Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Trans gender Community To Receive New ID's And Passports Indicating Their New Gender Status-An Activist

The authorities have taken steps to issue National Identity Cards and Passports to the Transgender Community (males converted to females and females converted to males) in Sri Lanka as per their newly converted gender a Tran gender Activist has revealed yesterday (13).

Accordingly those Transgender Community members who have changed their gender status in birth certificates can apply with official  documents to get National Identity Cards and Passports indicating their new gender she has stated.

Already few of the Transgender Community members have received the ID's and Passports indicating their new gender status the activist has stressed.

Earlier they have requested the authorities to issue National Identity Cards and Passports by indicating  Female Status for males converted to females and male status to females converted to males as they have faced enormous difficulties when casting votes at elections and other official work with their new gender status it has been reported.

A National Standard For Plugs And Socket Outlets Has Been Introduced

The Public Utility Commission has announced a National Standard for plugs and socket outlets to be implemented with effect from August 2018.

Accordingly government has decided the type G plug and socket outlet known as the  13 ampere plug and socket outlet or square pin plug as the only national standard in Sri Lanka.

The national standard for plugs and socket outlets has been introduced to ensure that Sri Lanka systematically moves to use one type of Plugs and Socket Outlets.


Cabinet Has Approved The Proposed VAT Amended Bill

Cabinet has today (13) approved the proposed VAT (Value Added Tax) amended Bill submitted to  Cabinet  by the Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake.

Although the government has attempted to submit the Bill to the Cabinet on several occasions, due to the opposition of opposition MP's it has been delayed and amended several times.

Under the The VAT Amended Bill the  increase of VAT from  11% to 15% is due to remain further it has been reported.

Four Persons Were Injured And Hospitalized As The Lorry They Were Travelling In Fallen Down A Precipice

Four Persons were injured and hospitalized as the lorry they were traveling in veered off the road and fallen down a 150 feet deep precipice on Badulla-
Mahiyanganaya Road today (13) it has been reported.

The injured were admitted to the Badulla General Hospital for treatment.

The lorry that fallen down the precipice was on it's  way after transported vegetables to Dambulla Economic Center according to the reports.

Two Children Are Reported As Missing In Uppuveli Area-Later They Were Arrested While Traveling From A Train

Two children of the ages nine and eleven had been reported as missing since yesterday (12)evening in Uppuveli Area at Trincomalee District according to the police.

Police have launched an investigation on the missing children a nine year old girl and eleven year old boy residing in Mihindupura at Uppuveli Area.

Meanwhile Valachchena Police have arrested the two children at Valachchanai while traveling from a train to Batticaloe it has been reported.


Attorney General Has Informed The Supreme Court That The Proposed Sampur Coal Power Plant Will Not Be Constructed

The Attorney General has today (13) informed the Supreme Court that the Ministry Of Power And Energy will not construct the proposed coal power plant at Sampur Area(Eastern Province).

Attorney General has informed this when the fundamental rights petition  filed by the Environmental Guarantee Foundation Limited against the proposed coal power plant at Sampur was taken up for hearing today (13).

The Environmental Foundation had filed the fundamental rights petition at Supreme Court on 31st of May by opposing the use of coal as a source of energy to generate power and the proposed coal power plant at Sampur.

An Eighty Year Old Patient Had Fallen To Death From The Hambanthota Hospital Building

An eighty year old patient who received treatment from Hambanthota General Hospital had fallen to death from the third floor of the Hospital Building this morning it has been reported.

The deceased patient was admitted to the Hospital to treat for a mental illness according to the Hospital Sources.

The Hambanthota Police are conducting an investigations to ascertain whether the patient had fallen or jumped off from the Hospital Building.

A Train Transporting Coal Was Derailed Near China Harbour

A train traveled from Trincomalee (In Eastern Province) to Mahawa area was derailed near the China Harbor Area in Trincomalee this morning.

Due to the derailment a train which scheduled to depart from Trincomalee at 11.20 a.m this morning to Galoya Area was delayed until 3 p.m this evening.

A train transporting coal has faced the derailment.Steps are being taken to restore the train services in Trincomalee Rail Track according to the railway control room in Anuradhapura.


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