Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Chemists Hsve Bad News About Cough Syrup

Imprisoned Former Sri Lankan Ambassador To Sri Lanka Jaliya Wikramasuriya was Further Remanded

Fotmer Sri Lankan Ambassador to United States Of
America Jaliya Wikramasuriya who was arrested and remanded over misusing of state funds had been further remanded until 13th of January yesterday (11)by the Colombo Fort Magistrate .

The former Sri Lankan Ambassador was not produced before the colombo fort magistrate court when the case against him taken up for hearing yesterday as he is receiving treatment for an ailment at Prisons Hospital ,Prisons officials informed the court.

Former Ambassador Wikramasuriya was arrested on 17th of November by the Police Financial Crimes Investigations Division (FCID) while  he attempting to leave abroad.

Sri Lanka Navy Arrested Two Indian Nationals While Transporting Kerala Cannabis

Sri Lanka Navy officers have arrested two Indian
Nationals while transporting 53 Kilo Grammes of Kerala Cannabis through a fishing boat in the sea area of Northern Delft Island yesterday (10).

The Navy Officers have suspected that the haul of Kerala Cannabis arrested may have smuggled to Sri Lanka from India via sea route.

The two suspected Indian Nationals and the haul of Kerala Cannabis were handed over to the Kankasanthurai Police for future cours
e of action.

Police Have Arrested Two Persons With 57 Fake Rs.5000 Notes

Police have arrested two  persons who had printed
fake Rs.5000 currency notes and purchased Heoin with that money for their use at Northern Kaluthara area today (11) with 57 fake Rs.5000 notes in  possession.

During the raid Police have also taken into custody a Printer and a Scanner used to print fake currency notes.

Veteran British Journalist Clare Hollingworth Dies At The Age Of 105 Years

European Union To Grant Suspended GSP Plus Facilty To Sri Lanka

European Union has decided to grant the suspended
GSP Plus concession to Sri Lanka as the local government adapted 27 international conventions successfully including good governance,human rights and labor policies the EU has today(11)  announced.

Under the GSP Plus facility Sri Lanka will be received 66% tax concession for local products including ready made garments exported to Europe.

After granting GSP Plus European Union is due to monitor Sri Lanka's initiative for a period of four months it has been reported.

Police Have Arrested Two Persons At A Cannabis Cultivation

Police have today (11) arrested two persons during a
raid carried out at a 4.5 acre cannabis cultivation in Balaharuwa forest reserve at Thanamalvila area (Uva Province).

According to the Koslanda Police who carried out the raid ,around Rs.80 million worth Cannabis have found  in the cultivation.


Matara High Court Judge Sentenced Five Members Of A Family To Death Over A Murder

Image result for court orderMatara High Court Judge has today(11) sentenced five members of a same family to death over killing of a 44 year old person by clubbing in Kottegoda,Matara(Southern Province) on 15th of January 2009.

The cause for the murder has been identified as a love affair.

Around 1000 Dengue Patients Had Been Reported From Island During First Ten Days Of January-Health Ministry

Image result for dengue
Around 1000 Dengue Patients had been reported from the Island during first ten days of this month according to the National Dengue Control Programme of Ministry Of Health.

Majority of these Dengue Patients had been reported from Colombo,Kandy,Gampaha and Jaffna areas the Dengue Control Programme has stated.

Although the Dengue Control Programme has stated that around 1000 Dengue Patients had been reported during first ten days of this month ,the official web site of the Epidemiology Unit has today (11) indicated that 780 Dengue Patients were reported during this month so far.

Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne has instructed the Health Authorities to launch Dengue Control Programmes throughout the island this year as well to avoid spreading the disease including schools .

Sri Lanka Customs Recovered A Parcel Contains Hashish And Cannabis At Central Mail Exchange

Image result for central mail exchange colombo
Sri Lanka Customs Officers have today(11) recovered a parcel contains 84 Grammes of Hashis and 1400 Mili Grammes of Cannabis sent from Spain at the Central Mail Exchange in Colombo.

As no one come to collect the  Parcel ,the Sri Lanka Customs Officers and Central Mail Exchange Officers have checked the Parcel after informed by the Postal Department Officials and recovered the stock of narcotics it has been reported.

 Sri Lanka Customs and National Dangerous Drug Control Board have launched an investigation on the incident.

US Hits A Record Corona Cases And Hospitalizations