Thursday, April 20, 2017

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A Group Of Residents In Wattala Protested Against Dumpimg Colombo Garbage There

A group of residents in Wattala area (Colombo) had
launched a continuous protest campaign  against dumping Garbage brought from Colombo in Pamunugama,bopitiya area.

Due to the collapse of Meethotamulle Garbage Dump government has decided to dispose 300 metric tonnes of Colombo Garbage daily to a private land in Bopitiya area for two weeks.

However the protestors are protesting by blocking  the road that  entered the private land it has been reported.

A Chief Incumbent Of A Temple Has Complained That A Group Of People Set Fire A Roof Of His temple

The chief incumbent of the Sri Jayabodhi Temple in
Siribopura,Hambanthota (Southern Province) Barawakubuke Narada Thero has today (20) made a complaint to the Hambanthota Police Headquarters that an unidentified group of persons arrived in his temple from a Three Whealer set fire to the roof of a hall in the temple and fled away.

As the fire was  doused before spreading it further no casualties had been reported due to the incident the Thero has stated.

Hambanthota Police are conducting an investigation on the imcident.


A Ten Member Japanese Expert Team Arrived In Sri Lanka To Probe On The Collapse Of Meethotamulle Garbage Dump

A ten member Japanese Technical Expert team arrived
in Sri Lanka this evening (20) to probe on the collapse of Meethotamulle Garbage Dump visited the Garbage Dump soon after their arrival .

The Japanese Technical Expert Team has arrived in the country as per the instructions of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe .The team is due to prepare a report regarding the collapse of Meethotamulle Garbage Dump .

Police Have Used Tear Gas And Water Cannons To Disperse A Group Of Protestors In Dompe

Police have fired tear gas and water
camon to disperse s group of residents who have protested against disposing Colombo Garbage to Maligawatte in Dompe area this afternoon (20).

Colombo Garbage trucks arrived at  Dompe today  to dispose the Garbage there ,however Dompe Waste Recycling Center did not allow to dispose unseperated Garbage there it has been reported .

Meanwhile Trucks carried Colombo Garbage disposed garbage without any trouble to Karadiyana Garbage Dump in Piliyandala today  as per the order issued by  Kasbawe Court.Yesterday (19) A group of residents heavily protested against Dumping Colombo Garbage there and even sent back stound 30 garbage trucks arrived to dispose garbage.

Meethotamulle Garbage Dump To Be Removed From.The Area Within Nine Months -President

President Maithripala Sirisena has
today (20)stated that the Sri Lanka Army and the Engineering Unit of the Urban Development Authority will be systematically removed the Meethotamulle Garbage Dump.from the area within next nine months .

During a meeting held with media heads in Colombo today President has stressed that the Garbage Dump will be removed in view of utilizing the Garbage to generate power ,to landfill or producing organic fertilizer without damaging the environment and any residence .

Disposing Garbage Within Local Government Body Limits Declared As An Essential.Service

President Maithripala Sirisena has
declared the collection, transportation ,,temporarily storage and disposing garbage within all local government body limits as an essential service with effect from midnight tonight(20).

A special.gazette notification has been issued in this regard with  the directions of president under the section 17 of the Public Security Act.

According to the Gazette Notification disposing garbage within the local government body limits is an essential service and anyone who is opposing this by  physically ,verbally or in writing is a punishable offence.

Those who are violating these regulations can be arrested without a warrant and sentenced a rigorous imprisonment  the Gazette Notification has stated .

A release has been issued in this regard by the Presidential Media Division .

Removing Of The Residents Lives In Risk Areas Near Meethotamulle Garbage Dump Had Commenced-Search Operations Still Continues

Image result for meethotamulla garbage dumpAs the rescue operations to search those who went missing after the collapse of Meethotamulle Garbage Dump still continues ,Authorities have today(20) commenced the removing of the residents lives in the risk area around the Garbage Dump from their houses.

National Building Research Organization(NBRO) has announced a risk area near the Meethotamulle Garbage Dump few days ago by stating that  the remained part of the Garbage Dump may have collapse any time  based on the status of soil of the Dump.

The letters requesting  the residents in risk areas to vacate their houses which signed by the Divisional Secretary are being  displayed in those areas  according to the reports.

Meanwhile government has launched a special programme to distribute school books and equipment  among the children who displaced due to the collapse of Garbage Dump as the new school season scheduled to be commenced on 26th of April after the Sinhala/Hindu New Year holidays.

So far around 33 persons have confirmed as dead due to the Garbage Dump collapse.


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A 60 Year Old Female Was Killed After A Private Bus Run Over Her In Maskeliya

Image result for road accident logoA 60 year old female was killed after a Private Bus traveling from Sammale in  Maskeliya to Maskeliya area run over her in Gavarawila Junction on Sammale-Maskeliya main road this noon(20).

The Private Bus run over the  deceased female after she  attempting to cross the road after got down from the same bus .

The deceased had been identified as a resident of Sammale,Maskeliya area.

Maskeliya Police have arrested the Bus Driver regarding the accident.

Serious Changes Inclduing Changing Of The Heads Of Governments Will Be Made Shortly -President

Image result for change in words Serious changes will be made in state mechanism including changing of the heads of government institutions during next two weeks according to the President Maithripala Sirisena.

Sri Lankan Government  is ready to access  a new economic order this year President has raveled during a meeting held with media heads in Colombo today(20),

Customs Officers Taken Into Custody Around 160 Barrels Of Glyphosate Chemical In Orugodawatte Container Yard

Image result for glyphosate
Sri Lanka Customs Officers have today(20) taken into custody around 160 barrels  contains more than 30,000 liters of the   banned Glyphosate Agro Chemical during a raid carried out at Orugodawatte Container Yard.

The stock of Glyphosate Agro Chemical was imported by a local Businessman  from China it has been revealed.

Glyphosate Agro Chemical is banned in Sri Lanka as the doctors believed it may have link with  the spreading of unidentified Kidney Disease in most parts of the Country.

A Motorcyclist Was Killed After Colliding With An Express Train In Vavuniya

Image result for accident graphicA Motorcyclist was killed after his Motor Cycle colliding with an Express Train traveling from Jaffna to Colombo at an unprotected rail gate in Nochchimotei ,near Thandikulama Rail station in Vavuniya(Northern Province) today(20).

The deceased had been identified as a 47 year old resident of Nochchimotei in Vavuniya .

The body of the deceased had sent to Vavuniya Hospital it has been revealed.

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