Dengue Tests Continuously For The Reduced Prices

Ministry Of Health has instructed the Private Hospitals
and Laboratories throughout the Island to perform the two blood tests recommended for  Dengue patients,"Full blood count"and Dengue Antigen Test for the reduced prices continuously until the Dengue epidemic slow down .

Ministry has instructed the Private sector on this due to the public complaints received by stating some Private hospitals and laboratories increased the prices of above mentioned blood tests although Health Ministry has reduced the prices under the Private Medical Services regulatory act recently.

Accordingly Health Ministry has earlier instructed the Private sector to perform Full Blood Count test for Rs.250 and Dengue Antigen Test for Rs.1000.

Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne Has ordered the authorities to conduct an inquiry on those Private hospitals and laboratories increased the prices of these tests and take an action against them.


First Ever Heart Transplant Surgery In Sri Lanka Had Been Performed Free Of Charge In Kandy Teaching Hospital

The first ever heart transplant surgery performed at any hospital in Sri Lanka had been performed to a
34 year old female heart patient of Anuradhapura area for free of charge, in Kandy Teaching Hospital last friday (07) according to hospital sources.

A team of Cardio Thoracic Surgeons attached to the Kandy Teaching Hospital had been performed this transplant surgery with the assistance of a team of medical consultants including cardio thoracic/organ transplant surgeons ,Cardiologists and Anaesthetists attached to Peradeniya Teaching,Lady Ridgway Childrens ,Welisara Chest and Anuradhapura General hospitals and nurses and perfusionists the sources said.

The Heart for the transplant has been taken from a 24 year old brain death youth according to the Director of the Kandy Teaching Hospital Dr.Saman Ratnayake.

At the time of the surgery the heart of the receipient had 12% failure in her heart Dr.Ratnayake has stated.The patient is now in the Intensive Care Unit of the Kandy Hospital under the supervision of A Medical team he has stressed.

The two kidneys of the brain death youth whose heart was taken for the transplant too transplanted for two kidney patients in Kandy Hospital it has been reported.

Meanwhile Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne had praised the Medical team performed the first Heart Teansplsnt in Sri Lanka through the phone and due to visit the Hospital on this Thursday (13)the Health Ministry has stated.

A large amount of money need to be spent for Heart Transplant surgeries in overseas which perform for Heart failure patients.

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