Thursday, April 9, 2020

The Last Batch Of Overseas Returnees Who Had Undergone 29 Day Quarantine Process Had Left For Homes Yesterday (09)

The last batch of those who had returned from  overseas and undergone quarantine process in a Quarantine center had left the Kandakadu Quarantine center yesterday (09)after being quarantined for 29 days it has been announced  .

This batch compromised with 37 sri lankans who had arrived  from Italy and South Korea and they have undergone quarantine for an extra fifteen  days than other who had completed  the quarantine process earlier  as few anong them time to.time had tested positive  for corona virus .

The batch members had been transported to their homes at Colombo ,Chilaw ,Kurunagala ,puttalam and negambo areas yesterday from.Army and private vehicles .

Around 65 Persons Who Were In Hiding After Close Contacts With A Corona Virus Positive In Puttalam Had Been Sent For Quarantine

Around 65 persons who were in  hiding  at Al qasim city Housing scheme in puttalam and in palavi area after having  close contacts with the corona virus positive found at Al qassim City housing scheme few days ago ,had been sent to punani Quarantine center last night( 09)for quarantine  according to MOH (Medical Officer On Health) office at Puttalam .

These persons had been taken to Zahira quarantine center first and from there transported them to the punani Quarantine center from four buses escorted by Army .

The corona virus positive identified from Al qassim city housing scheme few days ago returned to the island on 16 th of March after attending religious activities in Indonesia and posdible he was infected with the virus there Health officials have revealed .

However before identifying him he has hidden the details on his foreign visit and travelled Tharapuram village in Mannar to attend a funeral and many other places .

Tharapuram Village was locked down on  last wednesday (08)as a result . 

A 14 Day Quarantime Process For Those Crossing District Borders During Curfew Hours

Those who are  crossing  the district borders by violating curfew orders will be sent to quarantine cenrers for a  14 Day quarantine process from today (10)according to the Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) Ajith Rohana .

Governmemt had imposed an island wide curfew from 20 th of March to prevent the spreadimg of Corona virus in tbe island and banned the transport activities among districts .

Only the essential service providers  like food suppliers with a valid curfew pass  are being allowed to cross the  borders of districts during curfew hours .

However so many people and vehicles had been taken in to custody by police during last few weeks when attempting to cross borders of districts .

One Corona Virus Positive Reported From Sri Lsnka Today (09)-02 Positives Were Recovered And Discharged

Only one corona Virus positive had been reported from Sri Lanka today (09)by 10 p.m .Accordingly the total number of Corona  virus positives reported from the country had been incressed to 190.

Meanwhile 02 corona virus positives
 had recovered fully and discharged from hospitals today (09) increasing the total number of Corona virus positives recovered and discharged from hospitals  to 49.

Seven deaths had been reported from Sri lanka since the first corona virus posotive reported from Sri lanka on 10 th of March .

The cremation of the Seventh deseased corona virus positive who was a gem bisinessman in Ratnapura at Kotikawatta Cemetary Crematorium this morning .

China Locked Down 'Suifenhe" City Over Spreading Of Corona Virus

278 Sri Lankans Stranded In England Had Been Brought Back To Sri Lanka

A special Sri Lankan Airlines flight carrying 278 Sri lankans stranded in England due to Corona  pandamic had touched down the Katunayak...