Saturday, October 18, 2014

Continuous Heavy Showers Have Flooded Some Parts In Galle-100 Families have Been Displaced

Due to the Heavy Showers falling since yesterday evening five  rural  areas in Galle District  
(Southern Province) are in floods with water levels in some areas are high as seven feet   the Disaster Management Center (DMC) has announced.

Yakkalamulla,Bandungala,Polpagoda,Kaludiyawela and Walpala areas are under floods now and around 100 families reside in those areas are being displaced due to this DMC has said.

Transport is paralyzed in flooded areas and the rescue efforts and distribution of dried rations to  those families who got trapped due to the floods has become difficult for the authorities up to now according to the Divisional Secretariat in Galle.The navy has been using a special boat for the rescue efforts.

Meanwhile the Meteorological Department has announced today that the heavy showers up to 150 mili meters are expecting in most parts of the island during  next 24 hours.

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