Thursday, March 26, 2009

WHO Specialists To Take Few More Days To Conclude Their Inquiry On Rubella Incident

Two Specialist Doctors attached to the World Health Organization who are Probing an Inquiry on the Death of a Girl Student in Matara of the Southern Province who died after receiving the Rubella Vaccine were informed to the Ministry Of Health that they will take few more days to conclude their Inquiry.

The WHO duo are earlier due to submit their Inquiry Report to the Health Minister by Tomorrow.However due to the need for conducting this Inquiry in Different Angles they take few more days to conclude their Inquiry Director General Of Health Services Dr.Ajith Mendis said.

Virology and Vaccine Specialists Dr.Madhav Ram of India and Dr.Stefan Guichard of France are in Matara these days to conduct this Inquiry .They already collected a statement from the Parents of the deceased Girl Student on that Incident.

The Report of the Inquiry conducted by a Team of Specialists of the Epidemiology Unit stated that Some Kind of Medical Negligance May caused the Death of the Girl Student.The report cleared all allegations made against the quality of the Rubella Vaccine used for the Rubella Vaccination Programme here by saying that the Vaccines are in good quality ,Good Storage Condition and not expired as some Unions charged.The Special Investigations Unit of the Health Ministry too are conducting a seperate Inquiry on this matter.

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