Tuesday, April 28, 2020

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Largest Wholesale Vegetable And Fruit Store The Colombo Manning Market Had Reopened Today (29)

The largest Wholesale Vegetable and Fruits Store in Colombo ,The Manning Market at Pettah had been re-opened this morning (29)for trade activities after it's closure on 12 th of April to prevent the spreading of Corona virus .

The Market will be opened daily from 4 a.m to.1 p.m except on Sundays according to.the sources .

A large number of Lorries carrying Vegetables and fruits are currently arriving at the Market the souces have stated .

Steps are being  taken to carryingout the operations of the market by following health care meassures to prevent the spreading of Corona virus the Traders have stated.

Corona Virus Lockdown -Wild Animals Enjoy In The Absence Of Humans

Sri Lanka To Increase "PCR "Tests Performs Daily To Identify Corona Virus Positives

The number of "PCR "Tests performs to
identify Corona positives in the society  are being increased gradually according to the Health Authorities.

According to the Director General Of Health services Dr.Anil Jasinghe Sri lanka has performed 1553 "PCR " tests last Modday (27)and planning to imcrease it by another 1000 soon with the assistance of Science and Medical faculties attached to five State Universities .

21 out of the 31 Corona Virus positives that had been reported yesterday (28) were Navy personal attached to the Navy Camp in Welisara and 06 were those who had contacted them it has been revealed.Other 04 positives were Army petsonal according to Dr.Jasinghe .
"Now we are in the final stsge of identifying the Corona cluster that caused the spreading of Corona virus among Navy persomal "He had further stated .

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Another Two Areas In.Colombo Isolated Due To A Corona Positives

Another two areas in Colombo City
namely Torrington Hate Watte and Havelock Road had been locked down today (28) after four Corona virus positives had been identified in these areas according to Health Authorities .

Accordingly 33 persyons in Havelock Road and 25 persons in Torrington hate watte area had been moved to quarantine centers for quarantine .

Earlier Dabare Place in
Narahenpita had been locked down as some people there contacted with corona postive .

31 New Corona Virus Positives Reported Today (28)- Total Number Of Positives Had Increased To 619

During today (28) upto 10.30 p.m 31
New Corona virus positives had been reported in the country ,increasing the total number of Corona positives reported so far to 619 according to Epidemeology Unit .

The majority of these Corona positives wrre Navy personal and the rest who are currently under quarantine in quarantine centers .

At the moment 478 Corona virus positives are being treated at 06 Government hospitals the Unit has stated .

Meanwhile 08 Corona positives had been discharged from Hospitals and with these positives the total number of Corona positives discharged from hospitals had risen to 134.

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Five Navy Personal Had Been Injured And Hospitalized Due To A Road Accident At Ambalangoda

Five Navy personal.had been injured
and hospitalized after the Sri lanka Teansport Board (SLTB) Bus they were travelling in to Colombo had collided with a Wall ar Ambalangoda area in wee hours of this morning (28).

The Injured Navy personal had been admitted to the Balapitiya Base Hospital for treatment .

The incident occurred when the SLTB Bus was transporting 32 Navy personal to their working stations in Colombo from their homes at Galle,Baddegama and Koggala areas it has been revealed .The accident occurred due to the driver of the Bus had fallen a sleep.whilst on the wheel.

Navy had taken steps to transport the remaining 27 Navy personal to Colombo from another SLTB Bus according to reports .

Four Resides In Colombo Had Been Tested Positive For Corona Virus Yesterday (27)-Two Are From Dabare Place , Narahenpita And The Area Had Been Lock down

Four residents in  Colombo District were
among 65 Corona virus positives identified  yesterday (27)and two of them are residents of Bandaranayaka road in Keselwatte where a corona virus outbreak has been reported recently due to a female who had visited India according to the Director General of Health Services Dr.Anil.Jasinghe .

Two out of these four Corona virus positives were identified from Dabare place in Narahenpita and as a result the area had been announced as a lock down area .The residents of the area are being under self quarantine he has stated  .Another Corona virus positive was identified from that area earlier it has been reported

Also another two persons who are living in Havelock lane and Torrington 60 watte in Colombo had been also tested positive for Corona virus yesterday and both of them are from Bandaranayake road in Keselwatte where an  outbreak appeared it has been announced .

Another 38 Corona Positives Had Been Discharged Today (07) After Full Recovery

Another 38 Corona positives had been recovered and discharged today (07)from government Hospitals, increasing the total number of Corona...