Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Health Minister Said That Using Of Expired Blood Kits Was A Technical Mistake

The Using of Expired Blood Kits by the National Blood Center and the Few Allied Blood Banks On Patients was a Technical Mistake and the Public Services Commission will take A Disciplinary Action against those Involved in this Incident after the end of the ongoing Inquiry Health Minister Nimal Siripala De Silva said today(16).Charge Sheets were Issued against those who were found Responsible of Using Expired Blood Kits Minister stressed During a Press Briefing held regarding this at the National Blood Centre,Narahenpita Today.He said that People not need to panic on using those Expired Blood Kits as a Inquiry Conducted by the Special Expertise penal Found that the Patients who were Subjected for using these Blood Kits are out of danger.Some Thirty Eight Patients who were given these Blood Kits found to be Normal Minister Added.If some One Accused that due to the using of these Expired Blood Kits Caught some Infection Ministry will Arranged a Special Inquiry on that Health Minister Further Added.The Inquiry Report On The Harmful Affects Of the Expired Blood Kits conducted by the Expertise Panel Handed Over To the Health Minister Recently.

Cancer Hospital Nursing Staff To Resume Chemo Therapy Treatment After Winning Their Demands

The Nursing Staff Of the Cancer Hospital Suspended Their Trade Union Action Of Stop Performing the Chemo Therapy Treatment for Cancer Patients this Evening after they Received a Favorable Response For their Demands.Health Secretary Dr Athula Kahanda Liyanage Promised the Nursing Staff Representatives and Nursing Unions to Conduct a Special Training Course on Chemo Therapy for the Cancer Hospital Nursing Staff,To Build
A Special Unit To Ensure the Safety of the above Treatment and To Consider the Increasing of the Proposed Rs.3000 Risk Allowance to Rs.10,000 during the Discussion held This Evening at the Ministry Of Health.Health Secretary Promised the Nursing Staff Representatives that
a decision will taken Regarding the Increasing of the Risk Allowance to Rs.10,000 after
Consulting the President Mahinda Rajapaksha this Thursday.
Nursing Staff of the Cancer Hospital Temporally Suspended their Five Day old Trade Union Action On Chemo Therapy Last Evening after Health Ministry Offered them a Discussion on their Demands today.The Chemo Therapy will Fully Perform on Cancer Patients From Tomorrow Cancer Hospital Nurses said.Due to the Stop Performing of this treatment in Last five days around 400 to 500 Out Door and Indoor Cancer Patients underwent Hardships.

Supreme Court Rules Taxes Imposed On Petrol Should Not Exceed It's Cost

Supreme Court Yesterday(15) Rules that Taxes Imposed on Petrol Should not Exceed it's Cost.Court also Suspends the Deputy General Manager of the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation over the Hedging Deal.


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