Friday, April 21, 2017

Two Restraining Orders Issued Against Tomorrow's Protest Campaign

Kesbawa and Gangodawila Magistrate
Court have today (21) issued restraining orders to prevent the scheduled protest campaign against dumping Colombo Garbage in Karadiyana  infront of the Karadiyana Garbage Dump  tomorrow (22).

Accordingly the Kesbawa Court has issued a restraining order agsinst tomorrow's protest campaign as per the request made by Piliyandala police and a restraining  order issued by the Gangodawila Magistrate Court as per the request made by Boralesgamuwa police .

Accorfing to the restraining  order issued by the Gangodawila Magistrate Court a peaceful demonstraition. Can be held without any road blockage .

Japanese Technical Experts Stated That The Methane Gas In The Airspace Of Garbage Dump Collapsed Area Has Been Increased

The ten member Japanese Technical
Expert Team arrived in Sri Lanka had stated that after the collapse of Meethotamulle Garbage Dump the density of Methane gas in the air space at the point  where the  collapse occurred  increased by 16 percent .

The Japanese team members have visited the Garbage Dump this morning (21) after inspection revealed this.

The team is due to prepare a report on the Garbage Dump Collapse .The members of the National Building Research Organization (NBRO) and local  geologists have also visited the dump with the Japanese team. 


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Government To Pay Rs.50,000 Monthly Allownace Each For Families Vacating The Risk Zone In Garbage Dump

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Government has today (21) announced a Rs.50,000 monthly allowance each for the families vacating from the Risk Area declared near the Meethotamulle Garbage Dump for a three month period.

Government has also decided to cut the housing loans of the residents of Dahampura and Pansalwatte areas in Meethotamulle  who became the victims of  the Garbage Dump collapse and to inquire on the charges made by certain sections regarding the providing of  low quality coffins for the victims of Garbage Dump collapse.

These decisions had been taken during a special meeting held today( 21)under the patronage of President Maithripala Sirisena .

Meanwhile search operation to find out the missing persons in Meethotamulle Garbage Dump  continues today(21) for the 07h day.

Government Should Pay A Minimum Compansation Of Rs.5 Million Each Behalf Of The Persons Who Lost Lives Due To The Garbage Dump Collapse-Attorney At Law Nuwan Bopage

Image result for attorney at law nuwan bopageThe Organizer of the Peoples Movement against Meethotamulle Grabage Dump ,Attorney At Law Nuwan Bopage has stated today(21) that the Government should pay a minimum  Rs.5 million Compensation each behalf of  the lives lost due to the Garbage Dump collapse.

Addressing a media briefing held at Meethotamulle area Attorney At Law Bopage has  stressed that the victims of this Garbage Dump collapse are natives of the area and should compensate reasonably .

Meanwhile the residents who lives in the risk area marked by National Building Research Organization says they will vacate their houses only if the authorities pay Rs.2 million per perch of their land .

Thirty New Houses Were Provided For Thirty Families Lost Their Houses Due To The Meethotamulle Garbage Dump Collapase

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Urban Development Authority(UDA)has today(21) provided 30 houses for 30 families who lost their houses due to the Meethotamulle Garbage Dump collapse .

Although UDA has planned to provide houses for 98 families who lost their houses due to the collapse only 30 families have accepted the houses provided by the government it has been revealed.

The houses were provided at a function held today under the patronage of President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wikaramasinghe .

The new house recipients have also received Rs.250,000 each to purchase furniture and other equipment for their houses.

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