Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Police To Take Strict Measures Against Three Wheeler Drivers And Motor Cyclists Who Are Violating Motor Traffic Laws

The Police has decided to take strict measures against Three Wheeler Drivers and Motor Cyclists who are not following motor traffic laws with effect from today(23).the road accidents are in rise due to the breaking of road laws by three wheeler drivers and motor cyclists according to police.

Under the strict measures  going to implement motor cyclists advised have been advised to switch on their head lamps even during riding  day time to reduce the number of accidents.

Patients Rights Group To Be Protested On Delaying Of Implementing National Drug Policy

Peoples Movement For Patients Rights (PMPR)has decided to launch people's protest by demanding implementation of long delayed National Drug Policy.under this  protest campaign  PMPR is to distribute leaflets contains the importance  of implementing  national drug policy in Sri Lanka at Colombo Fort Railway Station on this Friday evening 

The implementation of National Drugs Policy Act getting   delayed due to the  heavy opposition of some major drug manufacturers in the country PMPR has said.

Florida Sets New State Daily Record On Corona Infections