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Health Ministry Has Transfered Surgeons And Anesthasists In Outstaion Hospitals To Prescribe Medicine In Central Dispensaries?

Health Ministry has mixed up this year's annual transfers of government hospital doctors by transferring some experienced surgeons and anesthetists attached in outstation hospitals to prescribe medicine for patients in central dispensaries and OPD's (Out Door Patient Department) of small hospitals according hospital sources.

While these expert surgeons and anesthetists transferred in to unusual places necessary replacements for these transfers too not made by the health authorities by putting patients in those hospitals in to more trouble.due to these transfers majority of hospitals in outstation became paralyzed and long queues have been seen in for surgeries and OPD treatment sources have revealed.

Taking instance a 12 year experienced surgeon served in Diyatahalawa Hospital has been transferred in to  a small hospital OPD  recently without a replacement and now a long awaiting list has created for the first time in the hospital and in OPD Surgical Clinic hospital authoritie…