Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sri Lanka To Meet England In ICC World Cup Cricket Quarter Final Match Scheduled To Play Next Saturday

Sri Lankan Cricket Team who qualified for the Quarter Finals of ICC World Cup Cricket Tournament got underway in the Sub Continent will face England in their Quarter Final Match scheduled to play in R.Premadasa International Cricket Stadium ,Colombo on next Saturday(26th of March).The quarter final opponents of the Sri Lankan Team was decided after today's Match between India and West Indies played in Chennai India where Indians won.

The Quarter Finals Schedule are as follows.

 The leaders of the Group "A" of the ICC World Cup Pakistan will meet the fourth placed West Indies of Group B at Dhaka,Bangladesh on 23rd of March 

Third Placed Australia in Group A will meet the Second Placed India of Group B at Ahamadabad,India on 24th of March
New Zealand who placed fourth in Group A will meet the South Africans who was the First in Group B in Dhaka ,Bangaldesh.on 25th of March

Sri Lankans who is placed second in the Group A will meet the third placed team of Group B England at Colombo,Sri Lanka on 26th of March

Sri Lankan Authorities Began Radiation Checks On Imported Containers And Vehicles From Japan

Sri Lankan Authorities has been taken steps to check the containers carrying Imported items from Japan and vehicles imported from there  to see whether they are  contaminated with  radiation released by the Fukushima Nuclear Plant.

The Sri Lanka Ports Authority,Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Authority and the Sri Lanka Customs Department are jointly implement this programme in the view of protecting local people from radiation according to the Authorities.

Sri Lnakan Authorities last week checked the imported Stock of Nissan Motor Parts  from Japan to see whether it contaminated with radiation.The Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Authority has also requested from those who returned from Japan after the Fukushima Nuclear Explosions to  check whether they are exposed to the radiation or not from the Authority if they wishes.

Meanwhile Japanese Authorities confirmed that food items Spinach and Milk in Tsunami hit Ibaraki Prefecture are contaminated with radiation.

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