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A MP Questioned Over A Misplacing Of A Fire Arm From.Terrorism Investigations Division

Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) MP
Kanaka Herath has yesterday (18)informed the Parliament regarding a misplacing of a Sniper Firearm from the Terrorism Investigations Division.

MP Herath had questioned the Minister Of Law and Order Ranjith Madduma Bandara whether the story on misplacement of a firearm is true ?,If so is there  an inquiry regarding the incident and who had stolen the fire arm.

Responding to the MP's question  ,Law and Order Minister Ranjith Madduma Bandara has stated that if the MP can submit a written complaint on the incident he can conduct an inquiry on this .

Computerizing Of Drug Date System In Central Government Hospitals Has Been Reduced The Drug Shortage And Amount Of Expired Drugs Destroy -Health Minister

Due to the computerizing of the Drug
Data System in 50 Government Hospitals under the Central Government and 26 Provincial Medicinal Supply stores through a Computer software in 2016  ,only Rs.40 million  worth Expired drugs had been destroyed by the State Pharmaceutical Corporation (SPC) when compared to the destroying of Rs.350 million worth expired drugs in 2014 Health Minister Dr.Rajitha. Rajitha Senaratne has said.

Addressing after the introducing of the Computer software to computerise drug data system in Provincial Council Hospitals during a Provincial Council Health Minister s Summit held at National Blood Center at Narahenpita on last Monday (19) Minister Dr.Senaratne has stressed that the amount  of expired drugs destroyed last year dropped rapidly when compared to the amount destroyed in 2014 mainly due to computerizing the Drug data system.

When the present government came to power in 2015  daily there were a drug shortage of 44-79 drugs but now no major drug shortage occur due to the software, Minister has stressed.

A drug shortages occurred during the previous regime due to the informal Drug Supply chain he said.Computer icing of Drug Data systems in Government Hospitals due to be completed by mid 2019 with the cost of Rs.900 million Minister has further stated. 

South Eastern University Students To Launch A Protest Campaign In Colombo Today (19)

Students Action Committee of the South
Eastern University at Oluvil has decided to launch a protest campaign in Colombo this morning (19)against Harassing students of the University by University Authorities. .

The fasting  campaign launched at Town Hall by a group of university stidents to oppose the harassment against the students of the university has now reached its 63 Rd day today (19)and the South Eastern University Students had  already boycotted classes for the past  281 days it has been revealed .

The fasting Campaign is being launched as a protest for  the abolishing of studentship for life time of 4 South Eastern University Students, Class ban imposed over 24 students and law suits filed against 4 students .

Two Persons Had Been Killed Due To A Road Accident At Balangoda

Two persons had been killed and
another  two persons were critically injured and hospitalized after the Lorry they were travelling in toppled over to a slope and fallen to a house roof near Shailathalaramaya Temple at Balangoda yesterday (18)

The two critically injured persons had been admitted to the Balangoda Base Hospital for treatment.

The incident occurred when the Lorry transporting timber to the Temple toppled over at the slope area while travelling in a  narrow road lead to the Temple.

The deceased were identified as a 55 and 35 year old residents of Mugunamale area ,Balangoda .The bodies of the deceased had been sent to Balangoda Base Hospital. 

Two Police Constables Had Been Killed Due To Motorcycle -Cab Collision

Two Police Constables had been killed
after the Motorcycle they were travelling in colliding with a Cab near the Galgamuwa fair on Anuradhapura -Padeniya road yesterday (17).

The critically injured Police Constables who were Motorcyclist and Pillion rider had succumbed to  their injuries while admitting to Galgamuwa Hospital.They were 32 and 28 year old Constables attached to Anuradhapura and Thambuuttegama Police stations it has been revealed .

Galgamuwa Police have arrested the Cab driver over the incident.




All Share Price Index At The Colombo Stock Exchange Has Been Dropped To A Record Less Than 6000 Units

The All Share price index at the Colombo Stock Exchange had been dropped a record less then 6000 units at the end of the day today (18)first time after one and half years.

Accordingly the All Share Price Index stands at the end of the day as 5971.21 units.It was 57.28 unit less than the previous day (17) according to reports.

The last time that the All share price index had recorded a lowest unit rate was on 28 th of March 2017.

Meanwhile Sri Lankan Rupee is currently devaluing  against US Dollar continuously and today the selling price of  the US Dollar stands at Rs.166.64 .

A Female Was Killed As A CTB Bus Had Run Over Her

A 72 year old female was killed on the
spot due to a Ceylon Transport Board (CTB)bus had run over  her at Halpanwila junction on Chilaw-Colombo road this noon (18) while crossing the road.

The Bus Belonging to a Wennappuwa Bus depot was travelling from Chilaw to Wennappuwa area at the time of the incident according to Police.

Maravila Police conducting an investigations on the incident had arrested the Bus driver over the incident .

The deceased was a resident of Maravila area.

An Intercity Train And Night Mail Train Scheduled At The Batticaloa Railway Line Have Been Cancelled After Wild Elephant -Train Collision

Due to the Wild Elephant -Train
Collision occurred this morning  (18)between Habarana and Palugaswewa areas ,The Trincomalee-Battocaloa  night mail Train and Colombo -Batticaloa Intercity Train scheduled for tonight  have been cancelled the Sri Lanka Railways Department has announced.

Due to the Accident Train services on Batticaloa Railway line have been restricted to Mahawa Train Station.

Meanwhile Sri Lanka Petroleum Corporation has taken steps to transport required Fuel tanks to Batticaloa by vehicles following the incident to avoid a fuel shortage there.

Petroleum Corporation had already announced that the loss incurred due to the leaking of fuel from the Fuel tanks at the Train which  collided with a Herd of Wild Elephants ,will be charged from Sri Lanka Railways Department.




Price Of A Gas Cylinder Has Been Increased By Rs.195 And Milk Powder Price Decreased By Rs.25

The Cost of Living Committee has
decided to increase the price of a 12.5 Kilo Gramme Domestic Gas Cylinder and decrease the price of Milk powder today (18) it has been announced.

Accordingly the Price of a 12.5 Kilo Gramme Domestic Gas Cylinders will be increased by Rs.195 and price of a 400 Gramme Milk powder will be decreased by Rs.25 .

Cabinet has earlier approved a proposal on increasing the price of a Domestic Gas Cylinder and proposed the Cost of Living Committee to take a decision in this regard.Gas companies however proposed to the Cost of Living Committee to increase the price of a Gas Cylinder by Rs.325 by taking in to consideration the rising prices of Gas in the World Market and decreased value of the Sri Lankan Rupee against US Dollar.

However the Committee has only agreed to increasee the Gas Cylinder price by Rs.195.

Five Wild Elephants Had Been Killed After Colliding With A Fuel Transport Train

Five Wild Elephants had been killed
after colliding with a Train transporting Diesel and Petrol to Batticaloa Fuel Storage Complex from Kolonnawa Petroleum Corporation this morning (18 ) at the 127 th kilo meter post of Colombo -Batticaloa Railway line  between Habarana and Palugaswewa areas.

A Pregnant female Elephant was there among the deceased Elephants it has been reported.

The incident occurred at a Elephant crossing and the engine Driver of the Train had avoided the sign boards indicating there is an Elephant crossing ahead and ran the train exceeding the required speed limit near the Elephant crossings   it has been revealed .

As a result of the Collision with Herd of Wild Elephants the Train carried 08 fuel tanks with 45,000 liters of Diesel and Petrol had veered off the rail track and fuel in the tanks Leaked outside according to reports.

The most unfortunate incident occurred after the deaths of five Wild Elephant was without caring about bodies of  dead Elephants ,villagers in the area had  ran towards the damaged Train to collect the Leaked fuel .

Due to the Accident the train services of the Colombo -Batticaloa Railway line had been distrupted. 

Cabinet Has Proposed To Reduce Price Of Flour By Rs.5

Cabinet has proposed the Cost Of Living
Committee to reduce the price of a 1 Kilo Gramme of Wheet Flour by Rs.5 and discuss on increasing the price of a Domestic Gas Cylinder by Rs.195.

Price of 1 Kilo Gramme of Wheet Flour had been increased by Rs.5 recently and as a result price of a loaf of Bread and Kottu Rotti had been increased by the Bakers from Rs.5 .Cabinet has proposed to the Cost of Living Committee to reduce the price of Wheet  flour during today's Cabinet meeting it has been revealed.

Meanwhile Ministry of Finance has announced that the tax imposed on Imported Sugar will be increased by Rs.18 per Kilo Gramme with effect from midnight tonight (18).

However there will be no change of the sugar prices as a result the Ministry has stressed.


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