Sunday, April 30, 2017

Police Have Arrested Three Youth With Six Kilo Grammes Of Cannabis

Police have arrested three youth with six kilo
grammes of Cannabis in their possession which prepared to transport  near the Wewvita Reservoir in Bandaragama area .

Police have also taken into custody a Motor Car which the suspected youth prepared to transport the haul of Cannabis.

The suspected youth who are residents of Boralesgamuwa,Piliyandala due to be produced before the Horana Magistrate Court today (01).


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A 64 Year Old Female Was Killed And 11 Others Injured Due To A Road Accident

A 64 year old female was killed and 11 others injured
due to the Van they were travelling in veering off the road and toppled over on Mahiyanganaya-Bibile road it has been revealed.

The 12 of the injured one critically were admitted to the Bibile Base Hospital and the critically injured female had succumbed to her injuries after admission to the Hospital.The 11 of the injured later transferred to the Monaragala Hospital for treatment .

Around 200,000 Foreign Employees Currently Employed In Sri Lanka

Although there are so many unemployed youth here
searching for jobs ,around 200,000 foreign employees mainly unskilled are currently employed here it has been revealed.

Some of these foreign employees arrived in Sri Lanks illegally without visas and working in various sectors  according to the Minister Of Megapolis and Western Development Patali Champika Ranawake.

The foreigners who are arriving Sri Lanka with or without Employment visas are on the increase and Immigeation and Emigration Officials should regulate their arrivals and departures the Minister has stated.

A workforce shortage created locally in the fields of  harvesting and cleaning and due to this it created an employment opportunities directly for foreigners minister has stressed.

Most of the foreign employees employed in Sri Lanka are unskilled workers artived from India and China and they are working in foreign firms and construction sites it has been revealed.

A Motorcyclist Was Killed On The Spot After His Motorcycle Colliding With A Tipper Truck

A Motorcyclist was killed on the spot after his
Motorcycle colliding with a Tipper Truck transported sand on Dambulle-Wewala main road last evening (30).

The deceased had been identified as a resident of Wewala ,Dambulle.

Dambulle Police have arrested the driver of the Tipper Truck and conducting an investigations on the incident.

Now A Garbage Mountain In Kandy Is At Risk Of Collapse

Authorities have informed the residents live near the
Garbage Mountain in Gohagoda, Kandy to vacate their houses as their's a risk of collapsing the Garbage Mountain which is said to be around 40 years old.

 The Ministry of Provincial Councils has begun a probe on media reports stated that there's a gas leak in the Garbage Mountain.

The Ministry plans to use drone cameras and inspect the Gohagoda Garbage Mountain on 02nd of May with the assistance of University Of Peradeniya it has been reported.

Both Kandy Urban Council and Harispattuwa Provincial Council dispose the city garbage to this Garbage Mountain since decades according to reports.


Three Persons Were Critically Injured And Hospitalized Due To A Motor Car-Lorry Collision

Three persons including a small girl were critically
injured and hospitalized after the Motor Car they were travelling in colliding with a Lorry in Manampitiya area,Polonnaruwa this morning (30).

The injured who are residents of Batticaloa District were admitted to the Polonnaruwa Hospital for treatment.

Police have arrested the lorry driver regarding the accident.

Two Persons Were Killed And Two Injured Due To A Road Accident In Kebithigollawa

Two persons were kiled and two others were injured
and hospitalized after the Lorry they were travelling in veered off the road and crashed into a tree in Samadhigama area,Kabithigollawa (North Central Province)early this morning (30).

The injured were admitted to the Anuradhapura and Vavuniya Hospitals for treatment.

The accident has occurred after the Lorry driver fallen a sleep while driving the vehicle it has been revealed.The critically injured Lorry driver and a female had succumbed to their injuries after admission to the Hospital.

The Kebithigollawa Police are conducting an investigation on the incident.

A Herd Of Wild Elephants Entered The Suriyawewa Cricket Ground In Hambanthota And Done Extensive Damage

A herd of Wild Elephants had entered
the Mahinda Rajapakshsa International Cricket Stadium in Suriyawewa ,Hambanthota(Southern Province) last night(29) and done extensive damage to the ground facilities it has been reported .

The Wild Elephants had entered the Cricket Ground by breaking the fence and attacked and damaged the defense fence of the spectators pavilion . They have broken few coconut treas nearby as well according to reports.

The Mother Who Attempted To Commit Suicide After Throwing Her Son Into The Kelaniya River Had Been Remanded

Mahara Acting Magistrate has today (30) remanded
the mother who had thrown her six year old child to the Kelaniya River and attempted to commit suicide by jumping into the river yesterday (29)afternoon, until 02 nd of May over murder charges.

The body of the child was recovered this morning (30).

The accused  mother who is a resident of Weliveriya area reported as dashed the head of his son on a railing of the Kaduwela Bridge after he refused to jumping into the river .

Afterwards the mother had thrown her son into the river and she too jumped into it according to the Police.

However the residents of the area have rescued the mother and later she was arrested by the Biyagama Police .

The accused has told the Police that she had attempted to commit suicide with her child as it's difficult to raise the child.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Six Persons Arrested With 18 Kilo grammes Of Cannabis In Thanamalwila

Special task force personal attached to
Buttala camp have arrested six persons with 18 kilo grammes of Cannabis in their possession in Embilipitiya  area in Thanamalwila according to reports.

The suspects have been handed over to the Thanamalwila police for future course of action it has been revealed .


Airport Customs Have Arrested Two Indian Nationals With 50 Kilo Grammes Of Wallapatta

Airport Customs Officers have today (29)arrested two
Indian Nationals with 50 Kilo Grammes Of expensive Wallapatta (Gyrinops Walla)use to produce perfumes in their possession at Katunayake,Bandaranaike International Airport today (29).

The suspected Indian Nationals were arrested while attempting to leave Chennai and the Airport Customs Officers have recovered the stock of Wallapatta concealed in their bags during a security checkup.

The estimated  value of the stock of Wallapatta taken into custody in possession of the suspects is around Rs.2 million it has been revealed.


Airport Customs Officers Arrested Two Indian Nationals With Rs.120 Million Worth Foreign Currencies

Airport Customs Officers have today
(29)arrested two Indian Nationals with foreign currency notes belonging to 14 countries in Katunayake Bandaranaike International Airport.

The value of the currencies in possession of the suspected Indian Nationals estimated as Rs.120 million .

Customs Officials detained the suspected Indian Nationals for questioning .

A Mother Had Jumped Into The Kelaniya River With Her Child-Mother Was Rescued ,Child Still.Missing

A mother jumped into the Kelaniya
River this afternoon (29) with her six year old child from the Kaduwela Bridge it has been reported.

Residents of the area had rescued the mother however her child is still missing Police have stated .

Biyagama Police have arrested the mother who is a resident of Weliweriya and stated that  she was attempting to commit suicide with his child as she found it difficult to raise the child .

Navy divers are currently involved in searching of the missing child.

Water Begun Seeping Down From The Meethotamulle Garbage Mountain

Although the local experts says that
there's no threat of an explosion in the Meethotamulle Garbage Mountain at present it has been reported that water is seeping down from the Garbage Mountain two weeks after the collapsing of a part of the Mountain .

 Sri Lanka Army has begun building of a drainage system to divert the water seeping from the Mountain it has been revealed .

Meanwhile Government has decided to remove the residents lives around the Garbage Mountain in Meethotamulle and announced a compansation will be paid for the residents leaving the area .

Friday, April 28, 2017

Smartphone Orders Body To Treat Diabetes


Four Persons Injured And Hospitalized Due To A Bus-Bowser Collision

Around four passangers were injured
and hospitalized due to a Bus-Bowser collision in Minneriya area on Habarana-Polonnaruwa main road early this morning (29).

The injured were admitted to the Polonnaruwa Hospital for treatment and not in critical condition .

The accident occurred due to a bowser collided with a back of a Sri Lanka Transport Board bus.


Health Ministry To Recruit 300 Nutritionists To Government Hospitals And Health Institutes

The Ministry of Health decided to

recruit 300 Nutritionists to the Hospitals and Health Institutes attached to the Ministry to provide Nutritional advise for patients suffering from Non Communicable Diseases including unidentified Kidney Disease spreading in most parts of the Country .

There is a severe shortage of Nutritionists in Government Hospitals at present  it has been revealed .

Patients suffering from Non Communicable Diseases especially Kidney Diseases are reported as suffering from Anemia and Malnutirion as a result of the Disease and needs Nutritional Advises of Nutritionists  the Ministry has stated.

Sixteen May Day Rallies To Be Held In Colombo This Monday

Sixteen May day rallies mostly
organized by political parties  to commemorate International May Day(Labor Day) scheduled to be held this Monday (01) in Colombo and Kandy.

Two main parties the governing United National Party (UNP) and Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) will hold their May Day rallies in Campbell Park,Borella and Gatambe Stadium ,Kandy.

The Joint Opposition will hold it's May Day Rally in Galle Face Green ,Colombo and the May Day Rally of  Janatha Wimukthi Peramuna(JVP) will be held in BRC Grounds ,Colombo.

Several trade unions too scheduled to hold May Day rallies in Colombo this Monday .

According to the Police Department more than 2000 police officers will be located in May day rally venues to provide  security .

One Person Injured After Colliding With A Lorry While Travelling On A Train Footboard Died

One person who had been hospitalized in critical condition
after colliding with a lorry while travelling on a footboard of a train yesterday(28),has died while receiving treatment.

Another four persons injured due to the accident including one in critical condition transferred to the Colombo National Hospital from Panadura Hospital for further treatment.

Around nine persons injured after colliding with a lorry parked near the railway line while travelling of a footboard of a Train at Koralawella,Moratuwa.

Nine Train Passengers Injured After Colliding With A Lorry

Nine passengers travelling on the footboard of a train injured
two of them critically and hospitalized after colliding with a lorry parked near a road in Koralawella ,Moratuwa today(28).

Five of the injured were admitted to the Panadura Hospital it has been revealed .

A 13 Year Old Girl Was Killed Due To A Crocodile Attack

A 13 year old girl was killed due to
crocodile attack while bathing in Pulnewa lake in Galnawa(North Central Province)with her family members last evening (27) .

The crocodile dragged the deceased girl last evening while bathing in the lake according to the  Galnewa Police.

Her body has been recovered today (28) through  a joint search operation carried out by Navy,Police ,Civil Defense Force officers and residents of the area.

The deceased has been identified as a resident of Loluwewa ,Galnawa.


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A Special Parliamentary Session Is Underway To Discuss On Garbage Management

Related imageA special Parliamentary session is currently underway regarding  the Gazette Notification issued by President Maithripala Sirisena and on Meethotamulle Garbage Dump Collapse.

President has convened a special Parliamentary session today to get approval for the Gazette Notification issued by him on 20th of April  making disposing garbage in Municipal Council areas as an essential service.

President Sirisena is also attending the special Parliamentary Session it has been reported.

Five Female Tea Pluckers Were Injured And Hospitalized Due To A Wasp Attack

Image result for wasp attack
Five female tea pluckers had been injured and hospitalized this noon(28) due to a wasp attack occurred in an estate in Norwood area(Up Country).

The injured were admitted to the Dik Oya Base Hospital for treatment.Two injured females left the hospital after receiving treatment.

A Person Was Injured And Hospitalized Due To An Explosion In A Fire Cracker Factory

Image result for explosionA person was injured and hospitalized this noon(28) due to an explosion occurred in a Fire cracker Factory  in Dagonna, Kimbulapitiya area.

The injured who was near the fire cracker factory at the time of the explosion had been admitted to Negambo Hospital for treatment.

The fire occurred in the factory after the explosion has doused according to the Police.The cause for the fire not yet been revealed.

Kesbawa Magistrate Ordered Cololmbo Municipal Council To Stop Dumping Garbage To Karadiyana

Image result for court orderKesbawa Magistrate has today(28) reversed his earlier decision to allow Colombo Municipal Council to dispose garbage collected in Colombo to Karadiyana Garbage Dump Site in Piliyandala by issuing a restraining order to prevent transporting and disposing of Colombo Garbage to the Dump.

The new restraining order has issued after considering a motion filed at the court by residents of Karadiyana and Environmental Organizations by opposing dumping Garbage there.

Although the time period given to Colombo Municipal Council  to Dump Garbage in Karadiyana expired today(28) .residents and activists conducted a silent protest campaign in front of the Kesbawa Magistrate Court today(28) citing that the  Municipal Council  continuously attempting to dump garbage collected in Colombo to karadiyana by wearing black head bands.

Thursday, April 27, 2017


Police Arrested A Person With Stock Of Weapons In Minuwangoda

Police have arrested a person with a stock of weapons and a live granade in possession in Heenatiyana , Minuwangoda area.

The Law Enforcement Unit of the Negambo Police have taken into custody two T-56 rifles,263 rounds,A love granade and 25 rifle rounds in possession of the suspect who is a resident of Minuwangoda area.

The Law Enforcement Unit Of The Negambo Police and Katunayake Police are conducting further investigations on the incident .

A Section Of Students n Terrance Silva Collage In Kolonnawa Shifted To Nearby Temple For Studies Due To Meethotamulle Displaced Families

The students studying grades 10 and 11
of the Terrance N Silva Collage in Kolonnawa have been  shifted to nearby Kolonnawa Raja Maha Viharaya (Temple) today (27) for studies due to the 47  families displaced as a result of  Meethotamulle Garbage Dump Collapse  staying in the school halls.

Around 217 persons belonging to 47 families are currently staying in Terrance N De Silva Collage and around 25 families are due to shift to temporary houses built in Paddy Marketing Board storing complex in Meethotamulle area by by tomorrow(28) according to reports.

The search operations and removing debris in the  disaster site at Meethotamulle Garbage Dump still continues .

A Person Was Killed Due To A Wild Elephant Attack In Damana

A 53 year old person was killed today
(27) due to a wild elephant attack while harvesting  his paddy field in Damana area(Eastern Province ) according to sources.

The deceased was killed by the wild elephant after chasing him around 500 meters and the tractor operated by him too was damaged by the elephant according to reports.

The critically injured person  who was a resident in Damana area had succumbed to his injuries on admission to Ampara Hospital for further treatment after being admitted to the Damana Hospital .


A Police Inspector Attached To Lunugala Police Station Admitted To Hospital By Complaining His OIC Assaulted Him

A Police Inspector attached to Lunugala
Police Station has  admitted to the Badulla General Hospital yesterday (26)after made a complaint that the Officer in charge (OIC) of his Police Station had assaulted him.

However Lunugala Police Station Officials have stated that the Lunugala Police OIC only shouted at the inspector and no assault had taken place .

European Parliament Has Defeated A Resolution Submitted To Suspend The Granting Of GSP Plus Concessions To Sri Lanka

European Parliament which met
today(27) in Belgian capital Brussels has defeated a resolution submitted to the Parliament by opposing the  granting of GSP Plus tariff concessions to Sri Lanka by 317 votes as 436 Members of the European Parliament voted against the resolution ,119 members voted in favor  and 22 members were absent during the voting according to the Deputy Foreign Minister Dr.Harsha De Silva.

Some European Parliamenrary Groups have submitted the resolution to the Patliament by requesting to suspend the granting of GSP Plus concessions to Sri Lanka by citing Sri Lankan government still not full fill the human right requirements needs to get the concessions.

European Union had suspended the GSP Plus concessions granted to Sri Lanka during  the previous regime .

However after several rounds discussions the European Union has decided to grant the Concession to Stick Lanka after considering the human rights record of  current government .

President Sirisena Has Appointed 25 Senior Attorneys At Law As President's Counsal

President Maithripala Sirisena has today
(27)appointed 25 senior Attorneys At Law as President's counsal according to the President's Media Division.

These Attorneys At Law including MP-M.A Sumanthiran,Daya Palpola,Ariya B Rakawa,J.C Weliamuna had been appointed by considering their excellance and honesty in the field of law it has been srated.

Foreign- Indian Government To Tag Cows


All Island Curfew Schedule To Be Changed From Tomorrow(06)

Government has amended  the current curfew schedule implemented in the country daily from tomorrow (06)according to the President's ...