Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Petroleum Corporation To Supply 3000 Metric Tonnes Of Petrol Today(08)

Image result for oil filling stations in sri lankaCeylon Petroleum Corporation has supplied 5600 metric tonnes of Petrol to Oil filling stations throughout the country and due to issue another 3000 metric tonnes of Petrol today(08) according to the Ministry of Petroleum Resources and Development.

An Oil carrier is due to arrive in Colombo Harbor tonight(08) and by Tomorrow(09) the current Petrol crisis will be ended after the distribution of Petrol back to normalcy the Ministry has stated.

Meanwhile a long vehicle queues have seen in front of Oil filling stations today as well due to the Petrol shortage.

Government Should Have Increased The Liqour Prices-But Should Not Decrease It -ADIC Executive Director

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Government Should not have decreased the Price of Liqor at any cost through the forthcoming Budget proposals as such a move will increase the spreading of Non communicable diseases including Heart Diseases which is number one killer disease in the country at present according to the Executive Director of Alcohol And Drugs Information Center(ADIC) Pubudu Sumanasekare.

"Government can increase the Price of Liquor as it is necassary thing due to the spreading of Non Communciable diseases in the society rapidy caused due to Liqour ,But should not decrease the price  as predicted by Finance Minister recently the  Executive Director of ADIC has stressed during a press briefing held at Government Information Department.Narahenpita yesterday(07).

He has further said that the consumption of Beer and other Liquors in the country had increased after 1995 as a result of reducing the taxes imposed on Beer by 50% by  government  and the consumption has  decreased from 2007 due to the setting  up of  the National Tobacco and Alcohol Authrity in 2006.However the consumption of Liquor had again increased from 2010 as a result of the expanding of Liqour industry towards North and Eastern provinces after ending of 30 year old war in North and due to the increasing of operations by the Liqour companies ,Pubudu Sumanasekare has stressed.

Government was mislead by the Liqour Companies by stating that a majority of Liqour users in the country  getting use to consume illcit liqour like locally made "Kasippu" ,but according to the statistics only 8% of the Liquor users consume "Kasippu" and 92% are consuming so called legally manufactured Liqour he has further added.

Addressing the conference Dr.Saeewa Ranaweera attached to the Sri Lanka Medical Association has stressed that due to the Liqour consumption here the country has recorded  an economic loss of Rs.141 billion in 2015 alone.

The Director of Council Of Alochol and Narcotics Hoken Leifman has said that it seems during last 25 year period the Liqour Industry has increased the percentage of Alcohol used when manufacturing Liqour and due to this an extensive  damge has done to Liqour users ."In Sweden too Liquor Manufacturers are adding  more Alcohol to Beer to make it stronger and as a result users quickley getting addicted to other strong Liqours as well he has stressed.

Useless' Surgical Masks And Robots Could Be Scrapped To Help Save NHS £150 Million A Year-A Study Says

Delhi Panics As Deadly Smog Retutns

A Special Two Day Island Wide Dengue Control Programme On 09th And 10th

A special two day Island Wide National Dengue
Control Programme is due to be implemented on this Thursday (09) and Friday (10) to prevent spreading of Dengue as a result of the showers prevailing in the island.

Accordingly cleaning programmes will be carried out in  Houses,Institutes ,Building construction sites ,schools and other places where the Dengue Mosquito larvae breeding in the Ministey Of Health has stated.


Piyasena Gamage To Appoint As A New UPFA MP In Galle District As A Replacement To Geetha Kumarasinghe

Former Minister Piyasena Gamage is due to be
appointed as a United Peoples Freedom Alliance (UPFA)MP of Galle District replacing the former UPFA MP Geetha Kumarasinghe who had lost her Parliament ary seat as a result of a court verdict given based on her dual citizenship status.

The name of New MP Piyasena Gamage is due to be published in the Gazette tomorrow according to the Elections Commissioner Mahinda Deshapriya.

After receiving the Supreme Court's verdict on Geetha Kumarasinghe's MP Post ,General Secretary of Parliament had informed the Elections Commission that there's a vacant UPFA Parliamentary seat in Galle district .

Three Catagories Of Rail Workers To Launch A 48 Hour Strike From Tomorrow (08)

Rail workers belonging to three catagories are due to
launch a 48 hour Island Wide strike from midnight tomorrow (08) by demanding to solve their salary anomaly problem.

Accordingly Train drivers,Station Masters and Rail Guards are due to participate in this strike .

Ten Tea Estate Workers Were Hospitalized Due To A Wasp Attack

Ten Tea Estate workers  including seven males and
three females attached to the Maussagolla Tea Estate in Haputhale  had been injured and hospitalized due to a wasp attack occurred while plucking tea leaves in the Estate today (07).

The injured were admitted to Dambethanna hospital and later transfered to the Haputhale Hospital for treatment.


Due To An Anti SAITM Protest Campaign One Lane In Town Hall Temporarily Closed

Due to a Anti SAITM Protest campaign held in front of
the Dental Institute in Ward Place ,Colombo 07 this noon (07) one lane in ward place from Town Hall towards Borella had temporarily closed for few hours by the police  for traffic.

The Inter University Students Federation (IUSF) had organized this protest by demanding to abolish SAITM.

Meanwhile the Death fast campaign launched by five fathers of state Medical students in front of the University Grants Commission building in Ward Place continues today as well.A discussion has been given by the President Maithripala Sirisena to State medical students parents association according to the association.

Circular Issued On How To Issue Petrol Has Been Cancelled By Minister Arjuna Ranathunge

The circular issued by Ministry Of Petroleum
Resources and Development this morning (07)by directing Oil filling stations to issue Petrol only to vehicles due to the current Petrol Shortage ,has been cancelled by Petroleum Resources Minister Arjuna Ranathunge this evening.

The circular has instructed the Oil filling stations not to issue Petrol to those who are coming with cans and bottles to purchase Petrol

In Addition To The Oil Carrier Due To Arrive In Tomorrow(08) Another Oil Carrier Will Arrive On Thursday -Prime Minister Stated In Parliament

SONY DSCIn addition to the Oil Carrier due to arrive in Colombo Harbor tomorrow(08) another Oil Carrier carrying Petrol will arrive in Colombo from India on this Thursday(09) Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe has stated in Parliament today(07).

Meanwhile Prime Minister has instructed the Petroleum Resources Minister Arjuna Ranathunge to Investigate and report him on the reasons behind the sudden Petrol Shortage occurred in the Country .

Some Ministers had pointed out that there may be  a act of sabotage behind the current Petrol shortage  .

Petroleum Ministry Issued A Circular To Oil Filling Stations Directing To Issue Petrol Only For The Vehicles

Image result for long vehicle queues in colomboMinistry Of Petroleum Resources has today(07) issued a special circular to Oil filling stations throughout the island to issue Petrol only to vehicles without issuing to the people who are coming with cans and Bottles to collect Petrol.

Due to issuing Petrol to those who are coming with Cans and Bottles , the stocks of Petrol in most of the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CEYPETCO) owned Oil filling stations in the island recedes  very quickly the Ministry has stated.

Both males and females have seen in the queues of both CEPETCO Oil filling stations as well as in Indian Oil Company(IOC) owned Oil filling stations carrying large plastic Cannes and bottles  to collect petrol these days due to the Petrol shortage.

 However the people coming with Cannes and Bottles to collect Petrol have said that they do not brought their vehicles to the filling stations as they are parked  streets due to  run out of Fuel.

Due to the long  Queues in front of  Oil filling stations  at major cities in the country  to purchase Petrol   main roads have been blocked and today(07) Town Hall too experienced a blockage due to these Vehicle queues.

Police officers have seen deployed in many Oil filling stations around Colombo for security.

Health-Spicy foods may heighten our perception of salt

Adding some spice to food may make you more aware of the taste of salt, a new study suggests.
The findings, published Tuesday in the journal Hypertension, indicates that eating spicy foods may help us consume less salt — and, ultimately, lower blood pressure.

According to the World Health Organization, people are eating too much salt across the globe, increasing the prevalence of high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke.That problem prompted Zhiming Zhu, M.D., a professor of cardiovascular medicine and metabolism at the Chongqing Institute of Hypertension in China, to study alternative ways to reduce salt intake.He and his colleagues decided to specifically focus on spicy food.

Spicy food has been associated with a healthy heart in the past, Zhu explains. People who consume spicy food almost every day have a 14 percent lower risk of death than those who eat spicy foods less than once a week, a 2015 study shows. Those same people are also less likely to die from diabetes, cancer and ischemic heart disease.

In the study, the team first examined if people who eat and enjoy spicy foods actually have lower blood pressure than those who don’t. Participants’ salty and spicy preferences were gauged with taste tests of solutions that contained varying levels of salt and capsaicin, the compound that makes chili peppers hot. Participants also completed a detailed diet questionnaire about their salty and spicy food habits.
The researchers found that those who enjoyed spicy solutions had lower overall blood pressure. These same people were also more sensitive to the taste of salt.Participants who enjoyed high-salt solutions, on the other hand, had higher blood pressure overall and tended to dislike spicy solutions.

The team then looked at how the brain reacted to salt and capsaicin. Using PET and CT scans, the researchers recorded activity in the brain after participants ingested different concentrations of salty solutions with and without added capsaicin. Activity was specifically analyzed in the insula and orbitofrontal cortex regions of the brain.
“Previous brain functioning studies in humans and animals indicate that the response, or activity, in the insula is correlated with the intensity of taste an individual perceives,” Zhu explained. “The orbitofrontal cortex is often called the secondary taste cortex; its responses, or activity, are correlated with the pleasantness of taste for an individual.”
The scans showed that higher salt concentrations resulted in higher brain activity in both regions of the brain. However, when capsaicin was added to a lower salt solution, brain activity increased and reflected activity that was seen with higher salt concentrations.
“These results indicate that spicy flavor can modify our perception of salt intensity,” Zhu said. “We speculate that just by adding spices to low-salt foods, we may increase our salt taste and perceive the same saltiness as high-salt foods.”
How capsaicin tricks the brain into thinking there’s more salt is not yet understood. Zhu thinks capsaicin may be activating sodium taste receptors on the tongue, thus increasing the intensity of salty taste signaling that goes to the brain.
Does this mean we should be eating more spicy foods to try to lower blood pressure?
Not exactly, said Cheryl Laffer, M.D., Ph.D., of the Comprehensive Hypertension Center at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.
“My gut reaction is that while this is potentially useful information, it’s not going to change what I do in practice,” Laffer said. “This is just an association study; the researchers are saying that people who eat spicy food have lower blood pressures, but they have no proof that spicy food actually lowers pressure.”
She added, “But what I do tell my patients is that I am pretty sure that lowering their salt intake will lower their blood pressure.”
Until there’s more proof, both Laffer and Zhu agree that incorporating chili peppers into daily cooking couldn’t hurt.(American Heart Association)

61 Corona Positives Had Been Reported Today (28)

A total of 61 Corona Virus positives had been reported in the Country today (28) until 11.30 p.m ,increasing the total number of Corona ...