Friday, May 1, 2020

Why So Many People Are Dying In Belgium Due To Corona Virus

Epfemeology Unit Wants To Increaese The Number Of Daily "PCR "T

If the Corona Virus spread increases in
future ,Health Authorities should have increased the daily "PCR "Tests to 6000 The Epidemeology Unit has recommeded to Special Taskforce Review Committe on Corona virus prevention which met yesterday (01)at the Health Ministry .

At the moment Sri lanka is comducting Around 1500 "PCR tests daily to identify Corona Viru

Two Persons Died In Mulathivu Quarantine Center Whilst Under Quarantine-Tests Confirmed They Have Not Died From Corona Infection

Two persons over 60 years of age had
died suddenly yesterday (01)whilst on quarantine for Corona Virus at the Airfoce Quarantine center in Mulathivu and now it has been revealed that their deaths were not related to Corona virus according to Sri lanka Army Commander .

The deceased who had suffered from   some other diseases had died due to those health conditions according to the Health authorities who had conducted their sputum tests it has been revealed .

The deceased persons were sent for quarantine from Gunasinghepura in Colombo recently and as they had not produced any docuememts regarding tbeir   wheresbouts, no further details are  available of them authorities have stated .

Airforce doctors had treated them for the diseases they had suffered with whilst under quarantine Army commander has stated .The bodies of the deceased are being stored at Mulliyaweli Hospital it has been reported .

Social Distancing In Airports Is Impossible

New York Launches Tracing Network, Temporarily Closes Subway for Cleaning

Governmemt To Impose Island wide Curfew In 22 Districts Again From 06 Th To 11 Th Of March To Prevent Spreading Corona Virus

Government has today (01)decided to
lift the curfew in 22 Districts at 5 a.m ony next Monday (04) mOrning except Colombo ,Gampaha ,Kalutara and Puttalam Districts and re impose the curfew at 8 p.m on next Wednesday (06)night until 5 a.m On Monday the 11 th of May .

From 11 th of May work of Governmant ,Private and Semi Government offices in Curfew imposed districts namely Colombo ,Gampaha ,Kalutara  and Puttalam will re commence amidst curfew and heads of these Institutions need to make plans from now on ways  to commence work in their offices President's Media Unit has announced .

However although work in offices located in those Districts begin to open the economy ,health meassures issued by the Health personal should be adapted by workers and their heads and only one third of workforce should be re called to work the Unit has stated .

Public should avoid holding gatherings snd unnecessarally entering roads it has been announced .Except essential office staff others are being advised stay indoors and going out only to purchase drugs and food .

27 Corona Virus Positives Reported Today (01)-08 Other Corona Positives Were Discharged

During today (01)upto 9 .30 p.m 27
Corona virus positives had been reported in the country and 08 Corona virus positives had been discharged as they were fully  recovered according to rhe Epidemeology Unit.

Accordingly the total number of Corona virus positives reported in the country was risen to 690 and the number of discharged corona positives had been risen to 162 the unit has stated .

At the moment 521 Corona Virus positives are being treated at 08 Government hospitals it has been revealed .

Coronavirus: India lockdown extended for two more weeks

Popular Sinhala Cinema Actor/Stunt Director Alaxander Frrnando Has Passed Away

Popular Sinhala Cinema actor and Stunt director of 70's Alaxandee Fernando has been passed away last Wednesday (29)at the age of 80 .

He was born in 1940 and had acted 120.Sinhala Films ,06 Tamil films and an English film during his career .He was known as Best villain in Sinhala Cinema .For more details of him visit

Four Corona Positives Had Been Reported In The Country Today (07)

Four Corona Positives had been ģđreported in the Country today (07)increasing the total number of Corona positives reported so far to 20...