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Fifty Two Sri Lankan House Maids In Kuwait Had Returned Sri Lanka Due To Harrassment

Around 52 Sri lankan females who had gone Kuwait as House maids had returned Sri Lanka this morning (28) due to the various harrassments they have faced in houses they were enployed it has bern reported.

The group of House maids has returned the islsnd from a flight arrived in Katunayake Airport from Kuwait .

Out of the 52 house msids returned only 06 of them had completed two years in service in Kuwait and the rest had employed less then one year according to sources.

Due to the various harrasement they have faced at the houses including not paying their salaries and Assaulting ,the 52 females had fled away from their workplaces and arrived in Sri Lankan Embassy in kuwait it has been revealed.

Foreign Employment Bureau in Sri Lanka has provided the females a transport allowance  to enable them to going their houses .

Police Have Arrested 14 Chinese Nationals Without Visas

Police have arrested 14 chinese
nationals who had stayed in Sri Lanka without visas at Dadalla ,Galle yesterday (27).

The suspects are of the ages 22-56 years and employed at a construction site in Galle it has been revealed.

They are due to produce before the court.



A Buddhist Nun Was Killed By Using A Sharp Object

A 58 year old Biddhist nun was killed
by her 60 year  old  husband prior to bcoming a nun by using a sharp object at a small buddhist monastery "Kumar Matha"at kudakumbukwala in Andigama ,Puttalam today (28)it has been reported.

The suspect has committed suicide by consuming poision after the murder .

The suspect had killed the Buddhist nun due to became a nun without informing him it has been revealed according to Police.


A Police Constable Attached To Maharagama Police Had Committed Suicide

A 29 year old Police Constable attached
to the Motor Traffic Unit of Maharagama Police had today (28)committed suicide by shot his head with his official firearm near the canteen of Maharagama Police.

The deceased Police Constable was a resident of Thalawa,Anuradhapura area it has been revealed.

The cause of the suicide has not yet bee

A Police Inspector Has Been Arrested With Foreign Made Liquor Bottles And Cigarette Sticks

Colpetty Police have today (28)arrested
a Police Inspector who had brought Ten Foreign made liquor bottles and six bundles of illegally imported cigarettes to a night club at Colpetty to be sold .

The  illegally imported Cigarettes taken in to custody in possession of the suspect had  imported without paying taxes it has been revealed.

The suspected Police Inspector was recently interdicted after getting arrested whilst transporting cannabis .

He is due to be produced before the court.

Thirty One Drug Suspects Including Makandure Madush And Singers Amal And Neomal Perera Had Been Remanded Until 28 Th Of March

Dubai Court has today (28)ordered to
remand 31 Sri Lankan drug related suspects including Drug kingpin Makandure Madush ,Kanjipani Imran ,Singers Amal perera  his son Neomal Perera ,Actor Van Rooyen who had been arrested with narcotics in possession on 05th of February at a party in Dubai,until 28 th March .

According to Attorney at Law Shabdika Weluppily who is representing singers Amal and Neomal Perera has revealed that the 31 suspects who are in remand had been further remanded after being produced before the Dubai Court today (28).

The suspects had been arrested at a birthday party hosted by Makandure Madush at a five star hotel in Dubai by the Dubai police accordance to the guidence of Special police task force (STF) officials  in Sri Lanka .

The investigation reports regarding the suspects are due to be sent to the International branch of Sri Lankan police by the Dubai Police .



Wednesday, February 27, 2019


1080 Internship Doctors Appointed Mainly To Hospitals In North And East

Internship appointments had been
 given to 1080 Medical Graduates by the Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne yesterday (26)during a function held at Temple Trees in Colombo .

Majority of these appointments had been given to Hospitals in North and East and the rest were given to other hospitals in the island accordsnce to service requirements it has been revealed.

  Court order issued by Supreme court last Tuesday (26) by halting giving internship appointments to Medical graduates until 27th of March on a court case filed by SAITM graduates will not affect these appointments according to Health Ministry .

However the court decision will affect the 278 Internship appointments scheduled to be offered shortly .

A Person Was Injured And Hospitalized Due To Three Wheeler-School Bus Collision

A Three Wheeler driver had been
criticaly injured and hospitalized after the high speed Three Wheeler he was driving in colliding with a School Bus transported school children on Hatton -Nuwara -Eliya main road at Kotagala-Commercial area this morning (27).

The injured had been transferred to Nuwara-Eliya hospital for treatment.

No one in School Bus  got injured due to the incident it has been revealed.

The incident occurred due to the high speed driving of Three wheeler according to Dimbula Police.


US Dollar 500 Fine For Foreigners Staying In The Country Without Visas

Cabinet has passed a proposal
submitted by Minister Of Internal ,Home affairs and Provincial councils Vajira Abeywardana to revise the Immigration Emigration Act of number 20 of 1948 including to impose US Dollars 500 fine for those who are staying in the country without visas .

The Cabinet paper approved by the Cabinet proposed to introduce unitary visa fsre fo all countries replacing the current visa fares apply in country basis it has been revealed.

It also proposed to extending  visa period and prepare a mechanism to introduce facilities encouraging investors  .

Sri Lankan Airlines Has Cancelled It's Flights To Karachchi And Lahore As The Airspace Of Pakistan Shut Down

Sri Lankan Airlines has cancelled all it's flights to Karachchi and Lahore in Pakistan from tomorrow (28) due to the temporary shut down of  Pakistani Airspace for flights by the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority .

Pakistan Airspace had been temporary shut down as a result of the tense situation occured between india and Pakistan it has ben revealed.

Further details regarding the cancellation of Sri Lankan Airlines flights to Karachchi and lahore can be obtained through or through  tourist agents it has been revealed .

Sri Lankan Airlines has regretted the inconvenience faced  by the passangers due to the cancellation  of flights to Karachchi and Lahore .

Tuesday, February 26, 2019



Experts Siggests Diabetics Should Eat Carbs At The End Of The Meals


Government Executive Officers To Launch A One Day Token Strike Today (27)

Government Executive Officers are due
to launch a one day token strike from 8 a.m this morning (27) by demanding to provide solutions for their salary anomalies.

The strike is being organized  by Government Executive Officers Joint Committee comprising of Unions representing 15 Executive services  .

Rabies Deaths In The Country Has Been Increased During Last Ten Months After Handing Over The Anti Rabies Programme To Vets-Animal Vaccinators

Rabies Deaths in the country has been increased rapidly since last April after handing over the Anti Rabies Programme including vaccinating animals mainly dogs against rabies to Veterinary doctors according to Vaccinator attached to Public Health Veterinary Medical Unit of Healtg Department Lional Ariyawansha.

Addressing a Media Briefing held yesterday (26)in Colombo he has revealed that after the handing over Anti Rabies programme to Veterinary doctors , The Annual Rabies death rate which was controlled to under 18 per annum  risen to 25 during last 10 months since April.

This is due to inproper way of  handling  the Vaccinating programme of Animals against Rabies Mr.Ariyawansha has stressed."up to last April from 1960's Anti Rabies programme of the country has been handled by the PHI's and vaccinators attached to Public Health Veterinary Medical Unit of the Health Department .However someone mislead the former Minister of Public Administration Faizar Musthapah and through a cabinet paper it has been transferred to Vets since last April.During a short period Rabies deaths due to dog bites increased means vets are not able to carryout a proper vaccination programme against Rabies "Ariyawansha has said.

Therefore the Anti Rabies Programme should be transferred back to Public Health Veterinary Medical Unit as soon as possible in view of eliminating Rabies from Sri Lanka  he has further said.

Colombo Commercial High Court Has Given An Order To Auction MP Banduala Gunawardana's House In Nugegoda ,If He Fails To Pay Bank Loan

Colombo Commercial High Court judge
Ashan Marikkar had today (26)ordered to auction the house and propety at number 28, Jambugasmulla ,Nugegoda owned by the Joint opposotion MP and popular Tution master Bandula Gunawardana publicly , if he fails to pay the Rs.12 million loan taken behalf of Alpha Digital Company in Borella from the  Pan Asia Bank.

MP gunawardana has failed to repay the loan by installments authorities have stressed.

The suspected Joint Opposition MP Gunawardana has signed the loan papers by keeping his house and property as a surety  it has been revealed .

MP Gunawardana has taken the loan in four stages according to reports.

Pan Asia Bank has filed the case against the MP.


Negambo High Court Had Sentenced A Bolivian Female Life Imprisonmemt Over Keeping Cocaine In Possession

Negambo High Court has today
(26)sentenced a Bolivian national female a life imprisonment over keeping 2 Kilos and 616 grammes of Cocaine in her possession .

The accused who was found guilty over the offence had been arrested by the Airport Customs with the haul of Cocaine in possession on her arrival at Katunayake International Airport on 13 th of September 2016 .

Riot Police Have Fired Tear Gas And Water Cannons To Disperse HND Srudents Protest March

Riot police have fired Tear Gas and
Water cannons to disperse
 a protest march  of HND Students organized by Inter High National Diploma Students Federation whilst protesting in front of Presidential Secretariet at Colombo Fort this evening (26) by demanding solutions for several demands  including increasing the Mahapola scholorship allowance upto  Rs.5000 .

The HND Students who had begun their prorest march near Punchi Borella Junction this evening had marched towards Presidential secretariet and Police have blocked the Galle face entry road from lotus roundabout to prevent them from march towards Presidential secretariet .

At that time heavy traffic block was created in and around Maradana area due to the protest march.

Later few of the protesters have been alowed to enter the secretariet to discuss their demands with authorities .However after the talks protesters had protested again by saying they didnt receive solitions for their demands and protested again.

At that time Riot police have fired Tear gas and water cannons to disperse the protesters .

Police have arrested four student protesters over their violent behaviour .




Monday, February 25, 2019



Suicides Committed By Consuming Pesticides Had Decreased -Pesticides Registrar General

Suicides committed by consuming
pesticides in Sri Lanka had sharply decreased during last two decades according to Pesticide Registrar General Dammika Arachchige .

Accordingly the Suicide rate related to pesticides which was 56 per 100,000 population in 1995 had now decreased to 14.2 per 100,000 population he has stressed

The reasons behind the decline of consuming pesticides to suicide are making people aware on Pesticide use and  reducing the use of poisonous pesticides  Pesticide Registrar General has stated during a ceremony held yesterday  (25) to distribute Licences to PHI 's and Food and Drug Inspectors to act on pesticides under the Pesticide act at BMICH ,Colombo .


The Driver Of The Defender Which Collided With The Motorcycle Of Borella Traffic Police OIC Had Been Remanded

Colombo Additional Magistrate has
yesterday  (25)remanded the 26 year old person who had driven the Defender vehicle which collided with the Motorcycle ridden by OIC of Borella Police Traffic Unit Ananda Sagara Sarathchandra at Bambalapitiya  ,until 11 th of March and released other seven suspects arrested over the incident on bail .

The main suspect who had been remanded over the incident is a son of a Polce Superintendent attached to Presidential security Division it has been revealed.

Borella Police Traffic Unit OIC Police Inspector Sarathchandra had been critically injured and admitted to Colombo National Hospital ICU  due to the incident occurred on last Sunday morning whilst he was on the way for  duty .

Police have arrested eight persons including the driver of the Defender, Owner of the vehicle, Son of Joint Opposotion MP Mahinda Nanda Aluth Gamage, UNP urban councillor who had been  all reported as under the influence of liquor at the time of the incident.

Some of the suspects  were travelling in a Prado Vehicle which arrived in behind the defender which collided with the Motorcycle at Bambalapitiya area .

A 10 Year Old Boy Has Died And A 16 year old Boy Has been Critically Injured Due To A Exploding Of A Thinner Barrel

A 10 year old boy has died and a 16 year old boy had been critically injured and hospitalized
due to a exploding of  a Thinner Barrel inside a  house in Glaketidamana ,Polonnaruwa yesterday (24).

The critically injured boy had been admitted to Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Polonnaruwa General Hospital for treatment .

The deceased bi was a resident of Glaketidamana area in Pulathispura and the injured person is a resident of Matale who had arrived at the house of the deceased.The Injured boy had undergone a surgery also it has been revealed.

Report Of The Committee Appointed To Probe On MP's Consuming Cocaine Handed Over To The Prime Minister

The Four member committee appointed to probe on MP 's using Narcotics including Cocaine
had been handed over it's report to the Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe today (25).

House Leader ,Minister Lakshman Kiriella who is the chairman of the committee had been handed over the report to the Prime Minister .The committee had been appointed by the working committee of the governing United National Party (UNP).

State Minister Ranjan Ramanayake had given a statement before the committee last Friday (22) regarding the statement he has made previously that there are MP's who are consuming cocaine.

A Copy of the report is due to be handed over to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID).

Deadly avalanches Kill Two In German, Austrian Alps

A 23 Year Old Person Had Been Killed Due To A Thee Wheeler-Bus Collision

A 23 year old person had been killed and two others had been critically injured and
hospitalized after the Three Wheeler they were travelling in colliding with a Ceylon Transport Board (CTB) Bus at Usmullawa ,Ambalangoda on Galle-Colombo main road this evening (25).

The injured had been admitted to Balapitiya Base Hospital for treatment where the 23 year old person had succumbed to his injuries .The incident occurred when a CTB Bis travelling from Colombo to Galle colliding with the Three Wheeler arriving in opposite side .

The Three Wheeler had been completely destroyed it has been revealed.

Ambalangoda Police are conducting an investigations over the incident .

Common Weed Killer Glyphosate Increases Cancer Risk By 41%, Study Says

Sunday, February 24, 2019

'Fairytale Ending' For Fat Cat Mitzi Returned Four Times


Image result for PERFECT LOVE QUOTESImage may contain: phone and textImage may contain: one or more people and people standingNo photo description available.

Popular Singer Rookantha Gunathilake Had Been Injured After Supporters Of A Reality Star Show Contestant Assaulting Him

Popular local Singer Rukantha Gunathilake had received injuries and his Motor Car got
damaged as a group of supporters of a contestant participated   at  a Reality Singing Star Show aired in a Private channel had assaulted him at the venue of the Reality show at Raththanapitiya,Boralesganmuwa today (24).

Singer Gunathilake had complaint the incident to the Matthegoda and stated that around 200 persons who had supported a Reality Star contestant had assaulted  him after the contestant loosing  in a round .

As a result Rookantha Gunathilake had received injuries and his motor car was severely damaged according to Matthegoda Police  .Police are conducting an investigations oven rhe incident .

A 22 Year Old German National Had Been Injured After Falling Down From "Ravana" Falls

A 22 year Old German National had been critically injured and hospitalized after slipping and  falling down from a rock next to the "Ravana" Ella (Falls) in Ella area last evening (23).

The injured had been admitted to the Badulla General Hospital for treatment .

He had faced this incident whilst attempting to climb the rock near Ravana Ella it has been revealed.The injured had arrived in the area to view Ravana Ella with a group of foreigners .

Ella police are conducting an investigations on the  incident .


State Minister Of Fisheries Has Decided To Restrict The Importing Of Fish To The Country

State Minister Of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development Dilip Wedaarachchi has decided to restrict  the importing of Fish to the country in view of protecting local fishermen and fisheries industry .

Image result for fishIt has been decided to implement this decision during the Fish harvest season in Sri Lanka between September and December State Minister Wedaarachchi has stressed.

According to the Fisheries Department Sri Lanka has imported 84,468 Metric Tonnes of Fish during the year 2018 worth Rs.32,726 million .Dried fish,Sprats,Maldive fish ,Ornamental fish were among the fish that had been imported to Sri Lanka last year.

A Person Was Arrested With 14 Kilo Grammes Of Kerala Cannabis

Norochchali Police have arrested a 35  year old person whilst transporting  14 Kilo Grammes of
Kerala Cannabis in a Three Wheeler at Norochcholai Lagoon coast last evening (23).

The suspect who is a resident of Pulachchena area is due to be produced before the Puttalam Magistarte Court .


Borella Traffic Police OIC Had Been Critically Injured Due To A Motor Cycle-Defender Collision

The OIC of Borella Traffic Police Unit had been critically injured and hospitalized after the
Motorcycle he was riding in colliding with a high speed Defender Vehicle arrived in front driven by a Businessman at Bambalapitiya area this morning /(24).

The critically injured OIC had been admitted to Intensive care unit (ICU) of the Colombo National Hospital and undergone a surgery there it has been reported.

The White Defender vehicle had fled away from the scene after the accident ,However the driver along with the Defender had been taken in to custody by the Bambalapitiya Police after the driver had been surrendered to the police.

The Defender had been recovered from the businessman's house at "Pagoda "Gardens in Palawatte,Battaramulla.

The suspect is a Businessman residing in Colpetty and he is due to be produced before the Courts .

Bambalapitiya Traffic Unit OIC had faced the incident whilst on the way to an official duty work .


President Had Visited To Witness The Largest Haul Of Heroin Recovered Yesterday (23)

President Maithripala Sirisena has
today (24)visited Police Anti Narcotic Bureau Office in Colombo  to witness the largest haul of Heroin seized from a car park at Colpetty yesterday  (23).

President has praised the Police Anti Narcotic Bureau officials and  Police Special Task Force Personal who had involved in the raid for seizing the haul of drugs to protect younger generation .



Two Persons Arrested With The Largest Haul Of Heroin 294 Kilos And 490 Grammes Recovered From Sri Lanka At A Car Park In Colpetty

Police Anti Narcotic Bureau officials
along with Special Police Task Force (STF) Personal have arrested two persons with 294 Kilos and 490 Grammes of Heroin in possession at a Car park near a Super Market Complex in Colpetty (Colombo)last evening  (23).

This is the largest haul of Heroin recovered from Sri Lanka upto date surpassing the previous largest haul of Heroin which was 278 Kilo Grammes recovered from Dehiwala last  December  according to reports .

The haul of Heroin recovered yesterday stored in side two vans parked at the Car park as 272 parcels containing in 10 Bags according to Police.

Officials also taken in to custody Two vans which used to store the haul of Heroin.

The estimated value of the Haul of Heroin recovered is around Rs.2945 million .

The two suspects who are 43 and 32 year old residents of Keselwatte and and Panadura areas had been produced before the Colombo Fort Magistrate today (24)and the Magistrate has given permission to Police to question them under detention orders until 01st of March.

The haul of Heroin had been stored in two vans in purpose of selling them it has been revealed. 


Saturday, February 23, 2019

Main Gunman Of Heroin Smuggler Arrested In Dubai Had Been Arrested

Police Officers attached to Colombo
Crimes Division have yesterday  (22) arrested the main gunman of large scale Heroin Smuggler Kangipani Imran who was arrested along with Makandure Madush in Dubai ,at Jampata Street in Colombo .

The suspect 39 year old  G.Rizwan residing in Colombo -12 has been responsible for 04 gun shooting incidents occurred in 04 areas in colombo recently it has been revealed .


A Body Of A Wild Elephant Had Been Recovered In Ampara

Wild Life officers had recovered a
body of a Wild Elephant at Navagiriyawa area in Rajagalatanne ,Ampara yesterday (22).

The deceased Elephant was among a group of Wild Elephants who had entered the Rajagalatanne area in search of food yesterday  and Wild Life officers and villagers have chased away the Elephants back to  jungle.

However the deceased Elephant had collapsed on the road due to a walking difficulty it has been revealed.

Local And Foreign Tourists Are Due To Be Allowed To Visit Famous "Seven Virgin "Mountain

Authorities have decided to allow Local and Foreign Tourists to visit  world famous "Seven Virgin" mountain(Sap tha Kenya ) at Hatton -Maskeliya area t has been announced .

Accordingly tourists will be allowed soon to visit  06 out of the 07 mountains belonging to 'Seven Virgin " Mountain.

This step will be taken to develop local tourism industry accordance to Amba gamuwa Pradeshiya Sabha chairman Jayasanka Perera.

Famous for its natural beauty the mountain is being located in Sri padha  road at Hatton -Maskeliya area .

The mountain became famous due to a plane crash occurred there in 1970'"s . 

Sri Lanka Beat South Africa And Win The Test Series 2-0 -Became First Country In Asia To Achieve It



Friday, February 22, 2019



Colombo -Galle Road Had Been Blocked Due TO A Protest Campaign against the Killing Of Two businessmen

Due to a Protest campaign launched by the relatives of the two assassinated Businessmen in
Rathgama ,Bussa -Galle and villagers of the area against Police abduction and killing of the two Businessmen ,Transport activities in  Colombo -Galle road  had been completely disrupted  from Rathgama Junction it has been reported.

Hundreds of Protesters had launched the Protestcampaign  by holding placards requesting the role of the Police regarding the killings and some lying down on the road according to reports.

The two businessmen of Bussa area had been abducted ,killed and burnt Police investigations have revealed.

CID Arrested A Sub Inspector In Southern Province Over The Killings Of Two Businessmen

Criminal Investigations Department
(CID)have yesterday  (22)arrested a sub Inspector attached to Southern Provincial Special Unit over abducting and killing of two businessmen in Bussa ,Galle  last January.

Meanwhile Police Media spokesman's office has announced That investigations have revealed The two businessmen who were residents of Rarhnaudagama in Bussa  ,Galle and 33 and 31 years old had been taken by a group of persons wore police uniforms arrived in from a Motor Car and a Van on 23 rd of January .Later it has been reported Police officers attached to Special unit of the Southern Province were responsible for taken in to custody the two businessmen .

One Businessman has died during the assault taken place at the  police and other one was murdered and burnt according to reports.

Accordance to the information received from the arrested Sub inspector during questioning ,The burnt bone parts and hair had been recovered from a reserve at walasmulla by the investigators.

The desceased  were found as engaged in supplying fire arms on rental basis besides their businesses  and the firearms taken from them had been used for many killings occurred in Southern Province recently according to Police .

After the dissapearence of the two businessmen Inspector General of Police Pujith Jayasundara has handed over the investigations on the incident to CID .


An Assistant Of A Large Scale Drug Smuggler Was Arrested With A Haul Of Heroin

Police officers attached to Organized
Crimes Prevention Division have last night (22)arrested a main aide of the Large scale Heroin Smuggler who was arrested with Drug Kingpin Makandure Madush in Dubai ,Kangipani Imran at Salamulla ,Kolonnawa with 10.48 Grammes of Heroin in his  possession .

The suspect Mohommad Naffer Mohommad Ali a resident of Kolonnawa is due to be produced before the Hulftsdorf Magistrate Court today  (23).


A Female Was Arrested Whilst Attempting To Smuggle A Stock Of Cannabis To Dubai

Airport Customs officers have yesterday (22)arrested a 48 year old
female who had attempted to smuggle 2.94 Kilo Grammes of Cannabis to Dubai at Katunayake, Bandaranaike International Airport .

The suspected female who is a resident of Akurana area and attempted to leave Dubai  as a house maid it has been revealed .Accordance to an information received by Central intelligence Haiti officials of Airport Customs, few packs containing the Cannabis had found hidden amongst spices packs in her luggage accordamce to Customs .

The estimated value of the stock of Cannabis Recovered inside the luggage of the female is more than Rs.800,000.

The suspected female along with the stock of Cannabis had been handed over to the Police Anti Narcotic Bureau officials of the Katunayake Airport for furher investigations. 

Estonians Rescue Wild Wolf From Ice Thinking It Was A Dog


Two Youth Had Been Critically Injured Due To A Road Accident

Two 19 Year old youth (A male and a female ) had been critically injured and hospitalized after
the Motor Car  they were travelling  in veering off the road and crashed in to a lamp post at Thalawa-Andarawewa road in Anuradhsapura last evening (21).

The injured had been admitted to Thalawa Hospital and later transferred them to the Anuradhapura General Hospital for further treatment .

The motor car  had driven without considering Police orders to stop it and as a result of the driver's  inability to control the speed of the vehicle it crashed in to a lamp post it has been revealed.

The 19 year old driver  even not obtained a valid driving incense  according to Police.Thalawa Police are conducting an investigations over the incident.

Three Persons Including Two Sri Lankans And A Pakistani National Had Been Arrested With 73,000 Illegal Cigarette Sticks In Possession

Airport customs officers have arrested three persons including two Sri Lankan Businessmen
and a Pakistani National last night (21) and this Morning (22) at Katunayake ,Bandaranaike International Airport with 358 Cigarette cartons containing around 73,000 foreign made Illegal Cigarette sticks in possession. 

Customs Officers have first arrested the 55 year old Pakistani National who had arrived in Katunayake Airport from Karachchi,Paksitan last evening and this morning arrested a 47 year old Kandy based Businessman arrived in from Dubai and a 22 year old  Sri Lankan Businessman arrived in from Sarjah,United Arab Emirates .

The two suspected Sri Lankan Businessmen  had been arrested when they were leaving the Airport through the Green channel .The estimated value of the stock of Cigarette sticks taken in to custody  in possession of the suspects is more than Rs.4 million it has been revealed.

Airport customs are investigating over the incident .

State Minister Ranjan Ramanayake Has Given A Statement To The Committee Probe On Ministers And MP's Using Cocaine

State Minister of Roads and Road Development Ranjan Ramanayake has today (22) given a
statement to the Four member committee appointed by the Governing United National Party (UNP) under the chairmanship of Minister Lakshman Kiriella to probe on Ministers and MP's who are using Cocaine as stated by State Minister Ramanayake. at committee Room number 27  of the Parliamentary complex.

State Minister Ramanayake has given a statement to the Committee for around half and hour s it has been revealed.

The committee report is scheduled to be handed over to the Prime Minister Ranil Wwikramasinghe on this Monday (25) and later it will produced before the working committee of the UNP next Wednesday (27).

After the statement State Minister Ramanayake had went to a Private Hospital in Colombo and checked his blood and urine samples  to  test  whether  he has consumed    11 narcotics including Cocaine during last three months.,He had later shown his  Blood and urine sample reports to the media during a Press briefing held in Colombo this evening .The reports conformed that the State Minister has not used any narcotic during last three months.

Government To Provide Concessions To The Electricity Bills Issued During Last March ,April And May

Government has decided to grant concessions for the Electricity bills of the consumers for the months of March,April and May where an is...