Saturday, June 17, 2017


Three Wheeler Fare To Be Increased By Rs.10 For The First Kilo Meter From Next Month

The fare charged for the first kilo meter by a Three
Wheeler will be increased by Rs.10 with effect from 10th of July according to the Self Employed Three Wheelers Union.

The decision to increase the Three Wheeler fare has been taken due to the rising prices of Three Wheeler spare parts in the market  the Union has stated.

A Minor Tremor Occurred In Haputhale Area-Residents

A minor earth tremor lasted around one minute  has been occurred in Haletathanne area at Haputhale
 early this morning (17) according to the residents of the area.

However according to the Geological Sciences and Mining  Bureau no evidance has been found that such a tremor  occurred in the area. 

Two Persons Were Injured Due To A Gun Shooting In Elpitiya

Two persons have been injured and hospitalized due
to a gun shooting incident occurred in Nugethota area in Elpitiya today (17)over a land dispute it has been reported.

The injured were admitted to the Baddegama Hospital for treatment and later they were transferred to Karapitiya Teaching Hospital for further treatment .

The suspects of the gun shooting not yet been arrested.

Around 200 Dengue Patients Have Died During First Five And Half Months Of This Year

Around 200 Dengue patients have died in Sri Lanka
 during the first five and half month period of this year according to the Ministry Of Health.

Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne has been appointed a five member committee comprising with five doctors including Child Specialist Dr.Lakkumar Fernando to prepare a daily Dengue situation Report in the country and submit it to the Ministry .

Due to the recent floods spreading of Dengue has been rapidly increased and it will expect to increase  further in future the Health Ministry has stated.

Around 12 Families Evacuated Due To A Landslide Threat In Ayudagala Mountain In Galle

Around 12 families have been evacuated from
Ayudagala Mountain in Thawalama ,Galle today (17)due a landslide threat occurred in the mountain.

The evacuation of families taken place after the Geological Mine Survey Bureau had inspected the Mountain and declared it as a landslide threat area.

Meanwhile the Disaster Management Center has extended the landslide warnings issued to Ratnapura,Kegalle,Galle,Matara,Hambanthota ,Nuwara Eliya and Kalutara Districts due to the heavy showers prevailing there.


Sugar Importers Association Reduced The Wholesale Price Of Sugar By Three Rupees

The Sugar Importers Association has reduced the
wholesale price of Sugar by Rs.3 from Rs.99 to Rs.96 with effect from today (17) due to the dropped sugar prices in the world market according to the Association .

The Association has stressed that although the government has increased the special commodity tax imposed on imported sugar last week,Sugar Importers Association has managed to avoid increasing of price of sugar.

However All ceylon Canteen Owners Association has increased the prices of Milk and Plain Tea due to the tax increase.

A 17 Year Old Teenager Was Killed After A Lorry Run Over Him

A  17 year old teenager was killed after a lorry had run
over him in Madurankuliya area on Chilaw-Puttalam main road this morning (17).

The crtically injured teenager had succumbed to his injuries after admission to the Puttalam Base Hospital.

The deceased had faced this incident while walking on the road with few of his friends it has been reported.

Mundalama police have a launched a search operation to arrest the driver of the lorry who is responsible for the incident.

Health Ministry Has instructed The Private Hospitals And Laboratories To Reduce Full Blood Count And Dengue Tests Of Dengue Patients From Monday (19)

Health Ministry has today (17)instructed all the
Private Hospitals and Private Laboratories  in the country to reduce the prices of full blood count (FBC-normal blood test)and Dengue Test with effect from this Monday (19)for the benefit of Dengue patients as the number of tests to be performed behalf of  Dengue patients in hospitals are being  increased.

Accordingly the Full Blood Count test should be performed for Rs.250 and the Dengue Test which the Private Hospitals and Laboratories charged Rs.3000 per a test should be performed for a maximum of Rs.1000 under the Private Hospital Regulatory Act until further notice the Ministry has stated.

The Ptivate Hospitals and Laboratories should release the blood test reports to the Dengue pstients within half an hour the Ministry has instructed.

An Inquiry To Be Held On Doctors Prescribing Different Brands Of Pain Killers For Dengue-Health Minister

An inquiry will be held on some doctors
who are prescribing diferent brands of pain killer drugs for fever patients including Dengue patients based on the complaints received from patients in IDH Fever Hospital acccording to the Health Minister 
Dr.Rajitha Senaratne.

Fever patients including Dengu patients should be given paracetamol only and patients should refrain from taking other psin killers for fever Health Minister has stressed.

President Maithripala Sirisena and Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne have visited the IDH Fever Hospital today to look after the welfare of the Dengue patients there and during the visit patients have complained to the Minister regarding doctors prescribing different brands of pain killers for fever patients Minister Senaratne has stated.

Addressing a Media briefing held in Government Infotmation Department today (17)national co-ordinator of the National Dengue Control Programme Dr.Hasitha Thissera  has stated that public should be aware that taking different remadies for the Dengue without seeking proper medical treatment can cost the patient 's life and majority of the young  Dengue patients have died due to taking of different brands of pain killers  .The delaying   getting treatment for Dengue is another reason for Dengue deaths.

Government Has Decided To Utilize Tri Forces Personal To Assist The Removal Of Collected Garbage Propetly-Health Minister

Government has decided to utilize the tri forces
 personal to assist the proper removal of collected garbage in the roads of the country  to avoid the spreading of  current dengue epidemic further according to the Minister Of Health Dr.Rajitha Senaratne.

Earlier Minister has requested the President Maithripala Sirisena to take a decision to utilize tri forces personal to proper removal of garbage collected in the roads.

Since the collapsing of a part of the Meethotamulla Garbage Mount in last April ,the urban councils are  not removing garbage collected in Municipal council areas properly, as there is no place to dump the collected garbage.

However to control the spreading of Dengue in the country the proper removal of garbage is must to do action at present Health Minister Dr.senaratne has sressed during a press briefing held at Government Information Department in Narahenpita  today (17).

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