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UPDATED-Sri Lankan Medical Administrators And Medical Officers Unions Have Protested Over An Unqualified Medical Administrator

The Sri Lankan Medical Administrators Union and Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) have  made a written request  from  Health Ministry secretary to remove the unqualified medical officer who has occupied in the post  of Acting  Director of Territory  Medical Services at the Health Ministry since last two years and replaced him with a suitable candidate.

According to the unions the said medical officer is not suitable for the post as he is not having the required qualifications that needs to become a medical administrator.The service minute of 2007 of the Sri Lankan  Medical Administrators has clearly stated that a Medical Administrator should work in the capacity of deputy medical administrator for 3 years before becoming a senior medical administrator.However the said administrator has not having such qualifications according to Ministry Sources.

All Government General and Teaching Hospitals and Medical Specialists are functioning under the confused post of Director Of Ter…