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Curry ingredient turmeric is MORE effective than paracetamol or ibuprofen at easing painful injuries, study finds


Neanderthals Were Capable Of Making Art




Recalled Brigadier Priyanka Fernando To Appear Before Foreign Ministry And Army Headquarters Today (23)

The Defense adviser to the Sri Lankan Ambassador to

the United kingdom Brigadier Priyanka  Fernando who was recalled to the island by the government over the cut throat sign shown during a Tamil Diasphora protest held in front of the Sri Lankan Embassy in London ,Due to appear before the Foreign Ministry and Army Headquarters in Colombo today (23) to discuss over the incident according to sources.

Brigadier is due to appear before the Foreign Ministry and Army Headquarters as he has been  asked to appear.

Brigadier Fernando has been appointed as the Defense Adviser to the Sri Lankan High Commissioner in London on 08th of May 2017 and since than he is continuously he had served in his post .

Due to the cut throat sign he had shown to the Tamil Diasphora protesters during their protest campaign held in front of the Sri Lankan Embassy in London on Sri Lanka's  Independence day(04) ,Tamil organizations in London had requested the British government to expel him from Britain it has b…

A Security Guard Was Arrested Over Molesting An Australian Female

A security Guard attached to a Tourist Hotel in

Habraduwa has been arrested by the Habaraduwa Police over sexually molesting a 39 year old Australian female at the Hotel today (22).

The incident occurred after the arrival of  Australian female to the Hotel it has been revealed.

The suspect was arrested as per the complaint made by the victim to the Habaraduwa Police.



Chief Accountant And Internal Auditor Of A Ministry Have Been Remanded Over Cheating Rs.1.2 Million From State Funds

The Chief Accountant and the Internal Auditor
attached to the Ministry Of Irrigation and Water Resources Management had been remanded until 28th of February by the Colombo Additional Magistrate today (22)over preparing fraudulant docuements to participate a training programme in Bangalore,India.

The two officials Sarath Ashoka Attanayake and A.A Chandana have been charged over preparing fraudulant docuements to participate the above training programme and cheating Rs.1.2 million from state funds.

Production And Selling Of Tea In Two Ratnapura Based Tea Factories Have Been Banned Due To Adding Sugar To Tea

Sri Lanka Tea Board has banned the production and
selling of Tea in two Tea Factories at Ratnapura after confirming that those Factories added sugar to Tea during the production process according to the Tea Board.

Tea Board has taken steps to test Tea samples of 82 other Tea Factories in the island to find out whether those factories also adding Sugar to Tea during the production process the Board has stressed.

Tea tasters are currently checking the Tea samples of those factories it has been revealed.

A 56 Year Old Person Has Died After Caught Fire While Mixing Kerosene Oil To Petrol

A 56 year old person has died due to burn injuries
received after catching fire while mixing  kerosene oil to petrol at Mnipay in Jaffna it has been reported.

The critically injured father of four children Arumugam Thurairaja was admitted to the Jaffna Teaching Hospital and had succumbed to his injuries while receiving treatment in the hospital.

The incident occurred after the deceased bought kerosene oil from the nearby trade stall and mixing it with the Petrol to activate a water pump it has been revealed.The petrol bottle caught fire and the person had caught fire afterwards.

Manipay police are conducting further investigations on  the incident.


ජීවිතයේ සතුට උදෙසා.....❤👶👫👩‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👦‍👦❤
ටිකක් දිගයි ඒත් කියෙව්වට පාඩු නැහැ... ඉවසීමෙන් කියවන්න ..🐢🐢🐢🐢
** පරිහරණය කරන ලද 🚗 සහ
       **ආදරය කරන ලද❤
🌹මිනිසෙක් තමාගේ අලුත්ම
කාර් එක පොලිෂ් කරමින් සිටිනන්
අතරතුර  ඔහුගේ  අවුරැදු 6 ක්
වයසැති පුත්‍රයා ගල් කැටයක් ගෙන කාර් එක මතුපිට පැත්තක ඉරි වගයක් අඳිමින් සිටියා.

🌹මේ දුටු කෝපයට පත් මිනිසා
දරුවා ගේ  අත අල්වා ගෙන, පහර කීපයක් ඇඟිලි වලට තදින් ගැහුවා.🖤

🌹ඔහු ගසා තියෙන්නේ යකඩ වීල් බ්‍රෂ් එකෙන් බව ඔහුට
වැටහුනේ  පසුවයි.

🌹ඉස්පිරිතාලේදී , දරුවා ගේ අතේ  ඇට සියල්ලම බිඳී යාම හේතුවෙන් , අතේ ඇඟිලි සියල්ලම ඉවත් කරන ලදී.🖤

🌹දරුවා තාත්තා දුටු විට, ඉතා
  දුක්බර දෙනෙතින් තාත්තා
දෙස බලා " තාත්තේ!!  ආයෙත් මගේ අතේ ඇඟිලි වැවෙන්නේ කවද්ද තාත්තේ" කියා ඇසුවා.🖤

🌹ඉතා සිත රිදුන නිසා ඔහුට කතා කරගන්න බැරි වුනා.🖤

🌹ඔහු කාර් එක ළඟට ගිහින්
කීප වතාවක් ම , එයට පයින්

🌹ඔහු කාර් එක ඉදිරියේ හිඳගෙන  පුතා ඇඳපු ඉරි දිහා බලාගෙන සිටියා.🖤

🌹එහි ඇඳ තිබුණේ " තාත්තේ  මං ඔයාට …

Trump endorses guns for teachers to stop shootings




A Sudden Fire Erupted In A Building Matarial Shop Had Been Doused

A sudden fire erupted in a Building Malarial Shop at Beruwala last night (21) had been doused by the fire brigade of Kalutara Urban Council with the assistance of residents in the area it has been reported.

Due to the fire the Building Material Shop had damaged severely ,However the cause of the fire and the estimated value of the damage had not yet been revealed.

Airport Customs Have Arrested A Chinese National Over Attempting To Smuggle A Stock Of Kothala Himbutu Cups

Officers attached to the Bio-Diversity Unit of the Airport Customs  have arrested a 45 year old Chinese National while attempting to smuggle eight Cups made from the Ayurveda herb "Kothala Himbutu"(Salacia Reticulata) to Hong Kong  early this morning(22) at Katunayake ,Bandaranaike International Airport.

The Chinese National who had purchased  the stock of Kothala Himbutu Cups for Rs.13,000 per Cup from a shop at Beruwala  .had concealed them inside his luggage it has been reported.The estimated value of the stock of Kothala Himbutu cups is around Rs.104,000 according to the customs.

Smuggling of Traditional Ayurveda Herbs like "Kothala Himbutu" and other goods owned to Sri Lanka   are being banned  and due to some shops in the country misleading the Tourists and selling these Traditional herbs to them Customs Officers are facing enormous difficulties according to the authorities.

Foreign Ministry Denies The Reports On Sri Lankan Ambassador To United Kingdom Has Resigned From Her Post

Ministry Of Foreign Affairs has today(22) denied the news item circulated among certain media stating that the Sri Lankan Ambassador to United Kingdom Ms.Amari Wijewardane has resigned from her Ambassador Post due to an illness.

The Ambassador Amari Wijewardane is due to complete her contract as Sri Lankan Ambassador to United Kingdom on her own volition by 31st of March 2018 according to the Ministry.